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8 Best Motorized Kayaks for 2024: Buying Guide with Reviews

Motorized kayaks may be controversial because issues arise when you add a trolling motor on a small paddlecraft. But there are some obvious benefits that make them so popular for both fishing and excursion purposes. For instance, you can go upstream and then easily paddle back down without making noise or requiring any gas.

But how do you find the best motorized kayak from so many options? We’re here to help. Just check out our shortlisted choices and see which one suits your needs and budget most! We’ll be glad to hear from you about your kayaking experience as well.

Our 8 Best Motorized Kayaks Review

01 BPerception Pescador Pilot 12

BPerception Pescador Pilot 12

Perception’s involvement with kayak manufacture is about 40 years. They darn well know what they are up to.

The fishing-friendly pedal propelling system also called the Pilot Drive is a feat of balanced engineering giving you stability and hands-free fishing in great comfort all day long. It is lightweight and removable that can propel your kayak both forward and reverse. The Pilot Drive is a crafty customer. It is swift and silent allowing you to approach your quarry without scaring them away.

Another notable feature of the Perception Pescador Pilot 12 Drive is that it can be retracted thereby reducing draft and enabling to navigate shallow water with the paddle.

Your yak is designed for long fishing sessions. The Captain’s chair is ergonomically designed with exceptional cushioning. To allow the passage of cooling air, a zonal mesh is provided. So that spells goodbye to sweaty Tees. The chair can be tilted back which is great news for your back and sit bones.
It is very stable. You can even stand and fish without any fear of tipping over.

Other features that need mention:

  • Stern and bow tank wells.
  • Bow, stern, and center day hatches to keep gear dry.
  • Storage pods with a transducer scupper for gear and electronics.
  • Easy to grip rudder steering control which allows a tight turning radius.
  • Turbo flaps reduce turbulence and noise.

We feel that for serious kayak fishing, the Pilot 12 is peerless. It truly is packed to the gills with features. We found the four rod holders a little large allowing too much movement of the rods. It needs some simple modification by inserting a 1 ½” PVC pipe that eliminates the rattling.

The chair is truly marvelous and in comfort and design. If one has to gripe about it, it is a bit too recumbent. Some might prefer a little more upright. The storage compartments are not quite watertight.

This yak has been pretty well-reviewed and comes for around $1800, which is quite reasonable.


  • Best Use Fishing, Flatwater Kayaking
  • Material Polyethylene
  • Length 12 ft. 5 in.
  • Width 33.75 in.
  • Weight 85 lbs
  • Weight capacity 475 lbs
  • Type of seat Mesh / Suspension
  • Number of paddlers 1 person


  • Extremely affordable
  • Convenient drink holder provided to avoid spillage
  • Ample open storage for gear
  • High on comfort chair
  • Impact and abrasion resistant hull


  • Not suitable for strong currents and rapids.

Our Verdict

The Perception Pescador Pilot 12 is wholly manufactured in the USA and is approved by the Coast Guard. That testifies its stability and safety. The manufacturers have put in extensive research and engineering skills into this product and it is extremely durable and UV protected. Full marks to this delightful fishing kayak.

02 BKC PK13 13′ Fishing Kayak

BKC PK13 13' Fishing Kayak

The BKC PK13 13-feet fishing kayak is a bargain that comes with many built-in features. It’s stable and moves well through the water. Whether you want to fly cast while standing up or go out to the ocean for a bigger adventure, the BKC PK13 won’t disappoint you.

The size of the boat is adequate for a big person. You may weigh over 260lbs and still sit comfortably in this watercraft. The substantially lightweight structure allows you to get this kayak on the rooftop of your vehicle and tie it down without a soft rack.

The speed will make you fall in love with the kayak on your first try. You have the option to use paddles or the pedal. The best alternative is to set a battery-powered trolling motor in the place of the pedal. This is inexpensive and gives you a significantly better trolling range.

