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The Best Bodyboards in the World in 2024 – Reviews With Buying Guide

I’ve always had a big fascination with water sports. So, when I noticed my friend’s bodyboard, I was instantly hooked. It’s kind of surreal to play with it on the water when you literally feel weightless floating freely in the vastness of the ocean.

All you have to do is simply lay down and propel forward to enjoy the thrill of riding the waves. Unlike surfing, you can actually dive under the waves like the dolphins and that defines its uniqueness.

Another amazing part of this water sport is that it gives you all the joy of surfing and swimming without having to go under lengthy training sessions. It instantly solved my problems. It gave me the benefit of swimming and surfing.

Further, waterboarding has motivated me to increase my outdoor water activities during summers. Noticeably, the game has resulted in the improvement of my overall health condition as well.

But you need to learn a number of things about bodyboard kits in order to get the most out of both worlds in water sports. That’s why today we’ll be talking about everything you need to know to get better at the sport while at the same time reviewing the best bodyboards of today that you can easily choose for your next sea trip.

Best Bodyboard for Beginners and Professionals Reviews

01 Own the Wave ‘Beach Attack Pack (Best  Overall)

Own the Wave 'Beach Attack Pack'

If you want to own an ultimate bodyboard, settle for Own the Wave “Beach Attack Pack.”  It’s undoubtedly one of the greatest choices for money. The advanced features speak volumes on this pick.

Firstly, it is ultralight making it perfect for controlling under any circumstance. It has an ideal design for a swift and effortless wave riding. It’s made from EPS materials that are ultralight and durable.

Another great feature is the leash. The firm yet comfortable attachment allows you to stay clipped to the board, hence reducing the risk of losing it in the water when you fall. We could do 360 rotations with this model without much effort.

The unique paint scheme allows it to stay afloat by suppressing an air pressure buildup when you ride in the summer heat. The luminous while side is designed to remain upright facing the sun rays.

When you purchase this versatile water sports kit, you get the highest quality available. A whopping 12-month manufacturer’s warranty supports it. The warranty provides a free replacement or full money refunds.


  • Durable EPS materials
  • Lightweight
  • Advanced designs with a smooth bottom and swim fins.
  • Unique “no-pressure white side up” design
  • Fins tether
  • Made of 60/40 rails foams
  • Supports both drop kneedrop and prone riding styles


  • Comes with many free accessories (leash, fin savers and fin tethers)
  • Available in many designs and configurations.
  • Comes in many colors
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Operations manual with proper user instructions
  • Advanced designs with a smooth bottom and swim fins


  • Expensive

Our Verdict

The Wave Attack is one of the best bodyboards that you can buy. It is a serious water sports kit for advanced bodyboarding enthusiasts. It’s made from tough EPS material that provides water resistance even after continuous usage.

Further, it’s lightweight for better wave crest, curl and face rides. It also works well in all riding styles. You will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits of freely included fins and leash that make you part of the fun without paying anything for them.

Furthermore, with one year’s manufacturer’s warranty, you are comforted knowing that your investment in these water boards is safe and that they are worth all the dollars you paid for it.

02 Black Marlin Bodyboard (Good Value for Money)

Black Marlin Bodyboard

The Black Marlin model is one of the high-quality boogie boards available in the market today. The EPS material used for the construction enhances the board’s durability and improves its rigidity. These two features make it more buoyant while also improves its speed.

The robust construction further makes it ideal for more massive rides and also helps reduce hydro drags. The thickly packed polyethylene bottom complete with bottom rear channels enhances its performance in different wave conditions.

It features a crescent tail that offers greater maneuverability and reduced drags, hence enhancing your controls. It also allows you to maintain a better ride control even if you are a heavy rider.

Even To help you stay in touch with your board even when you slip out, this gadget comes with a leash. You simply strap the rope on your waist to enjoy the fun. What’s more, this leash is freely provided – although it usually costs over 16 USD.


  • Attractive free accessories – coil leash and swim fin tethers
  • Available in two sizes – 37” and 41”
  • Low water resistant slick bottom
  • Made from tough EPS materials
  • Have rear swim fins
  • Waterproof coil harness


  • Cheaply priced
  • Attractive free accessories – coil leash and swim fin tethers
  • Excellent after-sales service from reputable makers
  • Does not bubble in direct sunlight
  • Available in many pleasant colors
  • Strong construction material
  • 30 days full refund warranty


  • Not suitable for advanced water tricks

Our Verdict

The unique design suits all water conditions. So whether you prefer warm water or cold deep water, you can still harness the benefits it offers. The robust construction allows amazing agility of the model. What’s more, it’s has high ratings on Amazon with plenty of positive feedback as well.

