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7 Best Softside, Hardside & Floating Kayak Coolers in 2024

Coolers are one of those accessories that you cannot do without as an avid kayaker. But the challenge arises when you need to find the best one for your kayak. You’ll need to consider a number of factors such as type, size, ice retention time, duration of use, and many more.

The good news is that we reviewed today’s top kayak coolers to help make your searching process a lot easier. Just check out our hands-on user experience with the different types of coolers and then see which one suits you best.

Our Top 7 Best Kayak Coolers Reviewed

01 Igloo 25 Qt BMX Cooler (Top Hardshell Cooler)

Igloo 25 Qt BMX Coolers for Kayaks

Why it Stands Out To Us

Although most kayakers are against hard shell coolers, these types are still preferred by many for their rugged construction, enhanced durability, and longer ice retention capabilities. Igloo has been making coolers, cooler bags, and ice chests since 1947. That means they know a thing or two about chilly bins and no doubt  Igloo 25 Qt is one of their finest creations.

The Igloo 25 Qt BMX may look similar to the Yeti Tundra 35 or the Pelican 14Q Personal Cooler but it costs just 1/3 the price. If you are looking for a roomy and sturdy soft drink cooler for kayaking, this one ticks all the boxes.

The BMX comes in bright colors that makes it easy to find it in the dark. The cleaning process is also much simpler and easier after a few days of intensive use. Just give it a try and thank us later.

Our Experience with the Igloo BMX

Size & weight

The Igloo BMX has a boxy shape and is comparatively larger for a 25 qt cooler – bad news for kayakers. But there is a catch. Surprisingly, it’s half the weight of a similar style Yeti cooler while the shape is great for constant movement.

Carrying Space

We tried multiple items at once to see how well they fit in the cooler. The 18” X 10” interior held four to six bottles, three to four soda cans, ice, and some food along with eating utensils, and there was still plenty of space inside. The latches also provide great sealing when fastened.

Ease of Portability

The thick insulation makes the cooler bigger than many 25 qt’s in the market. But it’s lightweight and easy to carry around with the comfortable carrying handle considering you’re physically fit.

Insulation capability

The BMX is extremely good at keeping its content cold during high temperatures. We took a four-day trip in 80 to 90 degree weather and put plenty of ice inside the cooler on day one and still found some inside on the last day.


The lid is not made for waterproof sealing but that doesn’t make any difference unless you tip it over. One of our guys weighed 300 lbs and he was still able to sit on the lid without any issues.


  • Ice retention is excellent; we kept 10 lbs of ice for four days
  • Includes plastic bottom skid pads for easy landing on the surface
  • Rust-resistant, stainless-steel hinge rods support several openings per day
  • Can be used to preserve your game fish – no after-use bad smell

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lids are not completely waterproof
  • No separate compartment for storing dry foods

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • Needs better hinge screws for longer usability

Our Recommendations

Pack in the cooler the right way and you won’t be disappointed. You can also re-cool your soft drinks to maximize cooling effectiveness.


  • Color – Aquamarine+Gray / Canal Blue / Green+Orange / Sandstone+Red / White+Blue
  • Dimensions – 19. 59″ x 13. 25″ x 15. 70″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight – 11. 29 lbs
  • Material – Blow-molded plastic with rubberized T-grip latches
  • Shape – Boxy with round corners


  • Great color options
  • Heavy-duty body and sturdy handle for rough use
  • Easy to clean or wash
  • Cheaper alternative to the more expensive Yeti or Pelican coolers


  • No rubber seal insulation around the lid

02 YETI Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler (Top Soft-sided Cooler)

YETI Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler

Why it Stands Out To Us

Yeti is known for their strict mission – to deliver quality coolers for everyday use. Since 2006, they’ve been working hard to serve outdoor enthusiasts with great coolers. Rather than relying on market statistics and trend analysis, the founding brothers prioritize on their real-life experience to decide what improvements should be made on the next design.

One of their newest offerings is the Hopper M30 that really deserves your attention. The secret is hidden in the name! The “M” stands for magnets that replace zippers. You read that right! Magnets do help keep your food cool. This is a new concept that we could not pass without a test, so we grabbed a unit and went ahead.

Our Experience with the Yeti Hopper M30

Design and Colors

There are five different colors but we tested the navy. It looks quite similar to the traditional carry-on bags, so you won’t find it awkward to bring it onboard.

