Garmin Bluechart G2 – HXUS039R

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Garmin Bluechart G2 - HXUS039R

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Optical travel mouse works of Bluechart g2 on any computer with a USB port. The ultra-portable design carries out or takes up little space and is ideal for notebook users. No need to fold as a cover or wrap the cord around the mouse or deal with a tangled cord, the optical travel mouse characteristics or features are suited to your retractable USB cable. On in a car or a plane, plug this mini mouse into your USB port and start dragging and dropping files.

The portable mouse offers a USB 2.0 interface (also compatible with USB 1.1 ports) and is compatible with Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000, and Vista. The standard tier provides basic chart navigation, including up to 1-foot HD fishing contours, tides, currents, marine POIs, IALA symbols and perspective chart view; invaluable tools for the mariner. BlueChart g2 HD is ideal for handheld devices and for the value-oriented models of the Garmin chart plotter lineup. Available on microSD/SD card or as a download via

The easy-to-install, easy-to-use 7" Echomap 75dv is compatible with optional transducers for high, wide CHIRP sonar and Garmin blue chart, the clearest scanning sonar on the water. It supports Panoptix sonar and includes preloaded Quickdraw Contours software to instantly create your own HD maps with 30cm contours of your fishing.

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Though some dissatisfaction comes with this product, the built-in sonar capabilities of Bluechart g2 include Chirp sonar, the most sophisticated sonar technology available for the fishing and boating public. Garmin bluechart g2 provides surprisingly clear target definition and separation because it puts or holds even more energy on the target than traditional sonar.

It also includes a sonar-recording capacity that coordinates the time when something happens of the sonar return with your boat's position and saves digital information for playback on a computer using different planning software. You can use the user data sharing cable to share waypoints and routes between multiple devices.

It's time you started fishing with the power of Bluechart g2. Bluechart g2 cords plug directly into the mount, allowing you to quickly install and remove your device from power.

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