If you are a big guy and have recently begun bodyboarding, then this is one of the cheapest and the most versatile options you can lay your hands on. The strong leash ensures that you wouldn’t lose your board, no matter the turbulence.

03 Morey Mach 7 (The Classic Choice)

Morey Mach 7

This is yet another performer from the world-renowned manufacturer of water sports kits. The full-bodied bodyboard can effortlessly lift heavy riders.

It’s large and houses numerous advanced features. The cover is heat laminated to prevent scratches. Further, the insulation is made out of the high quality, and ultralight dow core HD closed-cell polyethylene core.

It’s further encased with the eight-pound TC8 deck foam, while the HDPE bottom slick body facilitates zero water resistance. These features make it swift and light over waves.

And these benefits are not all. The bottom part of the board is channeled which makes directing it in a straight line easy. The power rod stringer implant enhances the rigidity and reinforces the strength.

Finally, the fitted crescent tail allows for greater riding agility.


  • 44” longboard
  • Supports weights up to 180 lbs
  • Comes in many colors
  • Dimensions – 44”x 21” x.25”
  • Polyethylene foam for lightness and rigidity
  • Crescent tail for better wave control
  • Stringer rod insert
  • Large frame


  • Heavy duty – can support over a 190-pound weight
  • Designed for tough maneuvers
  • Crescent tail for better wave control
  • Reinforced structure
  • Widely framed
  • Toughened construction foam


  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for beginners

Our Verdict

When you want to experience sometime different from basking on the beach, you should most probably pick on this classic bodyboard. It will provide the necessary benefits to your overall body health and core strength improvement. Also, it’s one of the biggest boards on our list, so you get more space for riding on.

Morey Mach 7 should rekindle your original bodyboarding experience. But it will further enhance the thrill due to its latest state-of-the-art designs. You enjoy the lightweight, the rugged construction and better buoyancy offered by this highly durable water sports kit with a nostalgic kick.

No wonder why it is one of the top rated bodyboards on our list. On top of that, there’s Morey Mach 9 version of this board which is lighter than this one.

04 Bo-Toys Body Board

Bo-Toys Body Board

The Bo-Toys Lightweight with EPS Core Body is a lightweight and simultaneously, rigid board with an EPS core. It also is insulated using the latest heat lamination technology. The board offers impact strength, durability at a great price. This competitive price undoubtedly makes it a great choice for the money.

When using it, you naturally acquire more maneuverability even though you don’t sacrifice your increased speeds and strength.

The board features durable construction. It is constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDP) foam. It’s also fitted with a super slick bottom allowing you to almost zero water resistance. Hence, you can glide swiftly.

The proper channels accelerate your riding speed and while the crescent tail helps you attain greater buoyancy. Riding the board gives you a compact and smug feeling. The enhanced water resistance enables it to wither all wave conditions.

It has a stylish design and comes in bright colors which include red, blue and pink for you to choose from.  It also consists of a leash with a wristband to keep the kit nearby.

When you want to buy a bodyboard with good features, you should settle for this multipurpose water sports kit.


  • Has a lightweight but rigid frame.
  • Equipped with heat lamination technology with an EPS core.
  • Has 60/40 rails.
  • Compact feel and water-resistant.
  • Channeled bottom
  • A crescent tail.
  • Made from high-density polyethylene
  • The heat laminated outer casing.
  • Tough coating


  • Enhanced longevity and strength
  • High-density polyethylene construction
  • The 60/40 rails
  • Compact feel and water-resistant
  • High on-wave performance
  • A top quality waist leash for safety
  • Three different colors and two different sizes
  • Low price


  • Not suitable for persons who weighing over 100lbs

Our Verdict

The Bo-Toys model offers a great joy of surfing and bodyboarding and the ultimate experience on the waves. If you want hours of fun at the beach or any other large water body, you should pick this board.

If you need a reliable model that is also lowly priced, you should opt for this inexpensive option. This model is suitable for both experienced surfers and first-timers. It will provide them with maximum stability and control over the board.

The downside is that the board may occasionally experience bubbling when exposed to harsh sun rays. But this is a temporary situation.

