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What to Wear Under Waders in Every Season to Keep You Comfortable

What to Wear Under Waders
Written by Jessica Herron
Last Update: August 14, 2023

As a fishing enthusiast, you’ll like to ask about what to under your waders. This is very important especially if you’ll be staying for hours in the water. Your choice of the wear must allow you to feel comfortable enough to enjoy your fishing time. Wearing the proper outfit for fishing activity is the secret to a successful outing.

You’ll engage in a little more shopping to make things right. Besides, there’s no ideal thing to wear under wader. Rather, what to wear depends on the weather and season.

Things to Consider When Wearing Clothes Under Waders

What to Wear Under Waders

Below are the things to consider when you’re looking for what to wear beneath your waders at any time of the year.


If the water is cold especially during the winter your choice of under wader wear is such that will keep you warm. This will take a different turn in the summer. Of course, summer is warmer than winter. In summer, you should wear an under wader garment that will keep you cool throughout the day.


Fishing is a physical activity that causes you to sweat. A breathable material will allow the sweat to escape from your skin to keep you warm. Wearing a material with good breathability will allow you to stay warm as air is within the layers. Wearing the wrong fabric will make you feel cold and uncomfortable.

Different materials come with their respective level of breathability. In most cases, the effectiveness of breathability is in the price of the garment. A good breathable material will turn the sweat into vapor to aid its escape. Thus, you’ll enjoy better insulation if the perspiration dries.


The body produces more moisture when the weather is warm. You’ll sweat more if you’re fishing involves some strenuous physical activity. You should be prepared to contain the moisture by knowing what to wear at any time considering the humidity level of the weather. You should understand the basics of moisture management to maintain your body temperature. Selecting a suitable material for the weather condition will help you to stay dry.

What to Wear in Different Seasons?

As a fly fisherman, you’ll need the right type of garment to ensure that you stay warm and successful.

In Winter (Late Fall & Early Spring)

Winter is the coldest period of the year. Its temperature falls between 30 degrees and 0 degrees in some location. The main issue here is your warmth. This implies you’ll do everything to stay dry and comfortable despite the cold.

So, what do you wear under waders in winter on the body and feet?


It’s best to wear a breathable cloth in the inner layer as they help to remove moisture from your skin. You should go for any wool material. This is because of their effectiveness in removing moisture from your body. You can opt for fleece for the next layer. Be mindful of the weight of the material as it could affect your comfort.


The feet are among the parts of the body that needs more attention while you’re fly fishing. This is because it’s buried in the water, making your legs cold and damper than other parts of the body. Besides, the wading boots are not breathable.

So, it’s important for you to know what to wear under neoprene waders on the feet. Especially, as the neoprene booties do not allow the escape of moisture. It’s likely that you’ll feel colder while the temperature is cold.

To beat this, you’ll wear double socks on your feet. The first layer of socks should be very light. It should be nylon or polythene and blended with spandex. These socks will ensure that the moisture on the foot is removed.

You should add a wool or nylon sock in the outer layer. This is to provide more warmth. The socks must extend a little beyond the ankles. But, you shouldn’t allow its weight to limit your ability to walk or feel comfortable in your boots. You may consider buying boots of bigger size to accommodate the socks. Wearing a boot foot wader will be good.

In Summer

During this season, the temperature is about 70 to 100 degrees which means you’ll sweat more. So, what’s the ideal under wader garment to wear in summer on the body and feet?


First, you need a layer that will remove the moisture effectively. You’ll need a lightweight synthetic layer for this warm weather. Besides, getting one with some medication against bacterial growth will be good. This is to keep the garment from smelling because of the action of bacteria. Avoid wearing waders on jeans since they prevent moisture from leaving the skin.


Knowing what to wear beneath your waders will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Try to avoid cotton socks since they retain more moisture than is necessary. A single wool sock for the base layer will be a good choice irrespective of the weight. This change in stockingfoot waders will need a change of boots since you cannot wear the same winter shoe now.

In Spring / Fall

In this season temperatures are not too high or too low. This calls for more flexibility in wears. Nevertheless, it’s very important that you stay warm. So, what’s the right wear under neoprene waders for the body and feet?


You’ll need to manage the moisture as the temperature increases. It’s important to wear lightweight synthetic wool or blend for the base layer. Wearing this will help to regulate the flow of moisture.

We recommend a fleece pant for the insulation layer. They come with stretch materials to enhance your comfortability while walking. Sometimes it might get warmer than expected, be ready for such moments.


You wouldn’t need a double layer of socks now. Your feet will stay warm and dry with good synthetic wool socks. It might be a blend, heavyweight or midweight.

Under Wader Wearables For Duck Hunting

What to Wear Under Waders When Duck Hunting

Would you like to learn more about under wader wearables for duck hunting? Here is what we’ve got for you. But, keep in mind that you’ll be dressing from head to toe based to stay warm and alert.


You’ll need a windproof fleece cap or a fleece neck gaiter. The most important thing is to keep your head warm since it’s condition will affect other parts of your body. Sometimes, you might choose to place a hand warmer in your hat.


It’s very difficult to keep the hands warm while duck hunting. This is because it’ll always be wet. Try to keep it dry by using Gore-Tex and neoprene gloves. You can also wear long rubber gloves to keep you dry when picking something from the water.


Wear a single layer of socks only. Avoid the temptation to wear more socks since it might limit the flow of blood to the feet. You can wear acrylic socks, polypropylene socks, and battery-powered socks. Also, you might wear socks with hand warmer pockets.


It’s important you know the right wader to wear when duck hunting. Thus, the best wader is neoprene with an insulation capacity of about 2000 grams. Be sure to get one that will not ruin your day by leaking.

Insulating Layer

You should wear a wool shirt, polypropylene underwear, heavy sweatshirt, or sweater.

Base Layer

It’s perfect to start with Polypropylene long underwear or an under armor cold gear.

Outer Wear

Your aim is to stay warm and dry all through the day, it’s important to wear something that will limit perspiration. Gore-Tex shells or polyester 3-in-1 jacket will be good for you.


Knowing what to wear under your waders is a good step to enjoying your fly-fishing routine. Since you’ll be staying in the water, you’ll need all the warmth and comfort you can get. Paying attention to the weather and the season will keep you from many surprises. Keep the right accessories in your favorite backpack and enjoy fishing to the full.

If you’re ready to spend a long time in the water, then you’ll need the right under wader’s wear.

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