Carrying Space

A great advantage is that it lets you carry everything in one place. You won’t have to worry about pulling two to three bags behind your kayak and losing balance. Whatever items you need to keep inside, the M30 will automatically adjust to their shape and keep them cool. We placed seven 12-ounce cans and 10 pounds of ice at once that worked just fine.

Insulation capability

The magnetic opener is extremely strong when it comes to holding content. Our team filled the cooler with 2.2 lbs of water and held it upside down but we didn’t see a single drop of water! We also kept 5.5 lbs of ice and left it in a corner as it was. It held the ice three days straight.

Ease of Portability

You can fold and put it in the trunk when heading towards your kayaking spot. Besides, it’s fairly lightweight and the tote-style handle allows hand-free walk.

Carrying Method

The removable padded side strap allows for crossbody carrying and handling on both sides. The main strap on the top also has two claps that you can snap together for a more compact packaging.

Exterior Cleaning

We once took a few cans of beer and accidentally spilled them all over the Hopper when kayaking. With some water on a rag, we pleasantly wiped them right off.

Drying the Cooler

No more need to deal with drying your cooler. Just put a large plastic bottle between the magnetic lips to keep the M30 open and it’ll dry completely.


  • Keeps meat and fish frozen for days
  • Great for two-or three-day kayaking or deep sea fishing
  • Rubberized bottom exterior for good protection
  • Opening the magnetic top is a two-handed operation
  • Had some odor but that quickly faded away

Who Is It Great for

If you have to hike to your kayaking site, the Hopper M30 is the best suit to carry your soft drinks. You can walk hands-free and still carry plenty of stuff.

What Could Be Improved and Why

There could be exterior pockets for snacks and silverware

Our Recommendations

Use regular ice for cooling to avoid quick evaporation.


  • Dimensions – 21.65” x 21.65” x 10.24” (L x W x H)
  • Color – Aquifer Blue / Charcoal / King Crab / Navy / Sagebrush Green
  • Weight – About seven lbs
  • Capacity – 7.2 Gallons, 20 cans, 28 lbs. of ice (just ice)
  • Insulation – Closed-cell foam insulation
  • Carry Options – Double-Stitched reinforced pick-up points
  • Material – Foam
  • Closure Type – Magnetic


  • Takes up a fraction of a hardbody cooler
  • Significantly lighter than rotomolded coolers
  • Less chance of sweating over the floor or in the trunk
  • Highly resistible to odors
  • Exterior and straps are resistant to stain


  • External force required to keep the magnetic zipper open while packing
  • Not ideal for keeping warm food

03 CreekKooler Floating Cooler (Top Floating kayak)

CreekKooler Floating Coolers for Kayaks

Why it Stands Out To Us

CreekKooler is one of the pioneers in the floating cooler industry. From kayak-like miniature coolers to towing straps or ice extenders – they provide everything to ensure you always have a trouble-free kayaking experience. We chose the 30 Qt for its extraordinary durability and versatility. Despite the lack of high-tech features, we admire this unit for its simplicity yet high efficiency. Add this cooler to your kayaking accessory list and take the fun to a whole new level. This can also be a great gift for the avid fisherman in your life.

Our Experience with the CreekKooler Floating Cooler

Looks and Colors

You’ll love the shades these coolers come in. Check out which of the five color options matches your kayak. Designwise, it looks like a smaller version of traditional kayaks and presents a good vibe to the trip.

Insulation capability

We had no trouble keeping the ice frost for two days straight inside this unit and the beers remained cold even longer.

Ease of Use

We preserved 40 beers in the CreekKooler with ice and it kept them absolutely frosted throughout the trip. We were floating around on our kayaks and came right up to the cooler to grab a cold beer. The convenience aspect of getting drinks on demand is highly appreciable.

Carrying Method

The two ropes at each end are convenient for carrying and they double as reinforcing points. The 40-inch length was suitable for carrying it around the different kayaking sites as well.

External Storage

We wanted to see how the four external drink holders work and they kept hold of the beer cans till we finished in the afternoon. However, don’t try to keep anything on the holder when handling rough waters as you will lose them in no time.

Adapts Natural Cooling

The cold river water provides some extra chill to the cooler’s surface, extending the freezing period as a result.