05 Lucky Bums Body Board

Lucky Bums Body Board

You most likely want your kids to enjoy the splash. As beginners, you may require them to start off with the beginners’ modelLuckily for you, you have the Lucky Bum Body Boards for kids. Its durability and rigidity are accredited to its EPS core. This feature enables you to remain stable and gain more buoyancy when in the water.

This board is specifically designed for the lightweight and small height that most children have. Although the boars can still support heavier riders, it remains the ideal choice for kids. It will help to lower your drag and enable you to be able to sit higher over the water. The inbuilt leash helps to prevent the user from falls.

The Lucky Bums has 60/40 rails and rear channels. It’s designed for all wave conditions. The build is from high-density polyethylene with a smooth bottom that gives the board excellent control with more maneuverability, and increased speeds.

In case you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of the Lucky Bums product, your complaints will be quickly attended to. The company will respond promptly and professionally to fix any issues that may arise.


  • The Dynamic design featuring 60/40 rails.
  • Rear channels and a high-density polyethylene slick bottom
  • Conducive for all wave conditions.
  • Free leash attached to a wristband.
  • The board needs no modification.
  • Durable high-density polyethylene with an EPS core.
  • Lightweight and durable construction improve surfing buoyancy.


  • Long-life warranty making it a reliable product
  • High-density polyethylene slick bottom
  • It is equipped with a leash
  • Has a durable construction
  • Conducive for all wave conditions
  • Better buoyancy
  • Dynamic design


  • Bubbles up at some time
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

The product offers you a lifetime guarantee from any problem that may occur in the future. Basically, this means that using the board will not result in any issues in the future nor extra cost. It has a great design and functionality.

The Lucky Bums is one of the most recommended options that are available on the market today. The fact that it is not ideal for kids is only a slight problem. Its remarkable performance and other features make it a great choice. It is ready for as many drops and wipeouts as you are.

06 BPS Storm Bodyboard

BPS Storm Bodyboard

The BPS STORM Pack comes with one super lightweight Bodyboard and a fantastic premium coiled leash.  A set of fin tethers included secures your swim fins from plucking in the waves.

The STORM is surprisingly light and features a high-speed slick bottom surface. It is constructed with an EPS core. The bottom rear channels increase performance, and a crescent tail is to help performance further.

This board variant comes with the size recommendation chart, making the selection for the perfect size quick. The leash included will keep your board attached to you at all times and is comfortable. Besides, the fin tethers included helps you master the control of your kit under a strong sea current, without compromising high speed.

What we found to be the most appealing in this model is the range of options you have. You get four different designs and a whopping 12 color schemes. You are spoilt at which option you need most.

The well labeled white top side allows for merciless punishment under the scorching sun without the risk of coat bubbles forming on the surface of the boards. This scheme also enhances its lifespan.


  • Amazing twelve different color options
  • An upgraded premium coiled leash – for comfortable waits strap.
  • Have quality swim fin tethers.
  • The fitted rear channels
  • A crescent tail, bottoms rear channels and
  • An EPS core structure and a slick bottom.
  • Suitable for all caliber of user – beginners to professionals.
  • Designed for superb performance, durability, and strength.
  • Free set of printed instructions manual.
  • Labels white side up for bubble formation prevention.


  • A twelve months guarantee against defects
  • Several flashy colors
  • Has slick bottom bulbs
  • Relatively lightweight and durable
  • Has quality swim fin tethers
  • Strong performance – withstands wave conditions
  • Highly flexible but has a rigid feel
  • Designed for superb performance, durability & strength
  • Large size makes for advanced skills
  • Free set of printed instructions manual
  • Labels white side up for bubble formation prevention


  • The layers may deteriorate over time
  • Difficult control in rough water

Our Verdict

You should buy this bodyboard with complete confidence that it will serve you well. Even if you are heavyweight, you can still count on this heavy-duty water sports kit to ferry you around.

It comes with a lengthy warranty of twelve months. In an incidence whereby you encounter any quality issues, it is possible to reach the company for replacements or refunds.

Besides, you get great freebies when you purchase from this particular brand. The pack has a free leash and two fin savers.

07 California Board Company MAGNUM 45

California Board Company MAGNUM 45

The California Board is one of the most renowned water board manufacturers. With its MAGNUM 45 Bodyboard, it ticked all the right boxes to be on our list. My team and I highly suggest this particular model due to its vibrant features. It’s the perfect piece for the sport.

