Top Ten Fishing Spot in Southern California

Fishing Spot in Southern California
Written by Derrick Riley

With water covering 7,734 square miles, southern California is definitely one of the fan favorite fishing destinations. But, do not get lost in the big state and leave out the most attractive spots like others. You have limited time and you need to visit all the key places and I am here to guide you through all of the top fishing spot in southern California. In this article, I am going to talk about all the main fishing attractions available in this place and how you can make the most out of your time.

There are a lot of different fishing opportunities in the Fishing Spot in Southern California. You can use a kayak and go for kayak fishing or you can also fly fish by using a baitcasting reel. It actually depends on you because there are so many options available for the anglers. But, if you ask me, I like to fish by using a kayak at all time. You get to experience the beauty of the place and catch a good amount of fishes when you are out there with your kayak.

The best thing about this state is that there are no strict fishing rules and regulation regarding this issue which makes it super easy to fish for even the wildest kind of fishes. Plus, you do not need a ton of different accessories in order to score some big kills which can be very comforting for beginner anglers out there. So, now that we have talked the basics about this fishing state; let’s move onto the details.

Laguna Niguel in the Regional Park

If you are looking to score the big amount of fish for year-round then there is no better place than Laguna Niguel. You can catch different variations of trout, catfishes and even milkfishes. No wonder this is one of the most visited fishing spots in southern California.

  • Available Fishes: You can find catfishes, trout and milkfishes over here and many varieties of other game fishes.
  • Nature and Beauty: The place is very scenic and the park is also very relaxing to stroll around.
  • Techniques Used: The best part of the place is its wonderful structure which makes it versatile to use different fishing techniques.
  • Other Important Information: You can find a great picnic spot in this fishing destinations to enjoy your catches in a bar-b-que style.


Mt Baldy Trout Pool

  • If you are just starting on the whole fishing scenario then Mt. baldy trout pool can be one of the favorite fishing destinations. You will get an ample number of fishes and feel very good and excited you go trout fishing in this spot.
  • Available Fishes: There are tons of trout as the name suggests but you can also find Marlin and catfishes over here as well.
  • Nature and Beauty: The sight is average, to say the least, but if you are a family guy then you will definitely enjoy your time here regardless.
  • Techniques Used: You can use fly fishing and bait caster over here and can also enjoy sight fishing if you are a pro at it.
  • Other Important Information: You can lend kayak from the facility. There have different types of kayaks from different manufacturers that they offer for rent.


Jackson Lake

There is not a better fishing spot in southern California than the Jackson Lake if you want some quality father-son time. You will have so much fun teaching your son how to fish when you fish in the Jackson Lake.

  • Available Fishes: You will find trout, milkfishes and even medium game fishes.
  • Nature and Beauty: The Lake and its surrounding are very beautiful to look at, especially in the summer.
  • Techniques Used: You can go out with your kayak in the lake and enjoy a peaceful fishing experience with you spinning technique.
  • Other Important Information: Have large storage with you if you want to take all your catch with you.


Lake Murray

If you want a more relaxing fishing experience with serene setting and ducks floating here and there then Lake Murray is just the place for you.

  • Available Fishes: You will find bass, trout, and catfishes of different kinds in this fishing spot if you look for it.
  • Nature and Beauty: It is one of the most scenically beautiful fishing spot in southern California.
  • Techniques Used: You can stand fish, use a boat or even go out with your kayak to score some good fishes.
  • Other Important Information: There is a tournament in the lake Murray in the march of each year so you can check it out.


Santa Margarita River

When you are tired of all those private domain fishing spots, you can try the Santa Margarita River. It is one of the largest publically open fishing place around here.

  • Available Fishes: Rainbow trout and brown fin trout are the most common kind around here.
  • Nature and Beauty: You will feel like you are in the middle of a rainforest swamp when you are fishing out here.
  • Techniques Used: You can use your baitcasting skills to their best use over here.
  • Other Important Information: There is also camping facilities in the river bank where you can spend your night as well.


Crystal Lake

If its winter and all the places are closed then fear no more, Crystal Lake will be still there with tons of fishes. One of the most visited fishing spot in southern California in the winter.

  • Available Fishes: You will find large catfishes, bass, trout and sometimes even salmon.
  • Nature and Beauty: The place has the perfect weather and the snowy beauty of the lake is breathtaking in the winter.
  • Techniques Used: You can use your ice fishing techniques over here.
  • Other Important Information: Have a good kayak on your hand, preferably one preferred by the critics if you are out here.


Lake Jennings

If you are looking for top-notch freshwater angling then you are in luck because Lake Jennings has got you covered. This is the perfect combination of breathtaking scenery with a large quantity of fishes.

  • Available Fishes: The Bluefin bass and rainbow trout are the main attraction of this place.
  • Nature and Beauty: The beauty of Lake Jennings is indescribable. You need to be here to believe it.
  • Techniques Used: Most people use spinning reels in order to catch the prey but you can also try nets.
  • Other Important Information: The camping and the hospitable facilities are just wonderful. Be sure to check those out.


Stearns Wharf

Aside from some NO-Fishing zone here and there; the Stearns Wharf is a wonderful place to catch fishes. Probably one of the biggest fishing spot in southern California.

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  • Available Fishes: If you are into perch then this is the heaven for you as you can find several different kinds of perch over here.
  • Nature and Beauty: The Lake is big and the tides are steady while the water is as clear as it can get.
  • Techniques Used: You can use smaller fake baits as there are ample of small fishes over here.
  • Other Important Information: You must always avoid the no-fishing zones otherwise you will end up in trouble.


Lake Gregory

Lake Gregory is undoubtedly prettier than a picture if you think about it. This is one of the commonly visited tourist destinations as well.

  • Available Fishes: You can find different kinds of carps as well as some variety of trout.
  • Nature and Beauty: The water is as blue as the sky and there is ample of sunlight and tree shade combinations.
  • Techniques Used: You can use sight fishing to perfection over here.
  • Other Important Information: You do not have to carry a lot of different bait accessories. There is a nearby shop which provides these.


Santa Monica Pier

If you are not in the mode for go down in the water then the Santa Monica pier is the place for you. You do not have to follow a lot of tips and tricks, just throw your bait and wait.

  • Available Fishes: From marlin to salmon, to trout to milkfish; you can get tons of different variations over here.
  • Nature and Beauty: The sight is pretty and most importantly; the establishment is very relaxing.
  • Techniques Used: You can simply apply fly fishing in this destination and wait for your prey to bite.
  • Other Important Information: The sooner you get to the place the better chances you will get for securing a perfect spot. So, hurry.

So, if you are planning a tour to southern California then be sure to keep these places on your list first and check them out. You will take these fishing memories to your grave with a smiling face on your cheek. These are undoubtedly the best fishing spot in southern California and I hope you do not miss any of them. Until then, have a good time. See you next time.

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