  • Comes with a flag holder
  • Great for customizing – paint the exterior to look like a submarine or shark
  • You can keep your pets on the floating cooler as a rider and it won’t flip

What Could Be Improved and Why

A spring on the flag holder will prevent the pole from bending over when hit.

Our Recommendations

Attach a small anchor to it and drop it in the area where you will be fishing to reduce the load


  • Dimensions – 39.5” x 21” x 12” (L x W x H)
  • Color – Beige / Blue / Red / White/ Yellow
  • Weight – 17.99 lbs
  • Capacity – 30 Quarts or 62.59 lbs
  • Insulation – Two inch insulation injected into the hull and deck
  • Carry Options – Four drink holders on the deck
  • Material – Synthetic
  • Closure Type – Plastic lid with rubber seal


  • Perfect for keeping drink and fish fizzy during kayak trips
  • Floats well – no chance of flipping over or sinking
  • Keeps content cold longer than the ice retains frozen


  • The lid is sometimes hard to close or open
  • Lacks drain hole

04 Coleman Excursion Portable Cooler (For Day Trips)

Coleman Excursion Portable Coolers for Kayaks

Why it Stands Out To Us

Coleman’s mission to revolutionize portable coolers started in the 1950s, followed by manufacturing quality tents, sleeping, and other outdoor accessories over the years. With the Excursion series, they are offering a boxy, cubical cooler solution that we found quite user-friendly.c The compact design facilitates convenient storage when not in use. Coleman has surely surprised their hardcore fans with this budget-friendly cooler series.

Our Experience with the Coleman Excursion

Carrying Space

We put in a 16 oz can that fitted perfectly to test the interior height. Then we took a higher risk and put a Redbull 20 oz can inside that also fitted just fine. After that, we decided to go all the way with this cooler and equipped it with 6-pack standard 16.9 oz drink cans for our next kayaking trip.


The Excursion is made of hard plastic and can absorb just about any casual abuse you throw at it. You won’t see any piece breaking or falling off, but be careful about putting small dents on the exterior.

Insulation Capability

The lid does not come insulated. However, the overall lightweight insulation setup inhibited the heat during our 8-hour trip.

Ease of Portability

The Coleman Excursion is relatively smaller than other coolers in the same price range. We effortlessly carried it around despite keeping it full of ice and drinks. The small size allowed us to keep the unit inside a milk crate, tighten it behind a bike, and run off-road reaching the riverside.

Carrying Method

We really liked the integrated wide-grip bail handle. It’s compatible with both left-and right-hand users and rotatable in any direction for comfortable use. A great detail, we must say.


If you’re planning on fishing with this cooler, pre-cooling would be a good idea. Pour 2″ deep water and stick it in the freezer. The surface will turn to a thick frozen solid after a couple of days. This allowed us to store fish on our second trip and keep the content cold for about six hours with some remaining ice block substance. With some interior cleaning, the cooler came out completely clean.


  • Lid is hinged from the inside so it won’t come off
  •  Convenient shape for storing under home furniture or inside the trunk
  • Does not require multiple hands to carry or packing
  • Comes with a dividing slot – just include a divider for use
  • Lid can be attached and reattached when needed

What Could Be Improved and Why

A drain hole at the bottom would be a nice touch to this fantastic product.

Our Recommendations

Lid is so tight when new and you’ve to make it loose through regular use.


  • Dimensions – 11.4” x 8.8” x 10.9” ?(L x W x H)
  • Color – Blue / Red
  • Weight – 2.7 Pounds
  • Capacity – Nine quarts
  • Insulation – 2-inch insulation injected into the hull and deck
  • Carry Options – Single bail handle
  • Material – Low CO2 foam
  • Closure Type – Top flip-open with integrated lid hinges
  • Exterior Shape – Square


  • Can be stored inside a locker at home
  • Good for accommodating single meal and drinks
  • Doubles as a lunch or picnic box
  • Hinges can hold out against repeated opening
  • Great for storing fish after your catch


  • No drink holder included
  • No drain holes

05 Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler (For Overnighters)

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler - Kayak Cooler

Why it Stands Out To Us

We chose the Arctic Zone Zipperless Hardbody Cooler for its practical features. The over-the-shoulder carry strap makes soft drinks easier to carry while the rigid build helps prohibit leaking. The compact design has an inviting look and the different color and size options suit every type of user. If you need to preserve soft drinks or sandwiches and stay off the grid for a few days, this cooler will keep your back covered.