The deck is formed to fit the body with ease and comfort. The grip of this board is customs made for people that would want a more controlled fit for their bodyboard. Users will love the vibrant colors that the company has to offer which enhances their fun and usefulness.

The board has a waterproof core that will give it a longer life. This product will surely satisfy you as the customer. It maybe a little more expensive than the other models, but several features make it outstanding.


  • The deck comes in different body sizes – 33”, 37”, 41” and 44”.
  • It’s designed for unique body types – providing you with a better fit.
  • The 50/50 rail configuration and rear channels.
  • The slick bottom allows more control over the water while sporting.
  • The crescent-shaped tail design.
  • Made from high-density Polyethylene.
  • Faster speed and smoother ride.
  • The board is screed for hypoallergenic sensitivity.
  • Free wrist leash
  • The high-quality coil leash.


  • A wrist leash comes with the pack and is hard to tangle
  • Lighter polyethylene material for fast speed
  • Designed for unique body types
  • The slick bottom allows more control over the water
  • Prevents allergic reactions
  • Nonslip body mold
  • Waterproofed core


  • No carry bag
  • Handgrips for beginners absent
  • Suitable for users weighing up to 130 pounds

Our Verdict

This model may be expensive, but it is worth every penny. Each feature has a significant advantage to the user and gives the ultimate experience to the users. This product will turn out to be a brilliant purchase because of its many features.

It is bound to bring out the athlete in you.  The advanced features allow you to quickly graduate from a beginner to intermediate bodyboard with much training. The swim fins and channels enhance your speed with the crescent tail allows you better control.

The wide and the tipped nose offer better buoyancy and control, even when you are surfing small waves. As a result, your riding thrill is elevated to greater heights using this robust model.

08 Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board

Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board

The Wham-O Mach 7 is one of the boogie board models that will reignite your water sport adventurous mood. It has many features that make your time in the water more thrilling.

Its construction features a durable and rigid polyethylene foam material. This new construction substance enhances the board’s control and its skills performance.

The tail has a crescent design, making it fast and agile. You can take all the acute turns without losing your control. Besides, your speed advances with the help of a rod stringer attached inside your water play kit.

It comes with a leash, giving you a continued attachment to your board. You don’t need to search long when you get swiped with a strong tide. You only pull the cord to find your kit in water.


  • Tough core construction – heavy duty PE foam material
  • Latest technology lightweight HDPE foam material
  • Single power rod stringer
  • Swim channels at the bottom
  • Crescent tail design
  • Fin tether tailpiece
  • Coiled Leash
  • Weighs only 1 pound


  • Better stability
  • Excellent control
  • Better riding speed
  • Available in two colors viz. yellow and red
  • Two different crescent tail configuration
  • Flexible and water-resistant TC8 top casing


  • Expensive

Our Verdict

The sturdy construction of Wham-O Mach makes it user-friendly. With a 20”x15”x15” dimension, you can run with it anyway. Its new technology construction material enhances its lightness.

With the sharp fins and channels, you tackle every form of waves with ease. Besides, this model comes in two stunning and attractive colors to choose from. Not only do you get better control over this cozy board but also withstand the tides well.

Buying this specific brand is a sound investment. Your money is safe on this board with a 30-day full refund warranty on manufacturing defects.

09 ZEFR RECON 42″ Bodyboard

ZEFR RECON 42" Bodyboard

You get a versatile bodyboard when you pick the ZEFR RECON 42” model. The non-scratch feature helps you avoid the most common reason for dumping your waterboard. Scratches are resulted from the deep sand and stone frictions. This model is also resistant to seawater corrosion.

With the lighter materials like EVA foam and HDPE used to make this rigid kit, you gain not only from safety and durability but also reliability and maneuverability.

However advanced your waterboarding skills are, this versatile board is up to the task. Not only is it’s tail crescent-shaped to tackle strong waves, but it has fins on the bottom for a better directional flow.

You can now ride the waves in confidence, not worrying about getting swiped by the water.  Your customized tubular entrapment fits snugly but securely on your ankle, preventing accidental loss of your lifetime water play kit.


