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How to Store a Kayak in an Apartment?

how to store a kayak in an apartment
Written by Calvin Furrow
Last Update: August 14, 2023

Kayaking is one of the most delightful activities. If you are an avid kayaker yourself and have wished to buy or rent a kayak, there are some things you know.

Storing the boat can be one of the most troublesome jobs. If you are in a similar predicament, here are a few quick tips and suggestions that will make your job easier.

 How to Store A Kayak In An Apartment

A Kayak In An Apartment

1. Use A Suspension System

The suspension system can be one of the best ways to store your kayak. This is because they do not occupy your floor space and so space no longer becomes a hurdle. You can just hang it from the ceiling of your apartment.

2. Avoid Pressure Points

This is an important point to note because excess pressure can prove to be detrimental to your kayak. It increases the chances of deformation and may even damage the hull of the kayak.

3. Distribute Weights Evenly

One must keep in mind to store the kayaks in such a manner that both sides are equally balanced.

If weight is more on one side chances are it may spoil the boat.

4. Consider Ease of Access

Whenever storing your kayak, keep in mind that it is within your reach or easily accessible. This will ensure that whenever kayaking is in season you can take it out and have fun.

5. Add UV Protection

One of the key points to keep in mind while storing a kayak outdoors is to protect them from the UV or ultraviolet rays as they are called.

This is because the rays can damage the kayak and sometimes it’s the reason for the fading of the hull. Hence, in such a situation always use tarps to cover them.

6. Keep Your Kayak Clean

Keep Your Kayak Clean

 Kayaks are a one-time investment since they’re expensive. Not keeping them clean reduces their shelf life to a great extent and thus, keeping them clean helps in them not becoming a liability.

7. Fold-Up Stand Alone Racks

Fold-Up Stand Alone Racks

 This rack comes in pairs and is portable. If you are looking for something that does not occupy much space when not in use, this is a must-go for you.

Using this implies no damage as the boat is stored the right way up.

8. Ceiling Mounted Racks

Ceiling Mounted Racks

 For apartments with less of both wall and floor space, ceiling-mounted racks are the best option. One can easily use a pulley system and raise the kayak to the ceiling.

9. Small Stand-Alone Rack

Small Stand-Alone Rack

 This comes in two models- small and large. The smaller one with a 27-inch length can store 2 kayas whereas the larger one is 43 inches and can store 3 kayas.

This rack comparatively takes less space.

10. Large Stand-Alone Rack

Large Stand-Alone Rack

 It is available in 2 varieties- single and double and can store two kayaks.

Tip: Use the rack with cushioned sleeves otherwise the metal may scratch the body of the kayak.

11. Wall Mounted Racks

Wall Mounted Racks

For people who don’t have enough floor space or don’t want to use that space can go for hanging. In such cases, wall-mounted racks are the right pick as they enable hanging the kayak and it comes in pairs.

A quick tip: Always go for metal fixtures and not plastic ones as they don’t have a long life.

12. Find A Secure and Shaded Space

 Secure and shaded places are the most important criteria one should consider while storing a kayak.

Shaded places help them last longer as it is prevented from harmful UV rays, sunlight, and moisture which are enemies to the good shelf life of a kayak.

 Things to Consider When You Store A Kayak

Things to Consider When You Store A Kayak

1. Heat

Heat can lead to deformation and damage of the hull of the boat. So if stored in a heated environment, care must be taken to wrap them in good quality tarpaulin which can shield the boat against potential harsh weather conditions.

2. Moisture

Moisture is a big threat to your kayak whether storing it indoor or outdoor as it can warp or misshape the kayak. In case it is wrapped with a tarp ensure that they are dry too.

3. Cold

In cold, strong wind and heavy snowfall may lead to the formation of snow piles. This may in turn harm the plastics your kayak is made of.

So, the best thing to do is cover them up.

4. Sunlight

If storing the boat under direct sunlight, ensure to spray a protectant spray or the better thing is wrapping them in a dry sheet that is moisture-free.

5. Theft Protection

While keeping the kayak outdoors, ensuring its safety against theft is of utmost importance.

If you have stored your kayak in a place that is easily accessible, you must chain or cover the boat.

How Do You Store a Kayak in Your Garage?

How Do You Store a Kayak in Your Garage

 Although kayaks are pretty large, one can find various inventive ways to store them. For instance, if you want to store a kayak in the garage one of the best ways is to hang them from the ceiling using the pulley system. 

Can You Store a Kayak Vertically?

Yes, you can store a kayak vertically but keep in mind to not leave it in the same position for longer as it may deform the body of the kayak.

This is because while storing it vertically, it exerts pressure on the boat which is not ideal for the boat.

Can You Store a Kayak Outside In Winter?

Yes, but you should take good measures because the plastic from the kayas is made and can easily turn brittle in extreme temperatures.

Thus, make sure to cover it with a tarp so that UV rays and sunlight or for that matter ice formation doesn’t spoil your kayak.

How Do You Store an Inflatable Kayak?

How Do You Store an Inflatable Kayak

  • The first thing is to make sure it is dry after you have rinsed it
  • Then deflate the kayak and fold it appropriately
  • Lastly, ensure that the inflatable is in its peak condition

Why Do You Need to Properly Store Your Kayak?

  • To ensure your and other’s safety
  • To make it last longer
  • To protect your kayak from the elements

What Not to Do When Storing a Kayak

  • Kayak on its side should never be left placed on a wall rack for long. This is to prevent the deformation of the kayak.
  • Don’t use handles to hang the kayak for it may spoil the boat framework.
  • Kayak trolleys are for transportation and so they shouldn’t be used for storage.


  1. How Do I Store Kayak Paddles?

Ans. Kayak paddles are stored in the same manner as kayaks. It is generally advisable to keep them indoors. If you have stored your kayas in racks, make sure you store your paddles there too and keep them safe from moisture.

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