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Are Ascend Kayaks Good? – The Truth Revealed!

Are Ascend Kayaks Good
Written by Calvin Furrow
Last Update: August 14, 2023

Are Ascend kayaks good?

In general, yes. The main features that set Ascend kayaks apart from their competitors are the quality material, superior safety protocols, and exceptional on-water performance.

Ascend kayaks

Ascend kayaks are good value for money with decent comfort and superior convenience. No matter what type of water you intend to ride on or what type of activity you have planned, you can always rely on this brand.

A bit about Ascend Kayaks

Ascend was launched by a US-based kayak manufacturer named White River Marine Group. Now they have a wide selection of kayak known for their reliability, affordability, convenience, safety, and user-friendliness.

about Ascend Kayaks

They started their journey in 2010 and have become one of the most trusted kayak brands across the continent in a very short time.

Different Ascend Kayak Series

T Models

The “T” refers to the “tunnel hulls” AKA “pontoon hulls.” These hulls come with inverted bottoms to provide more stability. No matter the type of water you are in, this hull design performs well.

A fishing kayak requires a stable standing platform to ensure better casting accuracy. Along with the basics, the T model kayaks also offer customizability and additional space. If you are looking for the best quality fishing kayaks, Ascend kayaks won’t disappoint you.

D Models

These kayaks are purpose-built for recreational use. Comparatively cheaper and user-friendly, the “D” model kayaks feature a sit-in paddling system. That’s why they’re perfect for people just starting off with their kayaking journey.

Ascend kayak - D Models

The open cockpit design helps with better cargo management. These lightweight kayaks are built to provide you with the best recreational kayaking experience possible.

H Models

The “H” stands for hybrid sit-in models. If you are looking for a multipurpose kayak, these are some of the best kayaks available today They feature rotomolded tunnel hulls, large open cockpits, and decent quality storage space.

Ascend kayak - H Models

These compact kayaks are perfect for the taller guys or people with claustrophobia. H Model kayaks from Ascend also offer stability, durability, and maneuverability on multiple levels.

FS Models

Free-standing (FS) models are a good choice for people looking for a combination of comfort, tracking, and maneuverability. These are relatively new and one of the most popular all-purpose kayaks throughout the country.

The specialty of these compact and robust design kayaks is, they are the result of a collection of customer feedback received over years.

FS Models

Ascend took their customer’s demands and expectations into consideration and provided them with the level of performance and comfort many of you are looking for.

Most Extraordinary Features of Ascend Kayaks


What sets Ascend apart from their competition the most is the premium quality material they use to make their kayaks safe and secure. They practically patented a high-density polyethylene material named AQUATUF for making stable and durable kayaks.

Not only AQUATUF is tough, lightweight, and durable, but it also comes with long-term UV protection. There are very few other kayaks that provide this much superiority in material quality.

Check how Ascend kayaks are made here –


Ascend kayaks also rule here and you don’t have to take my word for it.

Their superior quality material, design, and safety features have helped Ascend kayaks many recognitions and practically stand among the safest kayaks available out there. They are also incredibly popular among the kayaking community.

All of Ascend’s kayaks meet and exceed the strict quality and safety standards from the American Boat & Yacht Council and the US Coast Guard. They are one of only two kayak brands that are certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

Hull design

The unique hull design combines comfort, stability, and maneuverability for every type of water there is. This might be true that the sitting arrangement has room for improvement, but the compact kayaks offer a mesmerizing on-water experience altogether.

No matter what type of kayaking you are into, Ascend kayaks has something for you. They dominate the kayak market with their strict safety measures, decent comfort features, and superior overall performance.

Power System

All the kayaks from Ascend come with a tournament-caliber power system that can help you to customize your kayak with the best fishing electronics you can think of. These kayaks feature a  built-in 12V Yak Power system and are pre-rigged for stern or bow-mount trolling motors.

You’ll have the ability to customize your kayak into a powerful water vehicle whether you long for the recreational experience or some good fishing stability. Ascend kayaks are especially good for fishing since they combine power with stability.

Disadvantages of Ascend Kayaks

Even if the Ascend kayaks dominate the kayak market, they also have a few shortcomings and limitations that we hope to see Ascend overcome in the near future. Here are some shortcomings of Ascend kayaks that need attention:

  • Some models sit too low in the water
  • It’s hard to stay dry over water
  • Some kayaks can be pretty expensive
  • Some models lack dry storage units
  • They sacrifice speed for stability
  • Some kayaks are really heavy
  • The placement issue requires attention
  • The sitting arrangement can be improved
  • The legroom needs to be spacious
  • The seat materials are prone to rust over time

Here’s a review from an ascend kayak user:

Best Ascend Kayak Models

Here’s a chart comparing the basic specification of the top-quality kayaks from Ascend.

Model Length Width Type Average Weight  Weight Capacity (Max)
10T 10’0” 30” Sit-on-top 67 lbs 325 lbs
12T 12’0” 31” Sit-on-top 77 lbs 350 lbs
128T 12’8” 33” Sit-on-top 96 lbs 350 lbs
D10 9’10” 29” Sit-In 50 lbs 300 lbs
H10 10’0” 32” Sit-In 55 lbs 400 lbs
H12 12’0” 32” Sit-In 76 lbs 450 lbs
FS10 10’0” 30” Sit-In 57 lbs 325 lbs
9R 9’0” 31” Sit-on-top 52 lbs 225 lbs
133X 12’0” 37” Sit-In 125 lbs 550 lbs


1. Where are Ascend kayaks manufactured?

Ans: Ascend is a US-based kayak brand that manufactures its kayaks and gears in Lebanon, Missouri. The kayaks are manufactured by White River Marine Group and distributed throughout the country by dealers like Bass Pro.

2. Are Ascend kayaks expensive?

Ans: Not really. One of the main reasons Ascend kayaks are so popular is their affordability. They provide a wide range of kayaks to choose and no matter what your budget is, Ascend has something to offer. The price ranges from $399 up to $779.

3. What Is the difference between 10’ or 12’ kayaks?

Ans: The longer and narrower 12’ kayaks provide more speed whereas the shorter and wider 10’ kayaks feature stability and maneuverability. The short one is a good option for beginners, and the longer one is perfect for experienced people.

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