The comfortable seat is adjustable to almost any leg length. The aluminum seating doesn’t feel bad to sit on during long-day trips.

This is a stable kayak. You don’t feel anxious to turn around, stand up, or lean over to grab fish. It tracks through the water with incredible stability. This allows you to take the boat out in the ocean or fly cast to trout while standing on it.

The front hatch gives you good storage space once you plug the scupper hole inside it. The 8X12-inch waterproof storage behind the seat allows you to grab things quickly. The tie loops, rod holders, and other accessories are a nice touch to the watercraft. You will definitely want to do some customization to this boat.

Another good thing is the rod holder inserts accept accessories from other brands. This is helpful when you want to mount a transducer or other items out of the box.


  • Dimensions: 156 x 33.2 x 14.75 inches
  • Construction type: Roto-molded single piece
  • Hull material: High-density polyethylene HDPE
  • Dry weight: 80 pounds
  • Weight Limit: 550 Pounds
  • Seating capacity: One person


  • Lightweight body
  • Substantial weight capacity
  • Multiple built-in features
  • Easy to tie down on vehicle rooftops
  • Adjustable seating position
  • Stable on the water
  • Good maneuver in the water
  • Plenty of storage space


  • The drink holder is hard to reach
  • The inner hull is hard to access

Our Verdict

The BKC PK13 is the ideal kayak when you want to go fishing with plenty of gear onboard. The features for the price are unbeatable and the lightweight body makes it easily transferable to the river or pond. The aluminum seat along with the adjustable seat makes the kayak a pleasant companion when you go fishing solo or with friends for a long day.

03 Fissot Newest 1-Person Folding Canoe Fishing Jet Plastic Kayak

Fissot Newest 1-Person Folding Canoe Fishing Jet Plastic Kayak

The Fissot 1-person Folding Canoe is a portable kayak that is motor-powered that can be folded. It has adjustable stabilizer wings when waterborne that make it possible to fish safely whether sitting or standing. The electric motor is capable of propelling the kayak at an impressive 7 miles per hour and the battery has a running capacity of 3 hours.

Abundant storage facilities have been provided on the Fissot well distributed all over for convenience.

The Fissot is versatile because of its universal design and robust construction. It can safely be deployed in the ocean close to the shoreline but not in big waves.

Equally, it performs well in still waters like lakes, ponds, and dams.

The construction is of an extruded, hardened design, the material of the hull being linear low-density polyethylene, the last word in durability.

The kayak is incredible light at 61 pounds and the motor is 40 pounds. The motor is a significant counterweight enhancing stability. It can hold 552 pounds afloat which is more than ample to cart whatever you would need on your trip.

The accessories are packed which is a notable point. From rod holders to the various gear needed including compartments for storage, nothing has been overlooked.

Right off the bat, transporting this kayak needs serious consideration as it is of larger dimensions than normal and that it has a motor. A special kayak holder is available and can be purchased, though it is a bit pricey. Also, a storage facility like a garage is to be taken into account.

In our search, the Fissot Fishing Jet Plastic Kayak is the most user-friendly and portable kayak up for sale.

The storage compartments are not particularly watertight and sitting comfort could be better.

Quite expensive at around $3000. Poorly reviewed.


  • Best Use Fishing Kayak (Ocean, Sea, Still waters)
  • Material LLDPE
  • Length 130 in.
  • Width 33.5 in.
  • Depth 16.6 in.
  • Weight 61 lbs
  • Weight capacity 572 lbs
  • Battery 55-60 AH, 12V
  • Motor 480 W (can be retracted)
  • Number of paddlers 1 person
  • Speed 10-12 kmph


  • The operation process is simplified by the motor
  • Adjustable side arms provide high stability
  • Cruise speed is decent
  • Fishing and kayaking simultaneously possible
  • Motor can be operated in reverse also
  • Speed controller provided
  • Fishing can be safely done sitting or standing


  • Not all storage compartments water-resistant
  • Quite pricey

Our Verdict

The Fissot Fishing Kayak is a bit different than the average sit-on-top battery-powered models. With its characteristics and definitive features, it is the ultimate kayak. The motor can propel it at a considerable speed. Its modular construction disallows foraying into turbulent waters or rapids.

