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NRS Pike Fishing Inflatable Kayak Review

The fisherman always loves catching fish in the water safely and comfortably. Besides they want to have safe boat or kayak for this purpose. Considering this aspect, NRS Pike Angler IK inflatable fishing kayak claims to be the perfect solution to the fishermen for their safety.

The performance of these fishing kayaks is quite impressive. So, it is a favorite kayak for many fishermen and kayakers alike.

As a fisherman, you need a fishing kayak that is very much transportable because you’ll need to move from here and there for catching fish. If you have a well-designed transportation system with your kayak, you may feel comfortable carrying it. NRS Pike inflatable fishing kayak has this advantage. Let’s see what more these kayaks have to offer:

Feature Analysis

1. Adjustable Seat

The NRS Pike fishing kayak has an adjustable seat that is very much helpful. Because of this seat, the fisherman can sit comfortable and catch fish for hours. Also, this seat can be adjusted easily.

2. Easy Carrying Handle

The NRS Pike Angler IK inflatable fishing kayak has two handle that helps to carry it easily.

3. Pressure Relief Valves

This inflatable fishing kayak has a pressure relief valves that help to reduce the water pressure. This makes the kayak more durable and sturdy.


  • Length 12’8″
  • Width 39
  • Interior Width 17
  • Item Weight 35 lbs
  • Carrying handle Two
  • Tube diameters 11 Inches
  • Warranty 3 Years


  • Easy to carry
  • Safe to use
  • Comfortable for catching fish
  • Safe to sail in the deep water


  •  Costly

Final Verdict

This is the last stage that provides a suggestion for you. Also, this suggestion is important because it may modify your decision to buy the product or not to buy. In case of quality, the NRS Pike inflatable fishing kayak is better than any other kayak available in the market.

So, it needs no telling that the NRS Pike fishing kayak is more demandable than any other kayak. If you are looking for a high-quality fishing kayak, you can try out our today’s selection, the NRS Pike Angler IK inflatable fishing kayak can be a good option.

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