Scotty Paddle Clip Review

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Scotty 136 paddle Clip is a handy piece of equipment to have on hand. It is ideal for someone who is a boater and a nice gift for someone who owns a small marine vessel. You will know what differentiated it with other kayak paddle holders in this Scotty Paddle Clip Review.

Maybe, you are searching for a paddle clip that will hold your paddle for your convenience. You must want that one to be durable and performing, right? We will now show you why Scotty Paddle Clip is the best option for you in this context.

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01 Scotty Paddle Clip Overview

Scotty Paddle Clip excels in both with its durable, marine-grade design and ultra-simple installation and performance. With spread-out mounting points, bored mounting holes, and reinforced sidewalls, the paddle clip installs easily in seconds and keeps your paddle in place better than more complicated rigs.

Now, let us have a look at the technical specifications of the Scotty 360 paddle clip to match it with your requirements.

02 Specifications

03 Feature Analysis

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06 Final Verdict

It is a little bit inconvenient that Scotty Paddle Clip does not provide any screw or any other way to attach it.  So you have to hunt through the garage to find the necessary things for the installation. But once you get it, the installation is just seconds away. You do not have to face any further problem in installation. Moreover, you have already learned about the fantastic performance of this paddle clip. So, we consider this accessory worth buying.

One note on installing, watch where your hands go when paddling before installing this. If you make the mistake of putting it on your stroke path, you could hit it, and it hurts a little. After all, we liked the product for its quality and performance. We recommend you to buy this if you are in search of a boat paddle holder.

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