It is meant essentially for recreational use as spending long hours fishing gives rise to comfort issues. Fishing kayaks don’t come as classy or cool as this one. So if your budget does not wince at the price, go for it.

04 Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110

The Sea Ghost 110 delivers a blend of speed, agility, and stability. It is an entry-level kayak. A plethora of extras has been provided including a transducer port for mounting your fishfinder on the boat. 10 scupper holes drain all water that finds ingress.

Also included is a removable skid plate. This protects the bottom of the hull. Abundant storage space means you can lug along all the gear you fancy. The center console holds a spacious compartment for tackle, tools, and so on.

Accessory mounting points are provided for rigging electronic devices or additional rod holders. Two tackle box holders are fitted on either side of the seat along with a large cargo area to the rear of the seat.

The cockpit is roomy with ample legroom. The paddling position is adjustable by foot braces. The dual-position seat can be tweaked in a number of ways for extra comfort.

With a beam of 33 in., the stability is superb and fishing standing up is not going to rock your boat a jot. The Sea Ghost 110 weighs a mere 62 pounds and is easy to transport. It steers well for a lightweight craft, thanks to the keel that is built-in and the toe controlled rudder system.

The Sea Ghost 112 is in a class of its own. We observed that the bottom was solid but the topsides were a bit thin. It has a fair bit of flex at the location of the footrests especially when the rudder pedals are used. Also, the latches of the front hatch are not flush with the lid. If you are taking to the water in a kayak for the first time, this is your chance.

The able Sea Ghost has worthy competition in the NuCanoe Frontier. It retails in the range of $880 to $900 and has received great reviews. Though it’s a good deal cheaper than the Frontier which is compactor and more stable with a larger capacity. The Frontier is behind in storage space however. The clinching factor is that the Frontier is tri-powered.


  • Best Use Fishing Kayak
  • Material Rotomolded polyethylene
  • Length 11 ft.
  • Width 33.0 in.
  • Weight 62 lbs
  • Weight capacity 425 lbs
  • Number of paddlers 1 person


  • Relatively lightweight. Can be carried without help
  • Inclined rudder system that is easily controllable
  • Stable enough for many anglers to stand whilst fishing
  • Ample storage space


  • Though adjustable, seat a bit uncomfortable for long trips
  • Lack of hand control for rudder

Our Verdict

Our take on the Sea Ghost 110 is that it impresses. Lightweight, durable, and with no dearth of storage capacity, this sea kayak commands serious consideration from anglers who wish to get the most kayak for their money. It is a high-quality kayak with plenty of scope for customization.

Buoyancy is more than sufficient that you don’t have to bother about overloading it with gear.

If you are new to the sport, this would be the ideal pick both from the performance you can expect and the budget-friendly pricing.

05 Town Sportsman 106 Powered by Minn Kota

Town Sportsman 106 Powered by Minn Kota

The Old Town Sportsman 106 transports the fishing kayak to a new high. The motorized fishing platform introduced by Old Town is easy to use and is powered by Minn Kota. It is choc-o-block with premium features getting you the maximum fishing time with the least hassle. The Minn Kota trolling motor is superbly responsive featuring forward and reverse. It is saltwater ready with a low profile and a 45-pound thrust.

This kayak has high maneuverability; you can reach just about anywhere. This is made possible by the hand-controlled, throttle handle that is a boat style. To outline some of its more important features:

  • Four accessory tracks that are built-in
  • For comfortable stand-up fishing, padded EVA foam decking that is non-slip
  • An anchor mount for shallow water
  • For improved boat control, anew XL rudder design
  • A safety kill switch key that also plays the role of a prop wrench
  • The universal transducer allows mounting a fish finder without the need to drill holes.

Plus, a lot more.