Our Experience with the Arctic Zone Titan

Carrying Space

The Titan weighs around 3.1 lbs without content which means it’s fairly lightweight. We put 28 cans with some ice that fit in real nice. Carrying over two dozens of cans with ice isn’t fun for sure but this inexpensive cooler did its job well.

Ease of Use

The flip-top works just the way you would expect. It’s simple and lets you put in and out on demand. You get two zippers at the front and two meshes at the end. You can put small snacks in the removable shelf that inhibits the snacks from floating around the melted ice. This kept our food items fresh for a long time and prevented freezer burn.


Other than a few stains on the exterior, we couldn’t see any damage on the Titan after a couple of weeks of use. The interior hard plastic is well built and leakproof while the reflective barrier helps push away the radiant heat. That being said, we may discourage heavy use in the long term. Just use this unit for day-long trips and you will be fine.


  • Arranging taller bottles horizontally helps prevent any excavation of the food shelf and secure better sealing
  • Additional zippered pockets are perfect for carrying items like silverware and napkins
  • Plastic interior is easy to wash or wipe after a whole day of use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not particularly made for multi-day cooling
  • The attached bottle opener is somewhat difficult to use

What Could Be Improved and Why

Shoulder strap should’ve been more rigid to hold up against a complete load for long periods

Our Recommendations

Don’t try to stuff large bottles in the cooler


  • “Flip Open” Zipperless lid for quick access
  • Contains about 30 cans at once
  • Triple-layered ColdBlock base with insulated front pocket
  • FDA compliant HardBody liner


  • Zipperless lid secures better sealing for the cooler body
  • Noticeably boxy shape protects drinks/snacks on daily commutes or long road trips
  • Ice remains at 72 hour mark with altered day/night temperature
  • Easy to wipe clean food leftovers with soapy water and damp cloths


  • Mostly convenient for packing standard-height cans
  • Attached bottle opener is edgy and difficult to use
  • Shoulder strap is way too short for crossbody use

06 Engel Cooler/Dry Box with 4 Rod Holders (Top Kayak Cooler With Rod Holders)

Engel Cooler/Dry Box with 4 Rod Holders - Best Coolers for Kayaks

Why it Stands Out To Us

The Engel Cooler/Dry Box 30 Qt is a compact, easy-to-pack cooler. The practical size allows you to fish with total peace of mind and forget the hassle of carrying a bulky one. The high-grade foam insulation helps keep the content cold and prevent air leaks. We really liked the clever sealing setup and would highly recommend it to kayak and fishing enthusiasts.

Our Experience with the Engel Cooler/Dry Box with 4 Rod Holders 30 Qt

Material and Colors

The colors are trendy and fit well with the boxy shape of this cooler. The exterior won’t wear out from rough use as the unit is made from lightweight and durable materials.

Carrying Space

We put about 20lbs of ice and 30 cans of beer for our trip. We also kept a couple of sandwiches on the hanging accessory tray to avoid them getting soaked in ice. The hanging slot has enough space to put one or two additional trays.

Insulation Capability 

On day one, we kept some in the cooler for the cans and still found some pieces floating on day four. For your info, the temperature often reached over 90 degrees F in those days.

Ease of Portability

It was convenient to keep the Engel on the back of our 4×4 and strap it down and the compact, lightweight design contributed to our portable packing plan. You can strap a couple of these on your kayak and eliminate a bigger unit from jacking around.

Lid Seal Insulation

The sealing and the top are reasonably solid for insulation. However, do not think about floating the box – it will sink eventually.

Carrying method

The Engel comes with an ABS carry handle and an integrated shoulder strap for convenience. It didn’t rub with our body during the beach walking while the carrying handle gave enough grip to hold the overall weight.

Pre-cooling with Ice

For fishing, you can try the pre-cooling setup. For example, we put some frozen water bottles (or you could use reusable hard sided ice packs) and the cooler kept the fish frosted for several hours.


  • 4 rods bolted with screws on the exterior
  • All the fittings done with high-grade stainless steel screws
  • Odot resistant surface ensures easy cleaning
  • Skid pads for better grip and surface heat resistance

What Could Be Improved and Why

External pockets for accessories would be a nice touch to this cooler.

