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Newport Vessels 36″ Shaft Trolling Motor Review

Newport Vessels 36? Shaft Trolling Motor Review

When you are on the water and especially a kayak, you need the top quality steering as it is important to get you back to your desired destinations quickly. You can enjoy the strong motorized capability of 55 lbs thrust trolling motor as it allows the control boxes to offer the riders the flexible movement. The 55lb trolling motor includes the perfect measurement that is 18 x 5 x 42 inches whereas the weight is 23 pounds. The product is innovated by the Newport vessel manufacturing group. This is durable and easy to view immediate charge reading with the 10 point LED feature. The structure is built in stainless steel and compact system.

With the 55 lbs. thrust trolling motor, you can have the extendable handles and adjustable controlling that you mount it according to your wish. It needs a simple finger controlling to give it direction and smooth rides.

Whom is this product for?

The anglers need the strong and solid workout motor engine, and this is recommended for their hassle-free experiences in kayaking. It’s also valuable to get into and out of the waterfront for sailboats, and this is handy to use to some other ship types.

Newport Vessels X-Series 55 Lbs. Trolling Motor Explained

All you need for the kayaking in the water level and directing you to the right way, you need the truly seamless trolling motor. The Minn Kota Endura c2 is another important kayak steering motor that is engineered to travel through the water at the highest rapidity. This 50 lb thrust trolling motor is able to help you when your main motor has let you dejected, and you’re beached on the water. At that point, the endura c2 55 is such a trolling motor that is energetic.

There are different kinds of water that a boat or kayak soar on. Among all of them, the 55 lbs trolling motor is durable in terms of structure and design. The kayak motors are made for freshwater, and others are salty water also. The Saltwater can corrode exposed wiring, and that’s why the anglers need the saltwater and precise trolling motors like Minn Kota 55 lb thrust.

The 55-thrust trolling motor is the type of special saltwater motor that is engineered to defend against the scarring effects of saltwater on metallic and other components and 55 pound thrust trolling motor can save the kayak over the period.


  • Brand name Newport Vessels
  • Product Dimensions 18 x 5 x 42 inches
  • Item weight 23 pounds
  • Battery meter 10-point LED meter
  • Steering feature 6″ telescoping grip
  • Control head 30-degree adaptable control head
  • Included propeller 10″ diameter with 3 blades
  • Warranty 2-year warranty


  • The product is adjustable enough for up and down system
  • It is designed with the highest quality and technology
  • This transom motor is backed by the high voltage power battery
  • The product is made of stainless steel in structure
  • It is able to make an easy and comfortable trip
  • It is smoother as it includes an eight-speed control facility
  • The users can have their reliability towards it
  • It is built with three strong blade propeller that makes the product unique and stable


  • When you tighten it extremely, the product may break down but the company offers refund also

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Can I use it in the front of my kayak?
    Answer : No, it is made with the fixed channel system.
  • Question : What battery should I use on this?
    Answer : You can use the 12 voltage battery on it.

Our Remarks

You’ll need a reliable and stable motorized power on your kayak. The 55 lbs. thrust motor features adjustable and strong blade propeller. The item is made of the strongest components that’ll support your kayaking needs for a long time.

The motor is easy to install and use, and maintain. You’ll also be able to tilt the it for better mounting of up to 30 degrees up or down. It also makes the steering way simpler. The greatest advantage is it can be fitted to your boat regardless of your boat’s size.

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