The hull weighs 75 pounds minus the motor and battery, and the load capacity overall is a humble 390 pounds. It is darn easy to load it onto your car to get to the water.

The Sportsman is available in two smashing colors.

We feel that 45 pounds of thrust is a bit much for the size of the 106 but we are not complaining. The Minn Kota motor is an entirely separate console that can be removed and a plug has been provided to close the hole. We find this innovation to get non-motorized and convert to a traditional recreational watercraft rather thoughtful.

Sadly, this product is yet to be reviewed and you need to be pretty well-heeled to purchase one as it carries a tag close to $2500.


  • Best Use Fishing Kayak
  • Material Polyethylene
  • Length 10 ft. 6 in.
  • Width 37 in.
  • Weight 75 lbs
  • Useable Weight capacity 390 lbs
  • Battery 12 V Lithium or lead-acid
  • Motor 45 lbs thrust, 12V Minn Kota motor
  • Number of paddlers 1 person


  • 12V Minn Kota motor with 45 pounds thrust
  • Foot brace steering
  • Non-slip deck pads of EVA foam
  • Fully saltwater proof and resistant to shock
  • Lift-assist technology for deployment easily
  • Compatible with lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries


  • Not compatible with flooded batteries
  • Carrying capacity could be better

Our Verdict

Of all the Old Town watercraft that are motorized, the 106 is the smallest. It can be a limiting factor. This is a terrific buy if you are on the lookout for an entry point into the market. Its motor may not offer 55 lb thrust, but 45 lb is enough to get you going.

It comes crammed with wonderful features and can be converted to a regular kayak so if you plan to just get out there on the water and go for a trip on the lake for the sheer pleasure of kayaking, this is the kayak for you.

06 Nu Canoe Frontier 12 Kayak

Nu Canoe Frontier 12 Kayak

The Nu canoe is 10 feet, a sit-on-top fishing kayak that is promoted as a kayak that offers the highest stability and ease of maneuverability. This craft epitomizes stability. At 39 in. wide and 10 ft. long, it is more a platform where you can stand and go about casting and retrieving. And there is plenty of room to gad about grabbing equipment.

The Frontier does an ergonomically patterned seat that is called the Pinnacle 360. It sports a breathable, non absorbent mesh fabric. Lumbar support is adjustable for those long hours on the water. The positioning of the seat is slightly elevated to give you an edge with higher visibility. The back and bottom of the seat are adjustable to your comfort level.

As a fishing yak, some features are just how it ought to be. The gear mounts are useful to mount other accessories such as rod holders without the need for drilling.

Installing a motor is facilitated by the stern design which also has the hardware for installing an anchor. The massive 500-pound capacity lets you cart whatever it is you require on the trip. A fishing crate can be accommodated at the stern storage and the hatch forward is for extra gear.

Built-in cup-holders and paddle holders for stowing the paddles complete the ensemble.

We accord this model the swiss-knife of yaks award. The stability accorded by this kayak is unreal. However, we feel fitting a trolling motor or an outboard is imperative for propulsion when loaded. A 500-pound load under paddles is a trying task. The seat also is suspect as to durability and the forward hatch is not quite waterproof with the danger of the boat getting swamped. On the flip side, it handles 2-3 feet swell admirably.

This notable kayak carries a tag in the region of $1500 and is somewhat well-reviewed.


  • Best Use Fishing Kayak
  • Material Polyethylene
  • Length 10 ft.
  • Width 39 in.
  • Weight 62 lbs
  • Useable Weight capacity 500 lbs
  • Number of paddlers 1+1 person


  • Compact
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Stable
  • High Weight capacity
  • 360° mobility
  • Tri-powered (paddle, pedal, power)


  • Expensive
  • Limited capacity for larger camping gear

Our Verdict

The NuCanoe Frontier runs away with the most ideal as a compact kayak for frequent angling trips. The stability it exhibits is such that you can actually perch on the gunnel and go about your fishing without any fear of tipping over.