  • 42” long
  • Weight 1 lbs
  • Dimension 42” x 2.15” x 2”
  • Closed cell polyethylene foam interior
  • Limited CAMO colors scheme
  • Highly robust construction
  • Scratch proof.
  • Non


  • Unlimited lifetime warranty against peeling and flaking
  • Utilizing modern construction techniques
  • The highly flexible yet rigid material
  • Solid closed-cell EPA and EVA material construction
  • Durable, highly robust construction
  • Customized ankle tube leash
  • Scratch proof
  • Twin look-alike color schemes


  • Meant for intermediate and advanced users only

Our Verdict

If you want to enjoy the game in a unique way, get your hands on the new ZEFR RECON model. This highly durable product insulates you against scratches and salty water corrosion.

Further, you enjoy a lifetime warranty against flakes and scratches. This means that your water boards stay as new as always years in year out. You also marvel by doing your environment part protecting against excessive damp site fills.

Although it doesn’t have the slick, smooth bottom, you still get the HDPE base that still offers the smooth gliding and buoyance you desire over turbulence waves.

Unfortunately, also, this specific version only comes in one size – 42”.  So sorry if your size significantly varies against this acceptable size tolerance.

10 THURSO SURF Lightning 42” Bodyboard Package

THURSO SURF Lightning 42'' Bodyboard Package

The 42-inch lightweight bodyboard from Thurso Surf is a definite top choice if you are looking for the ultimate deal for adults. It has PE core foam in its construction. It comes with a slick bottom and a double swivel leash. Additionally, it comes complete with a luxury carry bag for free.

The company has designed the board with outstanding maneuverability and excellent speeds on waves.  It delivers maximum glide and stability for you on water. It is one of the ideal choices for its price and functionality.

The rigid PE core and a couple of FRP stringers make the board light and enabling it to glide freely on the water. It also has a heat laminated at the bottom to make it responsive to speed and stiffness. Its cost is economical considering the high-quality materials used in the making.


  • Has a high a durable 4mm IXPE deck.
  • Heated lamination coating.
  • High-performance design
  • Better construction
  • Maximum glide and smooth riding.
  • The rigid PE core foam
  • Double FRP stringers.
  • The slick bottom reinforced with high-density polyethylene.
  • 42-inch long
  • A wide section measuring 21.5-inch wide. The tail is 17-inch wide.
  • Dimension – nose, 12-inch, thickness 2 1/8-inch.
  • Heat laminated for tougher skin and more durability.


  • Better cushioned experience
  • High-performance design and durable
  • Heated lamination coating
  • Maximum glide and smooth riding
  • Rigid PE core foam
  • Easy to carry and store
  • The rigid PE core foam
  • Double FRP stringers


  • Not ideal for advanced water tricks
  • Weak leash material

Our Verdict

Thurso Surf offers good value for its price. Its advances specification makes it an instant attraction to many new and old waterboarders alike.

Despite its unique ability to perform well under strong torrents, Thurso Surf is still a highly durable product. This extremely lightweight model is entirely heated laminated and has surprisingly slick dimensions. It will provide you with lots of fun for years to come.

Further, you enjoy the warranty and the impeccable after-sales services you get from this world-class bodyboard manufacturing company.

What Is the Perfect Bodyboard Size for You?

Best Perfect Bodyboard Size

Bodyboards come in every size and design. But generally, a bodyboard is a water sports kit that allows you to lay on it and surf the wave crest moving to the shore. Initially, you propel yourself forward, but then it picks the wave and moves you at high speed forward.

But to experience a greater thrill, you must find a suitable water board suiting your body size and weight. A perfectly sized model allows you to ride the waves well. So it shouldn’t be too large or too small.

To get the right size, you need to pick and hold a water board under your arms. If it fits your armpit and allows your fingers to wrap around its base, then this is the size for you.

Optionally, you can measure the distance between the ground and your belly button. Again, if you take the distance between your knee and chin, you are most likely to record similar readings. If there are any differences, then take the average of the two readings.

But note that if you ride massive waves, then get a slightly smaller one to improve stability. On the other end, if you ride small waves, then you need a large model for more maneuverability.

Further, you need to consider the ideal sizes if you are a beginner, an intermediate bodysurfer, or when you graduate to an advanced stage. Let’s have a look at the following size chart.

How to Choose The Bodyboard – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

best bodyboards

Before you rush out and buy the best bodyboard for your next Nazaré or Hawaii trip, you need to evaluate several factors. These issues would help you pick the right model. As it is for the surfboards, selecting the right model would undoubtedly help you get the most out of your buy.

