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Kayakfisherly Inviting Students for the Community Service Scholarship 2018

Kayakfisherly is eager contribute to the fishing community, and we are now proudly announcing $1,000 for our community service scholarship 2018 to a student having excellence in academics but with some financial crisis that might hinder the study.

Kayakfisherly acts actively to benefit the community by demonstrating smart ways to fish and glorify every moment on waters. This scholarship allows us a chance for expressing our life-long passion for fishing and especially respect for those studying and wishing to share their fishing experiences with people.

Recipient of the Scholarship

We actually want to help everybody. But there should be a minimum requirement to fulfill. A graduate or a bachelor degree holder or a diploma degree holder are appreciated to apply. Anybody who are waiting for their post-graduate are also encouraged to apply. There is no mandatory subject/discipline for this program.

What procedure must you follow?

  • Accepted Type: Research work, how-to type articles, step-by-step guide, or anything that might be helpful for our community
  • Word length: 1000 Words
  • Accepted File Formats: .doc/docx file (No links/Internet sources)
  • All personal details including full name, date of birth, current educational status, contact info, etc.)
  • Deadline: (Date).

How do we select the winner?

  • Subjectivity/Relevancy
  • Value (How much value the works add to our community people)
  • Writing Capability & Style (Grammar, Punctuation, Expression, Colloquialism, etc.)
  • Citations and Fact checking
  • Originality

We will take no longer than one month to finalize the winner and make an announcement. One winner will be selected to entitle the award. The winner will be informed via email and a formal letter including our logo and contact info.

Receipt of the Cash

We will contact the winner and collect necessary information that are needed to process the award money. It may take up to five business days to give away the prize money.