It can be hauled with ease at the back of your pickup to the water. The platform on deck for standing is a feature we alos liked. Judging by its all-round capabilities, this is one heck of a kayak. Go for it.

07 Wilderness Systems Radar 115

Wilderness Systems Radar 115

It can’t get more high-tech than this. The Radar 115 from Wilderness gives you a kayak which can be driven by pedal, paddle or motor. In fact, the 115 gives you all three: the choice is yours. This is made possible by the Helix pedal drive and the motor drive that can be outfitted without the requirement of any modification.

The icing on the cake is that the Wilderness uses the S.M.A.R.T. hull technology which is short for Stability, Maneuverability, Acceleration, Responsiveness, and Tracking. It spells great performance irrespective of the conditions encountered and a smooth ride always.

The Flex Console System directs the fish finder’s electronics installation if your motor drive is disengaged. Alternatively, you can make use of the Flex POD for electronics or pedal drive.

The seat is an AirPro MAX, the best in the industry is deliciously comfortable and can be set in multiple seating positions.

It has umpteen removable pods for personalized storage customizations. For storage, a watertight center hatch is provided. The beauty of it is that it is flush on the deck. You can stand on the hatch and cast.

We will zip up on this one. Wow. Just a couple of things. We feel the deck is a bit slippery and will require additional padding. Another bothersome detail is that there is some flex in the hull. The turning radius is really tight and nice. At 82 pounds, the boat is not quite light and you need to be Samson to swing the deal.

It retails for a surprisingly low $1340-$1370. The overall review could be better.


  • Best Use Fishing, Flatwater Kayaking
  • Material Polyethylene
  • Length 11 ft. 8 in.
  • Width 34.5 in.
  • Weight 85 lbs
  • Useable Weight capacity 450 lbs
  • Number of paddlers 1 person


  • Unmatched stability
  • Trimmable seat
  • Open deck
  • Pedal ready


  • Boat weight
  • No deck padding or rod holders included

Our Verdict

The team was having trouble containing their elation after a ride on this on Wilderness thanks to Hanks, our dear buddy. This kayak is overwhelming, tri-powered, and all. Spartan and sharp. Yes, it’s definitely the new vision of kayaks to come and be embraced. What is mind-boggling is the low price.

So, my good man, if you are in the market for a kayak, you are a mug if you let this chance to be part of an elitist band of kayakers go by.

08 Bonafide SS127 Ultimate Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

Bonafide SS127 Ultimate Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

The guys at Bonafide’s Research and Development Labs laid this beautiful egg. This boat excels in maintaining its high stability with little hampering done to paddling or manipulating your fishing gear. You get to taste the best of two worlds: zip around easily through choppy white water and get along with the job; fishing.

The Bonafide comes with a high-rise seat. This ultra-high backed seat is a true ergonomic marvel. It enables you to bend your legs any which way. Your lower back will sigh with relief. You can keep fishing till the cows come home. When you are done fishing, the chair can conveniently be folded into a conventional kayak style.

The stability is incredible. You can go bass fishing without fears of tipping over. The turning ability of the SS127 is jaw-dropping. It can make precision turns and as for navigation, show me what you have.

The Bonafide has provided a patented DryPod, a mini box to hold your most important items. A stern panel allows access to the hull for inspection.

We always try to improve our skills before assessing a kayak. It’s called ‘fishability.’ It deals with your confidence level when you are sitting or standing in your craft to fish. It is the barometer. Is all gear within reach, no sudden wobbling, and so on? Based on that, the Bonafide comes out with all colors flying. One thing we need to mention; in shallow fast water, the kayak tends to get turned about. It does not steer all that well.

Retailing in the range of $1580 to $1620, this product has been poorly reviewed.


