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Old Town 133 Canoes & Kayaks Review

old town discovery 133 review

If you are the true anglers and love to travel, then you need the accurate workout tool that is safe also. In that purpose, you can have Old town discovery 133 for fishing, hunting or simply traveling. The Old Town Discovery 133 Canoe is extraordinarily versatile and traditional in its feature. You can sweep it tandem from the bow and strict as it includes the strong nylon web seats. The dimension of the product is 159 x 40.5 x 20.2 inches whereas the weight measures 78 lbs.

But, the weight capacity of the item is 800 lbs. You can paddle or shaft it solo, row it fluently from the center oar hollows. The feature offers the larger accommodation system with the smaller space. It includes nylon web design. In the old town discovery 133 canoe, you can move easily as it allows the users the bow seat and the forward oar hollows to ferry travelers. You can even outfit the old town discovery 133k with motor mount and a small external to make isolated fishing spots just records away.
<h2″>Whom is this product for?

This kayak is designed for all the anglers and fishermen also as it is perfect for fishing or hunting. The product allows you as an angler the quality structure like polyethylene construction and attractive enterprise also. You can paddle this old town 133 with the center oar shocks system, and it works smoothly.

Our Experience With the Product

The accurate and easy going kayak is needed to secure a safe journey. The Old town discovery 133 is the demanding kayak that is enriched with both the superiority and ideal designs that the users like long. This feature includes the nylon web sitting that make it comfortable and reliable also for kayaking. The old town canoe is appreciated worldwide for its versatile and multifunctional uses. This tool equips all the superior constructive and flexible, efficient equipment that all of the users feel interesting.

The product is stable and safe on the water, and you need not worry if you are boarding on it. This item is the excellent craft for any ages, and it is useful both for the beginners and advanced users. The beginners can ride it safely as it is lightweight and durable to use. The discovery 133 canoe is working greatly in the arena of fishing, travelling and hunting indeed. You can work on this strong tool with the help of its stern paddling that makes you easy to use the kayak.


  • Brand Old Town Canoes & Kayaks
  • Item dimensions 159 x 40.5 x 20.2 inches
  • Weight of product 78 lbs
  • Weight capacity 800 lbs
  • Seat 2 nylon seats
  • Structure Triple layer polytechnic edifice


  • The discovery is compact in designs and workout
  • This product is relaid checks your pocket and comes at a very lower ranges
  • It is solid and durable enough in structure
  • The canoe is spacious to make room for many people
  • This recreational canoe is designed for multipurpose
  • It is reliable and safe to use at any sea
  • The paddling and rowing offers smoother workout
  • It can be adjusted with any mounting system


  • Sometimes the customers got dissatisfied with the seating arrangements as they would like to sit comfortably

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Does this kayak come with the sockets or oars?
    Answer : The canoe offers the oars, not the sockets. They are made for smaller oars.
  • Question : What about the weight capacity of the kayak?
    Answer : The weight capacity measures 800 lbs.

Our Remarks

The Old town discovery 133 is the favorite and traditional kayak that is loved by all for its versatility and features. This product allows the users a perfect and nice trip on the sea by offering the spacious seating arrangements that you can make a trip with your small family.

ThIs Old extra-ordinary kayak have come a long and successive way. Many people find it durable and easy to use. If you’re looking for such a kayak, this one can be a great option for you.

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