Our Recommendations

Always rinse the cooler with fresh water after fishing/kayaking in saltwater – this will prevent hinges and latch corrosion.


  • Dimensions – 19.5” x 12.5” x 14.5” ?(L x W x H)
  • Color – Tan
  • Weight – 10 Pounds
  • Capacity – 48 cans / 30 quarts / 7.5 gallons / 45 pounds of ice
  • Insulation – One inch polystyrene foam
  • Carry Options – Shoulder strap and top-mounted ABS carry handle
  • Material – Plastic
  • Closure Type – Airtight EVA gasket seal
  • External Holder – Four rod holders bolted on the exterior


  • Perfect for compact packaging with multiple units
  • Drybox hanging trays keeps food separate from cold items
  • Open-top lid gives easy access to the content
  • Rods are detachable for saving space in the trunk
  • Good for storing emergency kit- Keeps content dry for a long time


  • Inappropriate for dry ice- tight sealing may cause gas build-up

07 Buffalo Gear Large Portable Waterproof Kayak Bag (Top Kayak Fish Bag)

Buffalo Gear Large Portable Waterproof Kayak Bag - Coolers for Kayaks

Why it Stands Out To Us

The Buffalo Gear Waterproof Kayak Bag is a cool-looking, space-saving fishing bag. The narrow, compact shape with decent stitches gives this unit a premium look. If you need to place lots of fish on your kayak without compromising space, give it a try.

Our Experience with the Buffalo Gear Fish Cooler Bag

Design and Color

The bag blatantly resembles stretched hiking backpacks and the white color with black outlining gives it a premium look. The huge brand logo on the top and clean stitches all around also proves the decent quality.

Carrying Space

Our sole plan with this bag was to see how much fish it could hold. We loaded it with 7 to 8 lbs of ice and placed some fish inside. They all fitted well.

Insulation capability

We checked on the fish after 3.5 hours – they were still alive and thrashing. The half-inch side wall insulation kept the content cool and the midday temperature didn’t stand a chance.

Ease of Portability

The narrow and long shape of the kayak bag allowed us to save up space on the trunk and kayak. The wide and well-balanced structure also supported our half-hour walk on the beach. We really appreciate such an ergonomic setup.

Carrying Method

There are two re-attachable twill straps with handles snapped to both sides of the kayak bag. They feel solid, strong, and are made of comfortable tubing. But a grip handle on the top or side would’ve been more convenient.

External storage

For external storage, Buffalo included a velcro opening instead of zippers. Velcro has always outshined other sealing systems throughout our different product testings since it does not break or weaken over time and is easily replaceable for a cheap price. The slim external pocket is big enough to carry plenty of hand gloves and napkins.


Pre-cooling isn’t a valid option for this fishing bag. As an alternative, you can keep reusable hard-sided ice packs inside. Your fish will remain frosted for long hours with the ice packs and the bag won’t bend.


  • Great option to carry snacks and drinks to the kayak side. Once finished, you can use this for fishing as well
  • You can attach both twill straps on one side to carry way more ice or fish
  • The interior tarp is heavy-duty and easy to clean or wash
  • Comes with a screw-on drain plug – make sure to keep it locked

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • An additional side or top grip handle will make it way more convenient to use
  • A few color options to choose from would be a cherry on the top

Our Recommendations

Make sure to keep the drain plug locked or you may mess your trunk and kayak with fish blood and smelly water


  • Dimensions – 20” x 9” x 36” ?(L x W x H)
  • Color – White exterior with black outliners
  • Weight – 8.2 lbs or 3.7 kgs
  • Insulation – Half inch thick, closed-cell foam on each wall
  • Carry Options – Re-attachable twill straps on both sides with reinforced, comfortable tubing
  • Material – Heat-sealed, fiber-interlaced skin
  • Closure Type – Zipper


  • Flat bottom helps it to stand up rather than lying flat on the kayak
  • Good alternative to traditional bulky kayak coolers
  • Easy to clean interior and bottom with water and soap
  • External pocket is quickly accessible
  • Premium looking and well build- an ideal gift for kayaking hobbyists


  • Zipper opening is far from the kayak seating- you may hassle to open it during kayaking
  • Drain plug comes off easily when the screw is uncloked

Why Use a Kayak Cooler?