  • Best Use Fishing, Flatwater Kayaking
  • Material Rotomolded Polyethylene
  • Length 12 ft. 7 in.
  • Width 33.75 in.
  • Weight 94 lbs
  • Useable Weight capacity 475 lbs
  • Number of paddlers 1 person


  • The length is right for a kayak
  • The BossStrap management System makes sure lines don’t get entangled
  • Hybrid hull design so that the kayak glides effortlessly through the water
  • Sliding under-seat drawer easily accessible
  • Slot for attaching a camera or GPS


  • The capacity of 475 lbs low
  • The width could be a bit more for increased stability

Our Verdict

The Wilderness wildly passes our expectations. It is a spaceship kayak. We strongly suggest that if you are in for a kayak, drop in at your nearest rental and try this one out. We have it on record that most users have gone nuts over this kayak. It is relatively inexpensive and you have our wholehearted recommendation.

Benefits of Using a Motorized Kayak

  • Allows for a drastic increase in trolling range while keeping a low profile of the watercraft
  • Gives you the chance to secure a catch with the free hand
  • The combination of effortless movement and narrow body allows you to access creeks, canals, and shallow rivers
  • Costs less than a canoe
  • Lets you fight the fish rather than the current
  • The extended travel range is useful when your time for fishing is limited
  • Makes less noise compared to other boat motors
  • You still have the strength for casting when get to a fishing spot
  • Doesn’t pollute the water like a 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine
  • The motor power helps to face adverse conditions in the water
  • You have the option to leave quickly during dark or bad weather

Best Motorized Kayaks Buying Guide

Best Motorized Kayaks Buying Guide

1. Size

Choosing the right size is a big deal when getting a kayak. The first thing to address here is whether you plan on going solo or otherwise. If you are going to take along the company, you will need a larger kayak. The size directly reflects on the stability as also its agility. The larger the kayak, the more the stability provided the width of the kayak is sufficient. This is a big advantage for beginners.

The most common materials for such kayaks are Polyethylene and fiberglass. However, you can also find other materials like wood, graphite fibers, ABS, Aluminum, and Hypalon (for inflatable models).

2. Ease of Exit & Entry

It can be tricky to get in and out of a kayak. For that reason, a kayak must have safe access to exit or enter the water regardless of whether they are heavier than the standard ones. A sit-on-top kayak is a lot easier to embark or disembark from and haul it out as it has a bunch of grips. But on the other side, if the boat flips and you need to tighten it, that would take some effort. A sit-on-top kayak is easy to board when upright.

3. Mounted Motor

The electric motor for kayaks is also called a trolling motor. It moves in slow-speed approximating the average speed of a paddler. You can take professional help for mounting a trolling motor on a kayak or apply DIY methods. Usually, trolling motors are silent so fish will not be scared away.

If you choose the right models, they are also eco-friendly as there are no gasoline or petrol fumes, smoke emissions, or sound pollution. That’s why putting a trolling motor on a kayak is popular among fishermen. In fact, most motorized kayaks are custom made.

You can choose from an inboard or an outboard motor installation depending on your preference. Apart from kayaks, these motors can also be mounted on paddle boats. There are two types of electric motors: a built-in motor and a mounted motor.

The latter is mostly preferred as the likelihood of damage by bottom obstacles is much reduced. Advanced motors come with wireless remote controls (or joysticks) for elevated user experience. Some high-end models also use two-stroke (2 stroke) and four-stroke engines for propulsion.

4. Adjustable Seat

Adjusting the seat to different positions spells more fun when fishing on a kayak. It’s an important feature on the specs sheet. The seat must conform to your body shape. The seat should be such that it can be positioned upright or recumbent. The main focus is to avoid backaches or prolonged pressure on the sit bones. If you are on a paddler, the legs should reach just right. The adjustability of the seat adds to the convenience of both regular and inflatable kayaks.

5. Ability to Stand in the Kayak

In the quest for the right kayak, there exist additional concerns that are not mentioned by manufacturers. Of importance is the ability to stand up on a kayak. The capability to stand and stretch your legs cannot be bypassed. This reflects directly on the time you can spend fishing comfortably. You should always set an outrigger to your kayak to make it more stable on the water.

