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The 10 Best Colorado Fishing Spots While Using a Kayak

colorado fishing spots
Written by Jessica Herron
Last Update: August 14, 2023

Colorado is the mixture of every possible natural existence you can think of. It has large mountains, deserts, and large canyon at the same time which makes it one of the diverse western states in the US. With wild nature comes more wild and rare fishes which you should grab at the first chance that you get. So, today we are counting down the top ten fishing spots in Colorado and giving you all the necessary information about that specific fishing scenario.

Growing up in Colorado I always felt very close to nature especially when my dad took me out for fishing or hunting. I am not more of a hunter with shiny gadgets but kayak fishing gets me excited every time. During last 3 years, I have been restlessly searching all over Colorado to find the best fishing spots and I am surprised to see that my home state is the home for one of the unique fishing spots in the US.

There are some fishing spots which are publically open and some fishing spot in Colorado is owned by private owners but regardless you will feel the same comfort and excitement in the places if you have the right fishing license. So, pack your fishing gears, put your kayak in your car with all the necessary gadgets and let’s start exploring the wonderful fishing sites that Colorado has to offer.

10 Best Colorado Fishing Spots

Best Fishing Spots in Colorado

The Fantastic Rio Grande

If you like the wind on your face with a heartwarming breeze when you are fishing then the Rio Grande is definitely the place for you. You will find yourself in the heart of nature when you are fishing in the Rio Grande.

  • Available Fishes: Trout, marlin, and the bass is the most common type that you will find over here.
  • Nature and Beauty: The natural beauty of Rio Grande cannot be compared with any other fishing spot in Colorado, it is simply pristine.
  • Techniques Used: You can use fly fishing and also sight fishing and keep baitcasting as a side option as well.
  • Other Important Information: The June to July part of the year is the best time to look for fishes as they come in school.

The Devine Gore Creek

The creek might be a bit small in size but you will find so many varieties of fishes in here and this is perfect for fly fishing as well.

  • Available Fishes: You will find different varieties of cutthroats over here but the large trout are actually the main attraction.
  • Nature and Beauty: The creek has a steady stream and you will love the nearby scenario. The water is completely see-through and clean.
  • Techniques Used: This creek is perfect for fly fishing as well as sight fishing as you can easily see through the water.
  • Other Important Information: You can fish either in the upper gore or in the lower gore which allows you more variance of fishes.

The Ferocious Frying Pan River

If you are looking to sharpen up your fly fishing skills then there are no better options then the frying pan river which is considered one of the best not only in Colorado but also in the world.

  • Available Fishes: You will find brass, rainbow trout and a variety of carps over here.
  • Nature and Beauty: The River is large and wild with clean streams of water flowing right under your boat.
  • Techniques Used: The best technique would be to use the spinning reel technique when you are looking for larger fishes.
  • Other Important Information: The tide can get rough so have a kayak from a good brand that will support you properly.

The Sophisticated South Platte River

When you have the mood to travel around the city and fish at the same time then you can try out the South Platte River which flows right beside the city.

  • Available Fishes: You will find rainbow trout and they come in large shapes and sizes.
  • Nature and Beauty: You get to enjoy the beauty of the city and the comfort of the locality while fishing in this spot.
  • Techniques Used: Fly fishing is the most commonly used technique over here.
  • Other Important Information: There are some local shops which sells critically acclaimed kayaks so you can check those out.
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The Exciting Yampa River

Are you in the mood for some variation in fishing? Then you are in the right place cause aside from fishing in this diverse river you can also enjoy the nearby ponds to fish in.

  • Available Fishes: Cutthroats, trout, and catfish are the most common types found around here.
  • Nature and Beauty: The River is breathtaking especially during spring.
  • Techniques Used: You can use bait casting and as well as fly fishing over here to secure large kills.
  • Other Important Information: there are many large ponds near Yampa River as well, you can try those out.

The Sandy Shores of Spinney Mountain

If fishing excitement and natural beauty have equal importance to you then you can put your trust on the spinney mountain which is considered one of the most visited fishing spot in Colorado.

  • Available Fishes: You can enjoy catching salmon and rainbow trout over here in this river.
  • Nature and Beauty: The sandy shore and the view of the mountain as you fish is simply breathtaking.
  • Techniques Used: This is a perfect spot for belly bloating if you want to experiment with new techniques then you can also try trolling as well.
  • Other Important Information: The best time to fish over here is during summer when the salmon comes here in school.

The Amazing Arkansan River

If you want to feel like you are lost in paradise with just your kayak and your fishing gadgets then you have come to the right spot as the Arkansan River is all about connecting deep with nature.

  • Available Fishes: Rainbow trout and salmon are the most common type with some large catfishes lurking around here and there.
  • Nature and Beauty: You can see the mountain through the river and you can also enjoy the pristine water flow.
  • Techniques Used: Bait casting and trolling is the most appropriate technique used over here.
  • Other Important Information: The best part of the river is the desert area which offers a large school of fishes.

The Northern Delaney River

You do not need to know a lot of tips and tricks about fishing when you are out here in the Delaney River. It has ample of fishes so even the beginners will get hundreds of fishes if he just tries.

  • Available Fishes: You get a never-ending supply of trout over here so catch as many as you like.
  • Nature and Beauty: The river is a sight from a dream with floating trees and here and there. You will feel closer to nature every second.
  • Techniques Used: Fly fishing and sight fishing are both equally effective in this river.
  • Other Important Information: This is one of the best places to use your kayak so make sure that your kayak is well prepared compared to others.

The Big and Bold Thompson River

This is one of the biggest rivers in the state as it starts from the rocky mountain and flows through a great distance. This is one of the most desired fishing spot in Colorado by the tourists.

  • Available Fishes: You get to enjoy six different kinds of trout over here.
  • Nature and Beauty: The beauty of this place is incomparable and the river is exciting to be in as the tide changes pretty often.
  • Techniques Used: You will find good luck with baitcasting and reel fishing over here in the Big Thompson.
  • Other Important Information: You can also go around the national park when you are done with your fishing.

The Beautiful Blue Mesa

If you want to hunt down the largest trout found in lake then there is no better place in the entire USA then the Blue Mesa Lake. It offers a large variety of fishes as well as humble natural scenarios and is one of the frequently visited fishing spots in Colorado.

  • Available Fishes: Largest lake trout and largest salmons.
  • Nature and Beauty: The Blue Mesa got its name from the spectacularly blue water that it holds. You will feel like you are in the heaven of the blue kingdom.
  • Techniques Used: You can practice belly bloating as well as reel casting in this river.
  • Other Important Information: There is a tournament each year around June and July to see who can catch the biggest fish.

Well, that’s it for my list of the top ten fishing spots in Colorado. I had the most fun in these places and I got to learn a lot from each of these as well. Be sure to be well prepared with the right gadgets before you can go off to catch for your big fish. You will be disappointed if you do not prepare yourself for the location.

Do not catch mother fishes as it will only reduce the number of fishes in the upcoming days. Release it back into the water if caught. I hope I was able to give you a proper list. There is also some other fishing spot in Colorado but these are definitely the best ones. With that note, I am signing off; until then have a good time.

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