A kayak cooler is a tool that is used to store drinks, sodas, and water as you kayak. They are best for fishermen and long-distance travelers as well as anyone who simply picks interest in kayaking. Having such a device in your kayak is beneficial to you in a number of ways some of which includes:

  • With something really cold, kayaking feels better: Making use of a kayak cooler will give you a very chilled experience while kayaking. This way, kayaking doesn’t feel like a boring experience, but a pleasurable one. It feels just like being at home and not on the water.
  • You can save some drinks to enjoy when you get back home: With a kayak cooler, you are able to store up some drinks be it beer, water or soda. This gives you all the assurance you need that you can get something to fall back to when you get back home.
  • No other options store them better than kayak coolers: While there are a number of cooler options available to users, kayak coolers have proven themselves to be the best both for fishermen, long-distance travelers, and any other person.

 What Type of Cooler Is Perfect for You?

Kayak coolers are of various types and it is important for you to know how to carry each type on your kayak so as to know which of these coolers is best for you.

First, we have a box or bag of coolers. The box kayak cooler comes in a box like a look and is popular among water and scuba divers. This cooler type is known for its relatively large space and durability. The bag coolers come in a bag like look and have their history traced back to the military. They were worn for long-distance journeys and were mainly used to store water for these journeys. Today, it has become very much popular among fishermen as well as long-distance travelers.

The bag coolers are known to be more suitable for narrow kayaks with limited space. This is because the bag coolers are designed to come in more compact sizes than the box kayak coolers. The box kayak coolers, on the other hand, are best for recreational inflatable kayaks. This is because of the large storage capacity the recreational kayak offers the user.

So if you are a fisherman who goes out fishing in a kayak just by yourself and for yourself out in the ocean, lake or sea, the bag cooler might be the best cooler choice for you to go for. They are more like fishing backpacks. On the other hand, box coolers with rod holders would make an anglers’ tasks easy. You can use the holders for stacking other accessories like ordinary kayak crates. Likewise, if you are a long-distance traveler who would need a lot of chilled drinks to keep yourself together as you journey, then the ice box kayak cooler type will give you all the space you need and more.

Kayak Cooler Buying Guide: Things to Consider

Best Kayak Cooler Buying Guide

When selecting a top quality cooler for your kayaks, there are certain basic considerations that you need to be sure about. These basic factors are what are responsible for the differences in selection and purpose of use. Once you’ve made your selection, there comes the question of how to carry a cooler on a kayak.

However, you have to know what you want first before taking this basic consideration to note when buying a cooler kayak. A number of the things to be considered when buying a cooler for kayak fishing includes:

1. Type

What is the best cooler for a kayak in terms of size and design? Cooler kayaks come in various types and designs. It is very necessary for you to know the different types first, before knowing what type is suitable for you. With the types of kayak coolers already provided for above, there will not need to repeat it here again. However, it is very important you know what you want of a cooler kayak, then know what type of cooler will be best for such purposes. If it falls within your proposed budget, then you can go for it.

2. Size and Capacity

Choosing the size and capacity of a kayak is important before you choose the size of your cooler. Here, you should take note of two major things. The first is the size of the necessary goods you want to be contained in the kayak cooler as well as the size of the kayak itself. The shape may also differ. You have the options to choose from a box, canoe-shaped (can be pulled behind), small square, spherical, and backpacks. Depending on the shape you can set them anywhere in your kayak. Most common positions are beneath the seat and behind the seat.

Remember that kayak comes with a different built-in storage capacity which should be noted when thinking of the best kayak cooler to buy. There are small, medium and large coolers. A good kayak cooler that doesn’t fit in well into the kayak to be used is as good as useless.

3. Material

So what are the best coolers in terms of construction material?In terms of kayak cooler material, they either come as soft-sided or hard-sided kayak coolers. These two materials serve different purposes and are also limited in a number of ways as well. While the soft-sided kayak cooler material is known to be flexible and less expensive, it has a major drawback of not being durable at all. The hard-sided kayak cooler, on the other hand, is not so flexible, they are quite expensive but they are very durable. Know what you want the kayak cooler for first, the space they have to occupy in the kayak before going on to choose the material.

4. Ice Retention

Some kayak coolers are known to be more qualified than others, especially in their ice retention ability. For users conversant with kayak high chest, you will know a lot about ice retention especially as it has to do with kayak coolers.