A secondary consideration in standing is to sight the fish so that you can cast your line in the right direction. A kayak that has good stability will work on your side.

6. Storage

Your choice of a kayak also needs to figure in the space available to store gear. If it is insufficient or positioned improperly, you need to rethink your choice. A kayak normally has two storage options; a dry hatch and one with a bungee system. All kayaks come with one of each. It’s a different story with sit-on-top kayaks. Here, owing to the flat deck space, more storage is accorded.

With a bungee system, you can strap a backpack that is waterproof, on deck. All your essentials can be accommodated in one bag amazingly. A tent can also be strapped down if you plan to set up base camp someplace.

For electronic devices, a dry hatch is perfect even if the boat tips over as they are watertight. The dry hatch should be positioned within reach of the paddler so that he can easily access any gear he might need.

7. Seat

Out there on the water, your exhilaration can swiftly turn into agony if the seat is not right. This could result in a sore back or other spinal complications. Humans come in a wide hue of sizes and shapes so the seat has to be adjustable. Make sure you have that facility even if you are on a 2-person or a tandem kayak.

The solution lies in getting a seat that moves back and forth or alternately has footrests so that your feet are in the right position. If your seat is uncomfortable, you have the option of removing it and mounting a good, comfortable chair of your choice.

8. Budget

Having a budget is the starting point in purchasing a kayak. They can vary a lot depending on the price based on the features and overall build quality. Also the handling quality is factored in. It is best to go for a kayak which is not at the top of the price range. The reason is that the pricier ones are tough to handle.

Experienced kayakers lean towards more speed and smooth handling capabilities. If this is what you have in mind, the cost of the motor will inflate the price. Another option is to add a motor at a later date in which case, make sure that there will be no compatibility issues.

9. Accessories

If your yak is motorized, you cannot compromise on the quality of the battery. Go for the best. When you are not using it, protect it with a high-grade cover. The same goes for the kayak itself. Kayak racks with a hoist are available specifically to protect your boat. You can use it for a great number of years by protecting it.

10. Safety

The consideration of safety cannot be overemphasized especially if you are heading for open waters. Using a kayak flag is a sound idea as is having a bilge pump. The requirement of an anchor, though not mandatory, is recommended. Also, don’t forget to register your kayak before putting a motor on it, check out local legal compliance issues. Some states of the US require registration.

The list of accessories available is exhaustive. As a minimum, invest in good quality kayak shoes, kayak gloves, a safety helmet, and of course a life-jacket.

Why Choose a Kayak With a Motor?

The main idea in a motorized kayak is to do away with paddling so that your hands are free to focus on fishing. There is a limit on arm power and besides that, a motorized kayak can reach places that are restricted if you are relying purely on manual paddling. A motor also enables positioning of a kayak exactly to your advantage and the kayak itself can be propelled forwards or backward.

Kayak trolling is a great approach to fishing. Adding a mud motor or a weed wacker motor to your kayak would open up new opportunities for you to cruise through numerous bogs and shallow waters that are generally considered hazardous. To accomplish it correctly, you first need to install a fishing kayak motor.

A trolling motor consists of three units: the motor, a controller, and the propeller. Kayaks usually do not come with preinstalled motors. The mounting location can be either at the bow or the stern. The most popular mount for a kayak motor is the transom mount. It is more common to see motors located at the stern.

The type of water, whether fresh or saltwater where you will be deploying your kayak is another consideration. Saltwater can affect the propellor over time so their durability and working efficiency come into play. Lastly, the size of the kayak will determine the motor rating: 12V, 24V, or 36V. In most instances, fishing kayaks need only 12V.

