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About Us

Plain and simple, huh ?

Kayak Fisherly is a small community with enthusiasm to renovate fishing experiences with a wide range of kayaks from different manufacturers. Decades ago when we took up kayaking as our pursuit, we knew a little about how the vessel works. We spent years to discover the mysteries of kayak fishing, and now, here we are.

We have bittersweet memories of kayaking down the whitewater rapids, saltwater, lakes, and rivers. Sometimes, we could not fish at all for we did not have the understanding of the sport. At times, we managed to bag some but not with the hope of doing the same the next time. Disappointments and agonies did not seem to unfollow us. But, we kept kayaking.

Some kayaks were too speedy to let us get a hold of them for our benefits while some were too slow to cope with the pace of the faster species. Even, many of our afternoons ended with the fear of falling off the vessels. We did not give up the desire for a happy kayak fishing memory.

We started small but hit the water every day. We felt every bit of driving a pedal kayak. None of our buddies has forgot about paddling either. Our fellow anglers raise a storm to have a test of the kayak that arrives new. We perform the research, test drives and word our best fishing kayak reviews to inform you how convenient a particular fishing kayak can be.

To be honest, fishing with a kayak is our passion, not profession. It is our panache to share our kayaking insights with you. We do not want you to miss a single moment of kayaking fun just because you do not know which one to choose.

We want that you fish with a kayak that lasts long enough to forget the time of its purchase. We want you to be free of the feeling of unfulfillment which once used to be our daily companion. Each of your moments and bucks should meet a happy end. That is what we want.

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