Fish On Lakes & Larger Bodies Of Water By Jackson Kayak

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Fish On Lakes & Larger Bodies Of Water By Jackson Kayak

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Jackson Kayak is a producer of kayaks who formed the company in 2003. The Jackson Kayak company manufactures a kayak seat bag Jackson kayak sweet cheeks. The bags are available in two sizes. One is Jackson Kayak sweet cheeks 100, and the other is Jackson kayak sweet cheeks 200. 100 is smaller than 200. Are you a freshwater or saltwater kayaker? No worry?  Because these seat bag can be used in any kayak.

It is highly unlikely that your kayak seat is designed to fit your rear end perfectly. The reason is simple. Just look around you. What you will see is the different shapes and sizes of rear ends. The average kayak seat is designed to fit the largest rear end. Otherwise, that kayak would be useless to people with the big rear end. So, what will happen to people with the average rear end? Definitely, they will not get comfortable seating. And here come the Jackson Kayak sweet cheeks to solve everybody’s problem. But how?

The sweet cheeks are designed to allow your rear end to form a butt imprint down deep, creating a bucket that surrounds you in back, to the sides, and on both sides of your legs. In this way, these bags support all the area of your rear end. But how does it work?

It utilizes bean bag concept for adjustability and firm support. When you are getting into the kayak with the sweet cheeks for the first time, after sitting on the bag the air will rush out of the tube, while the beans rush around to find a place to go until the air is mostly out. To lock in for as long as you like your setup, simply suck the reaming air out. It is now a perfectly locked down seat pad that will not slip around on your seat.

Jackson kayak dealers are available in different parts of the world to sell Jackson fishing kayak and Jackson kayak accessories. A few of Jackson Kayak products are big tuna kayak, Jackson big tuna, Jackson Cuda, Coosa kayak, Jackson Riviera kayak, etc.

Our Remarks

What makes Jackson Kayak sweet cheeks are so special is that the bag form fits around your rear end to make a perfect bucket seat. No pressure points, no more sliding around on your seat. The bag creates 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches of lift in the seat. The bag provides extra padding for absorbing impact on your creek. It delivers extra leverage for wave, hole and flatwater moves in your playboat.

Jackson Kayak sweet cheeks 100 kayak seat bag is smaller size compare 200 model. 100 models give you a lower amount of cushion, leverage, and lift in your seat. This model is good for people who are already a good fit in their boats and need some cushion or rise in their seat.

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