Care & Maintenance Tips

Pre-season maintenance

  • Examine the hull carefully and thoroughly for damage
  • Carry out a thorough rigging inspection
  • Old parts and worn down accessories should be renewed
  • Restock emergency gear. Check your first-aid kit
  • If the kayak’s hull material is wood, keep it dry

In-season maintenance

  • Use a special kayak cart for transportation. Dragging it on the ground can hole it.
  • Keep the kayak clean
  • Protect it from direct sun- shield the kayak from damage due to UV rays by spraying it with 303 Protectant.
  • Keep the cockpit covered

Off-season preparation for storage

  • The kayak must be cleaned and dried
  • Rigging components must be cared for

Safety & Usage Tips

  • Be mindful of the weather conditions and the temperature of the water
  • Don appropriate clothing suitable to the climatic conditions
  • Keep a lookout for off-shore winds that would prove to return to shore difficult
  • Local boating rules must be heeded to
  • Do not mix drugs or alcohol with boating
  • The weight range of your kayak should not be exceeded.
  • Before taking to the water, examine your gear for wear
  • You should be qualified in first-aid, correct paddling technique, and water safety
  • Revise the procedures regarding self-rescue first in calmer waters and then in rougher conditions
  • Always don your flotation device and do not remove it as long as you are in the water
  • Keep a responsible person informed about your paddling plan
  • Always stay hydrated. Keep your larder well stocked.
  • In new areas, familiarize first with prevailing local conditions such as currents, rip tides, weather patterns, and so on

Final Words

Being out on the water in a regular, normal kayak is exhilarating and liberating but using the best motorized kayak is being on cloud nine. The extra thrust that you have is a high that hugely ups the enjoyment and thrill of being waterborne. In order to procure a decent motorized kayak, there are a bunch of factors that come into play which we have addressed in this guide.

Our top 7 product list has explored what we consider the best-motorized kayaks in the market and have evaluated these thoroughly to the extent possible. All of them are great buys depending on your needs and budget. If you don’t already own a kayak, you should give it a serious thought. It is a great sport, keeps your fitness level up.

Before you do make a purchase, be well-informed which is the main intention of this guide. We recommend that you scour the net, seek the advice of other regular kayakers, and gather all the information about kayaks and fishing kayaks which will hold you in good stead to make a great buy.

Good luck!


Q. 1: What Is the Difference Between Pedal Drive and Motorized Kayaks?

Ans: A kayak with a pedal drive is very akin to the drive of a bicycle. When you pedal, this either rotates a propellor through a transmission or operates two fins that move back and forth and also sideways. A motorized kayak has an electric motor powered by a battery as the prime mover that rotates a propellor. A speed controller varies the speed of rotation according to your choice

Q. 2: Can a Motor Be Added to My Regular Kayak?

Ans: In general, yes but it comes with some reservations. First of all, the motor has to match the kayak. Not all kayaks have the ability to support a battery and a motor. Before you purchase a kayak, ensure that it is compatible so that you can add-on a motor at a later stage

Q. 3: How Can I Hook Up an Electric Motor to My Kayak?

Ans: It is fairly simple as there is no propellor shaft penetrating the hull. All you require is a mounting bracket that is clamped on the stern and a motor. The arrangement is somewhat like an outboard only that here you have an electric motor powered by a battery that rotates the propellor.

Q. 4: How Fast Will a Kayak Go With a Trolling Motor?

Ans: A trolling motor can propel a kayak at 5 mph maximum irrespective of the thrust. But if you add a jet ski motor, your kayak can run up to 27 mph.

Q. 5: Can I Drill the Hull on a Kayak to Place an Engine Mount?

Ans: This can be done but we recommend not to do so. Drilling the hull can weaken its composite laminate and the stress from repetitive propeller movement can cause cracks in the boat. A better option is to buy a factory-built motorized fishing kayak with drilled out mounting holes. You can also use an adapter that slips under the existing mount to install a larger motor.

Q. 6: Does a Kayak With a Trolling Motor Need to Register?

Ans: Registration isn’t mandatory in every state but some states do require vessels to register to operate on public water. You can contact the USCG to learn about the current boating requirements in your local area and register your motorized fishing kayak.

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