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About Us

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”
— Loren Eiseley

For all those who love water, rejoice hearing terms like kayak fishing, paddling, bodyboarding and canoeing. Shout out to you guys… we’re one of you!

Who Are We?

Kayakfisherly stands as an active reviewing platform for all the kayak fishing, paddle board and water cruiser communities around the globe. We are a team of adventurers, veteran kayakers, professional saltwater fishermen, watercraft designing engineers and industry insiders. We’ve been toying with numerous canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, body boards, hybrid boards and skim boards since our early years. We’ve also been involved with the improvement of design and technology of these watercrafts as a joint venture.

Our Mission

We work hard to bring the most useful and authentic information to the table for our audience, so they can make wise choices themselves. We use a purely scientific approach to dissect each of the reviewing units to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge is always empowering and our aim is to enlighten our readers with facts for enhanced understanding.

What to Expect From Kayakfisherly

  • Kayakfisherly explores the diversity of both freshwater and sea kayaks, canoes, fishing boards, skimboards, fishing float tubes and similar watercrafts and all essential accessories and gear.
  • We carry out in-depth research and field tests of every reviewing uint and focus on their design, building material, engineering, smoothness of functionalities, essential and advanced features, ergonomics, speed, aerodynamics, and durability.
  • You’ll find detailed reviews and blogs here that encapsulates all the essential features and aspects of our reviewing units.
  • We’ve devised a well-structured research framework to zero in on the most desirable product to save time for quick buyers.
  • We fact-check every specification and configuration before putting them online.
  • We don’t compromise with originality and authenticity. We’ve got a zero tolerance policy for overpricing, fake information and inconsistency.

How We Do IT

Market Research: We’ve got a dedicated team of researchers who devote hundreds of hours exploring the latest developments of the watercraft and fishing gear industries and keep track of the latest updates. We maintain a network that provides us with the most updated information in the field of research carried out by different manufacturers. We also have an in-house research facility where our engineers and designers are working on several design development projects.

Independent Testing: Testing, by protocol, is fundamental to every scientific investigation. Gaining factual details and reconfirming them reassures authenticity of any research work. We follow the trend and have made it a compulsory part of our product selection and reviewing process.

Experts’ Insight: Like any other sports, paddleboarding, kayaking, skimboarding, bodyboarding or canoeing are subjected to scientific study. Fishing gear and tactics also fall into this category. Researchers are relentlessly working on enhancing the efficiency and making design improvements on these watercrafts and gear. Much study has been done on their aerodynamics, buoyancy, maneuverability and corrosion resistance. That’s why we reach out to core researchers in these fields to have their insights on our chosen models. That enlightens us with newer perspectives and better understanding.

The Kayakfisherly Teams

Colin Kint

Calvin Furrow

Writer & Researcher

Calvin started off his kayaking career in South Carolina after his family moved from Houston in 1968. Being exposed to plenty of water bodies and a great curiosity for fishing drove him across the bountiful rivers in the region and matured him over the years to be a pro angler who mainly prefers kayak fishing. He’s an expert at freshwater fishing and has a profound grasp on countless fishing techniques that he shares with our readers. Apart from fishing, he runs a car wash business. Luckily, he always finds time to write amidst his busy schedule. He’s currently writing his second book on trout fishing. He’s an active contributor to the site and helps us arrange fishing gear and carry out our testing sessions on a regular basis.

Email: calvinfurrow.info@gmail.com

Kevin Gerard

Jeremy Stevens

Market Analyst

Jeremy has been obsessed with bodyboarding and surfboarding ever since he was a kid. He always wanted to be part of this sport for his love of this sports. Having received his degrees in Economics, he had to change his track and eventually got himself into the watercraft manufacturing industry. As an insider he’s had the opportunity to monitor and keep track of the latest trends and designs. Jeremy spends most of his time writing chronicles and economic columns on local newspapers. He’s an excellent still-life photographer and does most of the photography for the site.

Email: jeremystevens@kayakfisherly.com


Jessica Herron

Adventurer & Writer

Hi! This is Jessica. I can be your virtual outdoor buddy, lol! My friends call me a devotee of adventure. I believe, as any outdoor enthusiast does, adventures are all about the thrill. My love consists of a mix of fishing and camping in the wild, if you ask (what thrills you most?). So, I could be of help (through my articles on this website) to any adventure seeker as long as backpacking, survival, camping, hiking, and fishing are concerned. Are you planning to take a trip to the wild next weekend? Maybe, you already are in the middle of a journey. No matter where you are, my words are on the air!

Email: jessicaherron@kayakfisherly.com


Derrick Riley


I’m Derrick in my early 40s, but planning to bag from every saltwater source in America. In practice, I’ve explored over a dozen bodies of water that hosted almost all of the saltwater game fish. My personal favorites are brook trout and striped bass though. I don’t mind catching bluegill and white crappie either. Over the years I’ve learned a few things about this game. Be patient, careful, and agile – that’s it! Fishing is a very demanding pursuit, both when purchasing the essentials and playing the actual game. But you shouldn’t hasten or become indifferent. All your hard work, money, and time will be worth the effort. Do you need my help with that? Read my articles then!

Email: derrickriley.info@gmail.com