Onyx Movevent Curve Vest Review

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Kayak fishing is not always about fun and enjoyment. Sometimes, kayakers have to be serious about the safety matters because a few seconds of carelessness can be the cause of physical or financial damage plus the absence of joy. A life vest makes the most of the list of safety gears for kayak fishing since the fear of drowning occupies the mind of most anglers. Today, we’re about to present you our original review of Onyx Movevent Curve Vest.

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01 Onyx Movevent Curve Vest Overview

Onyx life vest is lightweight and provides an excellent fit that allows you to paddle with convenience. It also provides mobility. The flexible design has added a new dimension to the uniqueness of this life vest. This vest keeps your head up in the water and saves you from drowning.

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06 Final Verdict

Wearing Onyx Movevent Curve Vest, you may feel that swimming is a difficult job. As the majority of the foam is in the front, you will be floating tilted backward. But the interesting fact is, this is indeed good for you. As if you fall into the water unconscious, this will keep your head up the water.

You might be more interested in a life vest that has a pocket. But, the convenience and performance of Onyx paddle vest will help you to differentiate it from the other vests in the market.

We recommend you to consider buying Onyx Paddle Vest for safety and convenience. Hopefully, our Onyx Movevent Curve Vest review helped you to get a good idea of this vest and decide accordingly.

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