Here are the most prominent issues you need to check out for:

Your skill level: When you are a beginner, you don’t need a model that is faster and difficult to maneuver. You need more stability first, before advancing to the more complicated styles that require more versatile boards.

1. Prone Vs. Dropknee

Your boarding style is also essential when considering the type of bodyboard you aspire. When you lay flat on the board, you tend to perform a prone. On the other hand, when you kneel with one knee on the rear part of the board and the other foot set on the front part at the opposite side, you are dropkneeling.

Each of these two styles demands different configurations. The earlier technique requires beginners models while the later need slightly advanced models.

2. Construction and Material

The classic and vintage bodyboard models were constructed using wood, that’s why you’d see tons of wooden models. Modern models are made from heavier polyethylene form materials. These materials make them bulky and hard to control.

But they work better in warm water. However, it’s much cheaper than the latest construction material.  The new elements found in the latest versions are the polypropylene form.

It is much lighter and tougher hence ideal for demanding use. It’s suitable for cold water. We also see cork being used in many models.

In terms of electric and jet propelled powered bodyboards, the body of a e-boadyboard is made from tougher materials for withstanding higher level of stress put on them. The motorized hydrofoil models of the body are available too that go through a complicated construction process.

3. Design & Graphics

There are many designs available on the market. They range from the vast body to tails as well as thickness. You can find such boards containing glass windows. Besides, the materials used in the construction also affects the performance of the boards.

There is a subtle difference between a bodyboard and boogieboard in the design.

On the other side, these boards come with a wide range of colors and graphics. There are specific designs for boys and girls, men and women. You can get all sorts of disney and super hero graphics themes you can imagine. The major color tones are black, blue, white, red, yellow, teal, cyan, chrome, mossy green and brown.

4. Stringer

A springer is a carbon fiber or fiberglass insert that is placed inside the entire length of a bodyboard. It makes the body stronger while also enhances its flexibility due to the light void it creates within the board. This results in extended longevity.

5. Tail

Predominantly, there are two types of tails of the bodyboard. The most common kind is the crescent tail. Crescent tails tend to be large, providing greater stability and enhanced speed in regular waves.

However, the new bat tail design has also debuted. It allows easy maneuver in small waves while supporting heavy swimmers since it offers more spine lift on the rear part.

6. Rails

Rails design also affects how your bodyboard would perform. The rails are the side reinforcement that gives them the stability. Rails have two shapes. A more balanced shape gives you more speed. Further, the skewed design offers greater maneuverability.

7. Wide Point

The widest point of the bodyboard from one end of the rail to the other also influences how it reacts. The position of this width with the front of the board is essential. As it is for the skimboards, the wider the body, the more buoyant and stiff it becomes. However, the narrow width enhances control and nibbler to manipulate.

8. Rocker

You may have noticed some models featuring upwardly curved fronts. This arch is called a rocker. The more acute the curve upwards, the slower the board and vice versa.

9. Thickness

The boogie boards in two 55mm and 51mm. Thinner models are slower and surf with less buoyancy. A thicker board is, however, faster and operates better in smaller waves. You can apply skimboard tricks on a boogie board if it is thick enough.

10. Wave size

The wave sizes determine the movement and stability of a bodyboard. If a wave is huge, then it’s fast and easy to ride. Smaller waves, on the other hand, are hard to ride and required a different set of riding skills.

11. Budget

You obviously want to enjoy your surfing, but you can’t ignore other pertinent issues to acquire a bodyboard. You will pick the most suitable board at a price you can afford. The more expensive versions have better features and are made out of robust materials to withstand greater endurance.

Bodyboards Riding Tips

In our bodyboard reviews, you’ve also learned about certain traits you need to have to improve your riding skills. These factors will influence your riding experience.

  • Skill level
  • Body positioning
  • Your appreciation of the waves.
  • Wax
  • Start steps

We can expound in each of these factors below:

Skills level: Different boards are designed for various skills level. An advanced bodyboard has featured that are too complicated for a beginner. A simple option with less advanced specifications work well for you initially but would not fit your advanced riding skills.

Hence look for a board with features commensurate with your riding levels. Also, it wouldn’t be let your child ride alone if he or she is under 5-year old.

Body position: There are boards designed for the prone position of the knee. For prone, learn how to position your hands, chest, head and entire body on the board.

