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Terms & Condition

The Terms and Conditions described and explained on this page will directly affect the way you use kayakfisherly.com and its content. So, we expect you to be careful when going through the Terms of Service elaborated below.

By accessing and using Kayakfisherly’s content, resources, services, and texts, you consciously admit that you totally agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned here. However, if you don’t agree with any clause of this Terms of Service, we suggest you to stop using the website immediately.

Intellectual Property Rights

Kayakfisherly undeniably owns every content and material of the site unless it is clarified by us. We allow you or any third party to establish links to the site’s existing contents only if the source of origin is mentioned explicitly. Any form of modification or partial modification or entire reproduction brought to any content or resource of the site is strictly prohibited.

Your Content

According to our Terms and Conditions, any written or recorded text, video, audio, images, or any other original material you sort or select for publishing on the site will be identified as Your Content. By that specific action, you endow us with a non-exclusive and global irrevocable license to use, view, reproduce, publish, translate, and distribute among other independent media that we choose.

You must own Your Content, meaning, it must not violate or infringe the copyright of any third-party. Kayakfisherly reserves the right to alter, omit, or change any of your content, resource, or text at any given time without prior notice.

Termination on Usage

Kayakfisherly has the right to terminate a visitor’s usage of the site at any given moment if we deem it necessary because of any suspicious activity the user does on or off the site that violates our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Regarding Links to 3rd Parties

Kayakfisherly owns a number of links directed to different online portals and platforms directly or indirectly associated with us although we do not have any authority over their content. We also don’t control or regulate the actions carried out by these 3rd parties. Therefore, we are not responsible for any misconduct or violation of laws and govt. policies made by these platforms.

Changes in Terms of Service

Kayakfisherly owns the right to bring changes to the current Terms of Service at any given time if it considers necessary. This means that after an update to the terms and conditions, your use of the site will automatically be considered as your consent to whatever changes we’ve brought to the Terms of Service.

We request every user of the site to check this particular page often, this should keep you updated about the new updates of our Terms and Conditions. In case you don’t give your consent to follow any clause added by a new update, we suggest you to stop using Kayakfisherly immediately.

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