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Best Fishing Spots in the USA While Using a Kayak

Fishing Spot In USA
Written by Derrick Riley
Last Update: August 14, 2023

Are you tired of fishing in the same place over and over again, and want to move out to a new place to enjoy some unique fishing experience?

If so, then I have the right article for you. I am going to take you on a journey through the best fishing spots across the USA. After reading this article, you will know about the most exotic fishing destinations in the country.

When I was about 6, my grandpa took me out on a fishing trip. I was not willing to go with him but my mom forced me to, and I am so glad that she did! Fishing became one of my strongest passions. Throughout the years I have traveled to different places to satisfy my thirst for fishing. But, I must admit no fishing destinations are better than those in the USA.

I have been to most states, competed in different fishing competitions and experienced new heights of fishing enjoyment with the best-in-class fishing gears and equipment. This list is based on that personal experience of what think are the most impressive states to fish in. I do not know if I do have the right authority to rank this, but here are my picks for the best fishing spots inside the USA;

Best Fishing Spots in the USA

Best Fishing Spots in the USA

Fearless Florida

It should come as no surprise that Florida is in the number one fishing spot in the USA. It has one of the wildly exquisite scenarios, diverse sea life and most importantly an angler-friendly environment. During my stay in Florida, I have learned new techniques of fishing and learn how to make a knot to keep your fishes tied on board.

Florida has different fishing spots which are closely situated so you can try out multiple fishing sites if you want to. But, no matter what you do, you have to check out the Florida Keys, without this, your fishing experience will be incomplete. Florida Keys is frequently ranked as the top fishing spot in the USA, and it is not hard to see why.

The scenic beauty of the place is simply breathtaking. Some call it the fisher’s paradise. You can get a wide variety of rare fishes as well as large game fishes in the keys. Plus, there are also a lot of outdoor activities available for the anglers as well.

  • Best Place: Florida Keys
  • Fishes Found: Bonefish, Milkfish, Trout, Salmon, Redfish, and Snook
  • Preparation Needed: Kayak in the shore and boat in across the blue tide. Spinning reel for smaller prey and bait casting reel for fly fishing.
  • Other Places: Jacksonville, Banana River, St. Acquisition
  • Other Kayaking Information: You can enjoy fish barbeque from your game fish and also camp out in the wild with the help of the local organizations. These are very affordable and helpful.

Tough Texas

With the number of fishing spots available in Texas alone, I don’t know why it is called the city of cowboys! Texas is the home of one of the craziest and biggest marine life. As an angler looking trophy fish, you will be in a paradise if you go fishing in Texas. The weather is perfect at most of the time, and you can simply swivel your kayak in the lake and catch fish like there is no tomorrow.

You can go out for luxury fishing trips when you are in Texas as there are usually a lot of fancy hotels near each fishing destinations. Texas has probably the most number of lake fishing spots in the USA, and the master of the crown is Lake Texoma. It is situated in the heart of Texas and has a coverage of 89,000-acre which makes it one of the biggest lakes.

With a sit-on-kayak, you will find this spot as ideal and fantastic as any while enjoying the nature and catching fish now and then. Lake Texoma has a vibrant water kingdom as the fishes found in this lake are monstrous in size. So, be sure to always keep your camera with you when you fish because you never know when you are going to score the big one.

  • Best Place: Lake Texoma
  • Fishes Found: Trout, Salmon, King Salmon, Marlin
  • Preparation Needed: Kayak, with both spinning reel and baitcasting reel, motor with the kayak
  • Other Places: You can try out Caddo lake, Lake Amistad, Lake Fork
  • Other Kayaking Information: You can enjoy the lake beach in Caddo Lake after you get a bit tired of all the kayaking. There is also a nearby spa if you are in the mood for some refreshment.

Hot Hawaii

Well, you knew from the very start that Hawaii is going to be on this list, didn’t you? It is one of the most scenic places on earth, and it is naturally one of the most visited fishing spots in the USA. You will be able to enjoy the coastal weather, the gleaming sun and the perfect wind in your face when you go fishing in Hawaii.

Hawaii is every angler’s dream, and it is not very hard to see why. The exotic sea life of Hawaii is something that you can talk about throughout your life. There are a lot of different fishing spots in Hawaii, but I love Kona River. The water is crystal clear, and the tide is as calm as it gets. Perfect for deep sea fishing, this river is sure to steal your heart away.

You can find a wide range of fishes such as king salmon, bluefin marlin, Mahi-Mahi, tuna and even sharks if you are up for that. You will lose your sense and sensibility with the scenic beauty of Hawaii, and you will feel closer to nature as you go down to kayak in the Kona River.

  • Best Place: Kona River
  • Fishes Found: Mahi-Mahi, Sharks, Tuna, Salmon, Puffer, Marlin
  • Preparation Needed: Motor kayak, large threaded spool, larger storage
  • Other Places: You can also check out the Buro-buro island and the Crystal Lake
  • Other Kayaking Information: There is a lot of different kayaking stores in Hawaii, and you can pick up different kinds of accessories from those at a very affordable rate.

N-Joy North Carolina

If your sole goal is to catch more and more fish, then North Carolina is the perfect place for you. This geographically enriched area is the house to the most diverse sea life. Each year more than 100 different angling competitions take places in South Carolina, and all of the competitors comes up as a winner because of the amount of fish that they catch.

The perfect weather is also a key factor to visit North Carolina as you will feel like you are in a tropical paradise. There is a handful of the different place to look out for fishes, but the most visited place is the Outer Banks. This is like the dream place for a serious angler. You will fall in love with the wave and the view instantly.

Another interesting thing about fishing in the Outer Banks is that you get to try different techniques of fishing over here. Be it fly fishing, pier fishing, baitcasting or even the simplest barking fishing – you will enjoy every second of it. There are large trouts, different finned sea bass, and large flounder found in the spot.

  • Best Place: Outer Banks
  • Fishes Found: Tuna, King Salmon, Flounder, Trout, Blue finned marlin, milkfish
  • Preparation Needed: Kayak, motors, hooks, fishing license
  • Other Places: You can also try out nearby places of Outer Banks. Most of them offer a wide variety of fishing tools at an affordable price. Plus, you can also go to the water aquarium nearby.
  • Other Kayaking Information: It would be better if you always carry a motor and a large container on your way. Cause the water might get rough at times, and you might end up in a bit of trouble.

While going on a fishing trip, you must always make sure of three things:

Your bags are well packed up.

You have enough information about each place.

Your heart is filled with the desire to experience wonder.

So, if you have these three things with you, then nothing can stop you from checking out the top fishing spot in the USA.

Be sure to have enough guidance on the way and explore each city a bit as you go out for the journey. I certainly went here and there in the night to explore the city, and I was not regretting my decision. There is more to see in each of the towns than just the fishing spot.

So, that was my pick for the top fishing spot in the USA. Let me know about yours in the comment section below. Until then, have a good day and stay blessed.

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Derrick Riley

I’m Derrick in my early 40s, but planning to bag from every saltwater source in America. In practice, I’ve explored over a dozen bodies of water that hosted almost all of the saltwater game fish. My personal favorites are brook trout and striped bass though. I don’t mind catching bluegill and white crappie either.

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