Perception R15 Pescadors 100 Kayak Review

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Fishing with a kayak appeases many minds. Kayaking is getting close to being one of the most popular outdoor sports nowadays.

Well, the reasons behind this popularity are the versatile and straightforward construction of a kayak. You can accommodate all of your needs in just one place. We are going through a lot many models in the market, based on affordability and comfort we ended up with the Perception R15 Pescadors 100 kayak model. It meets all the criteria that a simple kayak needed for good fishing.

However, we will now show you some of its unique features for what we are calling it a perfect kayak. Let’s go through the whole review.

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01 Perception R15 Pescadors 100 kayak Overview

Perception R15 Pescadores 100 Kayak recommended as one with the latest interface kayak that comes with an affordable price.

For the beginner and solo kayak lover, Pescadorss R15 is a great kayak. It has huge space inside, so also great for those who like to take huge gear with them. It is fit for all sizes of people to ride by, track perfectly and super stable.
Moreover, it comes with a standard size that is not too big not too small, i.e., 12 feet in length and 12 inches in width. It has two-rod holders; one flush mounted, and the other one is Scotty installed.

Lastly, it comes with an exceptional loading capacity since it comes up with a multi-chine hull and keel for tracking and enables you to dumb 350 pounds in it. Let’s learn more about its features.

02 Specifications

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros

05 Cons

06 Final Verdict

Perception Sport Pescador 12 Kayak has been designed for beginners to pro kayaker, with superior quality construction, efficient tracking, high speed, and sufficient storage space this kayak is what you are looking for.

For an affordable price, this kayak is one of the most favorable deals in the market, with all these features it is a hard knock to find similar kayak than this.

Though in the beginning, you might face some stability difficulties we hope quickly you gain the ability to handle this kayak comfortably.

If you are a budget-conscious angler looking for a wise investment, you can easily choose to buy Perception Sport Pescador 100 Kayak!

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