5 Cheap Small Boats for Fishing

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Small boats have many uses. You can use a small boat for fishing, sport, recreation, or business purposes. Among these uses, just only fishing serves a variety of functions. So, if you want to buy small boats for fishing, you should consider some facts before buying it. This article will explore those facts that might help you choose the right small boat at an affordable cost.

Fishing is mainly of two kinds. The first one is for business and the second one is for recreation. Fishing for recreation can be an inexpensive hobby if you buy small boats at minimum cost. Fishing for business and living can be a profitable work if you buy a good small boat at a cheap price. So, buying cheap small boats is essential for both kinds of fishing.

Why You Need Small Fishing Boats

If you are a fisher or a leisure-time fisher, you might have already known that the fishing boat is the most important piece of equipment you need to go fishing. Without a fishing boat, you cannot really expect to catch a good amount of fish or a good quality fish. So, you must buy small fishing boats if you want to catch a good amount of fish.

Cost of a Fishing Boat

You don’t need to buy a yacht to catch fish. You also don’t need a cabin in your boat. You want something that will maximize your benefits by getting the job done. You should not look for comfort. You should look for efficiency. Small boats will not give the comfort of a yacht but they will definitely get the job done.

Bigger fishing vessels will get you more fish but they are costly and difficult to maintain. Their maintenance might cost you more than you earn by fishing. So, go for the small boats to maximize your profit by catching fish.

The small inflatable boats with motor or the fishing kayaks are great for navigating narrow areas and getting where you want them to be. The most useful benefit of these small boats is that they are cost-effective and reliable. You can also replace them very easily if they are broken or damaged. In this way, you can minimize your cost. As far as buying fishing boats go, a small lake fishing boat doesn’t require too much money.

5 Cheap Small Boats for Fishing

There are many variations in add-ons and space in various types of small boats. You might assume that the bigger boats are better, but that is not always true. Small pontoon boats, small jet boats, small aluminum boats, small portable fishing boats, or even small wooden fishing boats can be handy for fishing. Let’s explore the best small boats at low-cost.

1. Drift Boats

This boat is constructed with fiberglass it is usually 16 feet long. The side height of this boat is 23 inches and its weight is 284 pounds. These Drift Small Boats have built-in rod gunnels.  These small boats can contain up to10 horsepower motor; however, a smaller motor will work nicely with it.

2. Flats Skiff Boats

This boat is constructed with fiberglass or composite specialized shallow-draft hull. The length of the boat is usually 16 to 20 feet. It has a center or side console, a low freeboard, fore, and aft casting decks. It also has a flat platform to hold the engine. It is one of the best small boats you can buy at an affordable price.


3. Flats Scooter Boats

This type of small boats is usually 16 to 22 feet long. It is constructed with fiberglass and it has a flat-bottomed platform-like hull. It has a console at its center. Its low freeboard lacks gunwales for wading anglers that eases the getting on and off the boat. It has a single outboard. It can be used for inshore fishing, especially in wading depths.

4. Kayak Fishing Boats

This type of boat is usually 8 to 16 feet long. These small boats are made with wood, aluminum, fiberglass or molded plastic. These boats are narrower than most other small boats and they are usually pointed at bow and stern. It can be used for inshore fishing. The specialty of this type of boat is its price. It is very cheap compared to the other small boats.


5. Canoe Boats

This type of boat is usually made of wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or molded plastic. It is usually 12 to 16 feet long. It is the smallest variety among the small boats. These boats are generally lightweight, narrow (not like a kayak) and usually pointed at bow and stern. The best canoe boats contain a small motor. This boat can be used for inshore fishing in the protected water.


Before buying a boat, you should consider the reasons you want to buy the boat and make a balance between your affordability and desire. Small boats are very effective for fishing and very much affordable.

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