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Do you like the sport of fishing? Accessibility is the key to succeed in fishing with a kayak. BIC Borneo is one of the effective kayaks offering great stability and accessibility.

BIC Sport has been serving us with its distinctive products for several years. This time they have come up with sit on top kayak, which can afford two people simultaneously. They have tried to ensure long-lasting usage with innovative features.

The kayak ensures high performance along with faster speed and comfortable usage. It is ideal for storing all your fishing equipment easily. Moreover, carrying this kayak is easier as it comes in a lighter weight.

You will have an in-depth knowledge of this BIC Borneo fishing kayak by reading this comprehensive assessment of BIC Borneo.

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01 BIC Borneo Review Overview

BIC Sport Borneo fishing kayak is a family oriented fishing equipment. This two person kayak has been made with several distinctive features. This kayak can give you comfortable paddling experience both with the single and double person.

Its shape and dimension let you have a comfortable and stable seating along with a wider area for storage. So even after having two-person seated on, the kayak can hold all your valuable utensils together.

Along with that, BIC Borneo has a removable rear wheel for transportation. So the carrying has become much easier. You can even carry the kayak by rolling on sand or uneven surfaces. It is a lighter and stronger kayak than other regular ones.

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06 Final Verdict

If you are looking for a user-friendly a kayak, then this sit on kayak can be best for you. But if affordability is your main concern then let us mention that the kayak is expensive in comparison to other regular ones.

But if you have already experienced kayak fishing and looking for something that can give you better output than your older one, we strongly recommend you to go for this one as the manufacturers have designed it for serious, professional anglers.

We hope our evaluation about this BIC Borneo kayak, will help you to decide whether the kayak is best suited for you or not and also will make your purchasing decision easier.

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