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How to Put a Fish Hook on a Hat: A Guide by Avid Fly Fishermen

How to Put a Fish Hook on a Hat
Written by Derrick Riley
Last Update: August 14, 2023

If you’re a fishing lover, your outfit should be a reflection of your greatest passion. You should have every gadget or accessory that identifies you as a true angler. And a fish hook pin can help you with that.

For years, professional anglers have used hook pins in their fishing hats and caps. More than an ornament, they’re a symbol. They’re certainly the best way to show your love for fishing.

Today we’ll show you how to put a fish hook on a hat the right way. You’ll also learn how to make them at home at no cost.

Putting a Fish Hook on a Hat: Things You Need to Know

Best places to put a fish hook

  • On the bill

This setting is the safest of all. The bill is the part of the cap furthest from the head. So, there’s no risk of a potential injury caused by the sharp point of the hook. In addition, it’s a visible place where everyone can admire your stylish hook pin. Best of all, the hook will never be an obstacle on your line of sight.

  • On the cap

Attaching the hook directly onto the cap is another popular configuration. However, it isn’t the safest one. In these cases, there’s a high probability of injuring yourself when you put on or take off your cap. So, it’s recommended to hide the sharp point inside the fibers of the cap. The sharp point must also face upwards to prevent accidents.

What are the best materials for the hook?

In the past, hook pins were made with exotic materials such as tortoise shells, ivory and nacre. However, this practice became illegal over time, in order to protect animal and plant species from which these materials were extracted.

Today, hook pins are made with precious and non-precious metals such as: brass, copper, sterling silver and gold.

Brass and copper models are the cheapest and most popular. You can easily find them at fishing shops and shopping websites. Sterling silver models are also popular, but not many people can buy them.

Silver is an easy-to-work metal, so it can be molded into a wide variety of designs. However, for lovers of luxury and extravagance there are golden hook clips.

These models are highly demanded among anglers. The most expensive may include inlaid diamonds and other precious stones. They’re usually manufactured in jewelry stores following the client’s requirements.

But if your budget is quite limited, you can opt for a plastic hook pin. They’re safe for children, durable, tough and cheap.

The perfect outfit for your hat pin

Certainly, hook pins look good on caps. But, the way you use them can make you look elegant or ridiculous. First of all, you should consider the hook clip material and the fiber of the cap.

For example, sterling silver hook pins look better on thick fabric caps. On the other hand, brass pins are more appropriate for lose fabric hats, like those common fishing hats with a wide brim.

Hook pins have also become popular among angler women. There accessories look pretty good on the hats of long-haired women. It gives them a more glamorous look and obviously makes them more attractive. In the case of short-haired women, it’s recommended to complement this outfit with a turban head wrap.

How to Make Your Own Hat Clip at Home?

You can easily make a fish hook hat clip by yourself at no cost. You’ll only need and old fish hook and a couple of pliers for this project. This is all you need to do:

1. Light the fire on your stove

2. Then, expose the fish hook to the stove flame for a couple of minutes. This will serve to soften the metal. Use the pliers to hold the hook

how to put a fish hook on a hat; How to make your own hat clip at home

3. After that, use the pliers to bend the straight tip of the hook to form an “S” shape

how to put a fish hook on a hat; How to make your own hat clip at home

how to put a fish hook on a hat; How to make your own hat clip at home

How to Put a Fish Hook on a Hat - How to Make Your Own Hat Clip at Home

4. Then, expose the fish hook to the stove flame again for 10 seconds. Then, immerses the hook in cold water. Repeat this procedure 3 times to harden the metal

how to put a fish hook on a hat; How to make your own hat clip at home(4)

how to put a fish hook on a hat; How to make your own hat clip

5. Attach the hook clip to the hat. If it falls easily, bend the clip with the pliers so it puts more pressure on the hat

How to Put a Fish Hook on a Hat - How to Make Your Own Hat Clip at Home

How to Put a Fish Hook on a Hat - How to Make Your Own Hat Clip at Home

This is just an example of the many ways to create you own fish hat clip. You can also cut the pull tab of a soda can using a pair of scissors to create a hook. So, the limit is your own imagination.

If you’re willing to spend a little more money, you can create your own design and make it as fancy as you want. You can sketch it on a piece of paper or use CAD software to create something more technical. Then hire an expert goldsmith to manufacture the piece following your instructions.


You don’t need a lot of money or complicated tools to create your own hook pins. You can use your imagination and create your own design to differentiate yourself from other anglers.

Certainly, the way you use your hook pin can affect the opinion that other people have of you. When used right, they can make you look elegant, serious, and professional. If you misuse them, you’ll look stupid. So, be careful to choose the right material and the right hat so as not to give a bad impression.


Q.1. What side on a hat is better for fish hooks?

Ans: There’s no a golden rule. However, it’s commonly worn on the left side with the barb up.

Q.2. What is the reason for putting fish hooks on hats?

Ans: There are two main reasons. The first one is to improve the aesthetics of caps or fishing hats. The second one is to demonstrate their love for fishing.

Q.3. What is the meaning of hat fish?

Ans: Hat-fish or hat-fishing is the common practice of using baseball caps to hide baldness.

Q.4. What does a fish hook represent?

Ans. In the past, fish hooks were related to religion. Today hook pins are mostly worn for their aesthetic value. Some novice anglers wear them to look more serious and experimented.

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