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Bodyboard vs Boogie Board: Know the Big Difference!

Bodyboard vs boogie board
Written by Jessica Herron
Last Update: August 14, 2023

If you are a surfboarder, bodyboarding should be interesting to you too. This exciting sport originates from the Pacific and keeps attracting people from all around the earth. So, you might think a bodyboard is what a boogie board is. But, in practice, they are not identical. The difference between bodyboard and boogie board may seem very tricky, but they’re real, and I’m going to present you this bodyboard vs boogie board discussion.

Bodyboard vs Boogie Board

Bodyboard vs boogie board

Boogie boards are generally cheaper and widely available while bodyboards are more expensive. A bodyboard is ideal for beginners, amateurs, advanced users, and even tournament professionals. On the other hand, boogie boards attract kids, amateurs, and beginners. Let’s sum up the bodyboard vs boogie board differences.

You should opt for a good quality bodyboard if you are serious about this sport and you are ready to pay a little more money for it. On the other hand, if you are buying a board only for several weeks of fun or your kids’ summer holidays, or you are not interested in some tricks, a boogie board is good enough.

The invention of a Bodyboard and Boogie Board

What we today know as a boogie board was invented in 1971. It was first called S.N.A.K.E. (representing the parts of a boarder’s body touching the board!). However, this name was not popular and it was named “Boogie” with a reference to boogieing on water. How cool is that?

The first boogie board was made from foam and newspaper. The inventor was experimenting and wasn’t even sure how to name the product. Firstly, it was used only by local producers, but then it gained enormous popularity. At one point, the original inventor decided to sell the license.

Now, the history of bodyboard! With great popularity in the 70s, the boogie board license was sold to large manufacturers who wanted to differentiate it from the original product (the boogie board). They changed the original design slightly and named it ‘bodyboard’.

The differences in their designs and suitability factors for different levels of users clearly mark their distinction.

The Only Difference Lies in the Design

In this boogie board vs bodyboard discussion, the design of a bodyboard and a boogie board matters most. Bodyboards feature more advanced design elements than a boogie board. First of all, they are hydrodynamic, use different core materials, such as PE, EPS, or polypropylene. The decks are sometimes also made from PE.

These boards includes a fiberglass stringer tube that provides stiffness and provides better control. There are channels on the slick tail for better grip since these types of boards are typically used by professionals.

The design of a boogie board allows for less hydrodynamics, fewer grip features, and inexpensive materials because these boards are usually used by hobbyists and kids.

As mentioned, the only significant difference between these two types of boards lies in the design, and all other differences like the price and the purpose are governed by the design.

Uses of a Bodyboard and a Boogie Board

If you are wondering whether you should buy a bodyboard or boogie board, understanding the uses of these two should help. Uses or suitability for different categories are the key to understanding the facts about bodyboarding vs boogie boarding.

A bodyboard is suitable for:

  • Beginners and kids
  • Amateurs and hobby users
  • Intermediate and advanced users
  • Professional users

A boogie board is suitable for:

  • Kids and beginners
  • Amateurs, hobby, and intermediate users

Is Bodyboarding Suitable for You?

Bodyboard vs boogie board

First of all, you should know that bodyboarding is widely recognized as an extreme sport. Even though you can enjoy using a bodyboard, they’re desirable mostly in the international, professional championships and competitions.

This is why their design must be very good. They must handle even extreme conditions and waves. Also, bodyboarders are usually somewhat stronger than surfers, as this sport is considered to be even more extreme than surfing!

Is Boogie-Boarding Suitable for You?

Bodyboard vs boogie board

In the world of surfing, there are multiple boards that you can use to ride the waves. Bodyboards, surfboards, boogie boards, and skimboards are the most popular. They offer different conveniences for different actions. If you are looking for a more relaxed, less expensive, dangerous, and demanding form of bodyboarding, boogie boarding is good for you. These square boards guarantee lots of fun for you, your friends, and your kids. You may enjoy it most as you’re up against small waves.


Let’s conclude this bodyboard vs boogie board comparison by telling you that you should not underestimate the dangers that may occur from the waves. Bodyboarding is an extreme sport and you should opt for it only if you are ready for it.

On the other hand, boogie boards, although they are made for small waves and family holiday fun, you should think about their safety. So, choose a bodyboard or a boogie board and enjoy the waves!


1. Do I need fins for bodyboarding?

Ans. Fins are a crucial part of bodyboarding. They work as a propulsion system when you need to get into the wave fast. Their propulsive role is also significant when you ride the wave and boost into the air.

2. What age group are boogie boards for?

Ans. Leaning boogie boarding doesn’t require you to be within a certain age group. 4-year-old children who already walk and swim are ready to have fun in the waves. Parents are the best person to know when their child is ready to surf with boogie boards.

3. Is bodyboarding a good exercise?

Ans. Bodyboarding increases your arm power while the balancing works out your core and chest. Your leg muscles also get a workout when you kick to gain more speed to catch the wave.

4. Can I lose weight by bodyboarding?

Ans. Bodybuilding works out all the muscle groups so you lose weight naturally. When you develop those muscles, you will have rapid calorie burn and fast weight loss.

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