A good model should leave your legs to surf the tide and control it freely. Wear a body glove for better protecting your skin and making more of different body positions.

Mastering the waves: Bodyboard is one type of surfboard. Like it is for surfing, you need to develop skills for riding a board successfully and for the longest period of time. In that case, learning how the waves behave is essential why you want to enhance your bodyboarding proficiency.

Start by studying wave behavior at a specific beach. Once you have mastered the wave pattern, you are on your way to an enjoyable wave riding excursion. But remember that waves differ in each beach so you should keep learning.

Wax your board: Waxing also dramatically improves your riding adventure. A waxed board offers a tighter grip on your body. But as with everything else, some will find waxing cumbersome while otherwise would prefer only certain parts of the board waxed. You can wax the board as you do on a surfboard for the best results.

You can also take help from these body boarding tricks. 

Cleaning & Storing Your Bodyboard

Taking care of your bodyboard is essential. You can only derive the most benefit if you clean and store it properly.

Whenever you have finished bodyboarding, you should rinse the board with warm fresh, and soapy water to prevent salt from eating off your precious watersport kit. If you notice any dirt or sand, a rinse will prevent the deposits from dissolving the outer coating of your bodyboard.

It’s also important to inspect the kit for scratches and dents periodically. If you notice any deeply entrenched etches, you need to fix it quickly. This prompt intervention helps prolong the life of your board.

Once you have cleaned the boar after riding, you also need to keep it in a cool, dry and perfectly ventilated region. Placing it on a rack within a well-ventilated room is the best place to store the kit. This method protects it from breaking down. It further prevents it from warping and bending.

When stashing your bodyboard, don’t rest it on its tip or tail. If you do this, it’s likely to exert undue pressure on the end of the board resulting in some distorting of the streamline. Such recklessness diminishes the value of a good model.

Wrapping It up

There you go, we’ve shared all that you need to know about this particular water sports, while at the same time sharing the best the best bodyboards that you can buy today. Now, it’s your time to make the move. Nevertheless, don’t forget to follow our riding tips.

Further, if you are still confused as to which one to get, let’s pick the ‘Beach Attack Pack’ by Own the Wave, our top choice. It’s got all the features you need to experience amazing wave riding. At the same time you have plenty of reasons to get any other choices from our list.

Let’s remember that the way a board is patterned and designed also offers many benefits to all categories of riders. So you must consider such features such as the tails, fins, channels, and leash are also crucial in this regards.

Ultimately, your preference is based on your riding skills, color selection as well as price. Since it’s an investment, you should consider those bodyboard brands that offer warranties.

Happy Shopping and bodyboard like Mike Stewart!


Q: What is the best bodyboard core?
Ans: HDPE, PE (dow polyethylene foam), and PP (polypropylene foam) are mainly used for bodyboard cores. Dow is the most popular but it is a bit heavier material while offering high flex and remarkable projection. It’s capable of solid overall performance if the water is cold.

Q: What should I look for when buying a bodyboard?
Ans: First, make sure that you get a flat board. To ensure that, check that out by looking down the rail. If your board has excess rocker you’ll find it hard to catch waves. To move faster, get a sharper and smaller rocker. Also, read our buying guide

Q: What is easier surfing or bodyboarding?
Ans: Bodyboarding is much easier than surfing in terms of skills and dynamics that you require to ride waves and perform tricks on them. Surfing involves challenges on a broader scale while bodyboarding is purely for fun. For bodyboarding, there’s nothing to achieve a goal but just to have fun with the waves, while with a surfboard you are on a journey to explore new opportunities and accomplish goals.

Q: Can you stand on a boogie board?
Ans: Although boogie boards are not built for standing, you can actually stand on them and do skimboard tricks on. That makes them more dynamic than surfboards.

Q: Do you need to wax a bodyboard?
Ans: Waxing a bodyboard depends on your preference. You can wax the region where you hold your board and go with it. Or, you can do totally fine without waxing at all.

Q: Do you need fins to bodyboard?
Ans: Bodyboards are ok without fins or flippers, that is one of the features that make them different from surfboards. However, you can always use fins to get into small waves effortlessly.

Q: How much is a bodyboard?
Ans: The price of the bodyboards ranges from 120 to 200 dollars. Within this price range, you can get an HDPP, polypro, or dow core model. If you can spend about 250 to 400 dollars, you can get higher-quality boards ideal for proficient riding.

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