Look out for a kayak cooler that suits your ice retention desire of one. Don’t get caught up in a high budget, there are affordable kayak coolers with good ice retention.

5. Purpose

The purpose of buying a kayak cooler is so very much important when buying a kayak cooler. People differ in their desires. While some people want a kayak cooler that can offer them a cold drink, beer, or water as they enjoy kayaking, others simply just want something that can help them ice their drinks. Some look for a cooler for camping or fishing in remote and exotic areas. As an angler, you’ll be at home with your beer during the long day of casting and tackling big games.

It doesn’t matter as to why you want a kayak cooler, what matters the most is that as a pro angler you know it. This is quite helpful in the precision of choice. When you do not know the purpose for which you need a kayak cooler, every single one in the market looks like what you want.

6. Closure

Regardless of the ice retention quality of a cooler kayak, if it has a bad closure, you are just going to have a hot or normal drink and not an iced one. Imagining a bag with a bad closure, everything that is in it is most likely to fall off. This is the same as a cooler’s closure. Zippers have been known to be a good option as much as latches are. Whether you are going for zippers or latches, just pick a closure you will be comfortable with.

7. Keeping Temperature

The kayak coolers ability to keep temperature is a thing to consider when getting one. What cooling temperature do you want? When you know this, run an analysis on a number of kayak coolers and be sure the one you are selecting can keep temperature.

8. Waterproof Feature

It doesn’t matter whether your kayak cooler is an inflatable one or a steel one, what matters the most is it’s being waterproof. The best cooler for your kayak is not one with an expensive price tag, but one that is impervious to water.

Coolers used for kayaking are most likely to come in contact with water more often than not, as such they should be waterproof.

9. Insulation

The insulation of a kayak cooler also differs from another. It is your choice to make sure you are picking a kayak cooler with very good insulation. This way you are able to keep yourself safe at all times while in use. Insulation of the cooler requires no shade or canopy over them, so you are good to go under any weather condition.

10. Handle

When buying a kayak cooler, taking note of the handle is also necessary. Make sure to go for a cooler with a very strong and quality handle. When you go for one with a less quality handle, you might just have to replace it sooner than you expected.

11. Maintenance

Maintenance of the kayak cooler is the only way to keep it in good working condition. However, we have some coolers with high maintenance requirements and some others with a low maintenance requirement.

It is best to go for those kayak coolers with a low maintenance requirement so as to save yourself the time you do not have maintaining coolers.

12. Cost-Effectiveness

How cost-effective is the kayak cooler when compared to its quality? You do not have to go for the expensive kayak coolers to think they are the most qualitative ones. All you need to do is to plan your budget right and take note of all the basic considerations based on your preference. Not all kayak coolers that are expensive are quality, and not all quality kayak coolers are expensive. In fact, you can apply DIY methods to make your own cooler at a minimum cost, if you don’t really want to spend much. However, a DIY option cannot go in par with a highly engineered model in terms of ease of use, efficiency and longevity.

Tips on How to Keep Your Cooler Cool!

The fun of having and making use of a kayak cooler is knowing how to keep it cool always. You will always want to have drinks stored in the kayak cooler chilled always and this can be done by ensuring your cooler is cool always. Here are helpful tips that can help you keep your kayak cooler cool always.

  • Make sure the kayak cooler’s temperature is adequate at all times: While making use of the kayak cooler, it is important that you always keep an eye on the temperature to be sure it is on the average. Every kayak cooler has an average temperature to function to keep it cool.
  • Ensure it is properly insulated: Prior insulation is also very necessary and important to ensure your cooler is always cool. This is why it is always advised that you go for a kayak cooler with insulation that suits the water type you are operating on.
  • Proper maintenance of the kayak cooler is also very important: A poorly maintained kayak cooler is likely to get damaged easily. When the cooler is damaged, it is most likely to lose its cooling ability. To prevent your kayak coolers from damaging, you have to maintain it properly and regularly.

Final Words

With this detailed guide on the best kayak cooler already provided, you have to read through carefully. Take note that you have to know the purpose the kayak cooler will be serving first, the budget you have to obtain one before going for one.

When in the market to buy one, it is important you don’t get caught up by the sight of many cooler kayaks. Take note of the basic considerations to take note of when buying provided in this comprehensive guide. You could read more reviews about these kayak coolers and many other types to be sure you are well informed.

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