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Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent Review for Campers

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent Review for Campers

If you are a travel enthusiast, you surely love camping in the wilderness. An outdoor excursion is very adventurous if you have the right camping equipment by your side. Otherwise, it will end up being a painstaking experience due to the wind, rain and cold weather of a camping site.

A tent can provide shelter from all these nuisances including annoying insects. We are going to discuss the ins and out of a tent in this review. Hope you’ll find what you need for the next trip into the wild.

The WeatherTec system created quite a buzz in the realm of campfire buffs. It is supposed to help the water runoff easily without causing any trouble to the tent residents. This feature can assist this tent to earn a spot in the checklist of people who like outdoor activities. Keep reading to know more about Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent.

Whom is this product ideal for?

As this tent can accommodate only two persons, this is the best for couples. But, you can use it for group tor also with more than one tent. this product is ideal for weekend car camping, scout troops, summer camps, extended camping trips and any trip that requires you to stay out at night. You can also organize a campfire party in a wild forest, Coleman sundome 2 person tent will provide you with comfortable shelter preventing wind, cold and light rain being a survival kit.

Key Features of Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

The usefulness of a tent lies in the key features of that particular item. Let’s find out what key features are associated with our today’s selection:

1. Dome Shaped Tent & Rainfly Awning

Dome tent creates a spacious interior to help the users move more freely and comfortably. Besides, this shape is good for easy water run-off. A rainfly with an integrated door awning keeps rain away from the residents. The tent is spacious enough to place a queen size mattress inside the tent. The mattress has storage pockets to keep your gears.

2. WeatherTec™ system

Coleman Company claims this as their patented technology which keeps the inside of the tents dry even after being exposed to a moderate raining force. The welded floors and inverted seams make it a waterproof tent.

3. Waterproofs Seams

This package includes a 2-oz. bottle of Coleman Seam Sealer. It comes with a Fast-drying water-based urethane formula. This sealer helps the users create waterproof seams on tarps, tents, backpacks and other sturdy fabrics.

4. Easy Setup Process

Nobody wants to spend a hectic day in the campsite. The Coleman Sundome 2-Person Dom Tent includes a straightforward setup process doable within only 10 minutes. This tent is designed for quick and easy setup.

5. Polyguard™ Fabric

It has Polyguard 2X double thick fabric which protects the users living inside from sun and rain. It helps the tent withstand different weather condition and last season after season. The manufacturer claims this fabric to be made of Fire-Retardant Material which ensures that it will not flare dangerously if exposed to fire. And, it can self-extinguish.

6. Large Windows and a Ground Vent

This tent comes with large windows and a ground vent to facilitate the ventilation. They push warm air up and out to keep the tent comfortable, especially in summer.

7. Insta-Clip™ Pole Attachments

The sturdy insta-pole attachment can withstand up to 35+ mph winds. It can enhance the stability and strength of the shelter

8. E-port and Easy Packing

Don’t worry if you need to bring the electrical power inside the tent. it has a dedicated e-port to help you in this regard.  And, the snag-free continuous pole packs away completely in the expandable carry bag provided by Coleman.

Specifications at a glance

  • Structure Dome
  • Poles 8.5-mm fiberglass
  • Sleep 2 persons
  • Flysheet Polyester
  • Inner Tent Polyester taffeta 68D, polyester mesh 68D
  • Poles 8.5-mm fiberglass


  • Spacious
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to pack
  • Fire Retardant
  • Compatible with electric power
  • Superior ventilation


  • Heavy
  • Best suitable for summer

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Can I carry this tent for backpacking?
    Answer : We don’t recommend carrying this tent for long backpacking tour as it weighs almost lbs. but, you can go on a short backpacking trip.
  • Question : Do I have to mix anything with the seam sealer?
    Answer : No mixing required.

Our findings

We bought this tent to go on a summer camp. The product came in perfect shape. And the delivery was right on time. Read the following section to know what we have found from our experience.

1. Performance

We were amazed at the performance of this tent. It has enough space inside only for two medium-sized adults. We encountered light rain for the whole night. Surprisingly, there was no sign of wetness inside the tent in the morning. The insta-pole attachment helped us have a strong camp base, and the canvas of the tent seems thick and durable. We will be sure about that after a few seasons. It provides super ventilation with the help of windows and a ground vent. That makes it the best ideal product for summer and a bit less preferable for cold seasons. The only negative point about this great tent is the heavyweight it has. Though the carry bag made it easy to bear this weight, it should have been lighter.

2. Ease of use

The tent is very easy to set up. one can easily place it on a campsite in about 10 minutes. The insta-clip suspension and Coleman Seam Sealer will let you secure the tent easily and efficiently.

How to set up and store?

A tent will do no good to you if you fail to set it up correctly. And to assist the tent in getting a long life, you must know how to store a tent. keep reading the remaining section to find out the proper ways to set your tent up.

1. How to set up Coleman sundome 2 person tent?

  • Choose the right place and unpack the tent.
  • Put a ground cloth on the camping site.
  • Insert the tent poles through the dedicated port of the frame.
  • Raise the tent to give it the dome shape.
  • Now, its time to hammer in the tent pegs.
  • Insert the remaining poles into the rain fly and place it over the tent.
  • The tent is ready. Now bring your belongings inside and start living.

2. How to store it?

After returning from a trip, store the tent carefully to get a better experience in the future. Ensure that the tent is entirely dry and store it loosely reducing the tension. Keep the storing place cool and dry. Don’t forget to clean the tent, if your camping site involved dirt and filth.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Most of the customers are satisfied with the service of this amazing camping tent as it comes with a great number of key features. It is strong, durable, spacious, waterproof and easy to set up. the salient con of this tent is the heaviness which makes it less carriable during long hikes. It only has one door which is not convenient for many people. And the access of airflow makes it less fit for winter.

Our Final Thoughts

This is overall a great tent within this budget. The easy setup process minimizes the labor, allowing the users to spend more time to enjoy. The compact and sturdy structure will make you feel secure. The thick fabric and waterproof WeatherTec system help this tent withstand different weather condition.

We have discussed everything you need to know to get started with the Coleman sundome 2 person tent. You’ll have to compromise the lightness to get all these benefits for a summer camping. So, our final verdict is to go for it if you don’t have an issue with the weight.

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