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BIC Yakkair Fishing-2Hp Inflatable Kayak Review

The fishermen always want to have a safe and comfortable fishing kayak, in this consideration the Yakkair fishing-2hp inflatable kayak claims the demand to be the first choice of every fisherman because it has safety grab line that provides safety for them.

The fishermen don’t catch fish in specific waters. They have to go to different places to catch fishes. So, they need to carry the kayak along with them. If you’re facig such issues, our today’s selection is perfect foir you. It has an easy carrying system. Whether you are walking or driving, you can carry it very easily.

As a fisherman, you may have used other fishing boat. However, the inflatable kayak from ?BIC Sport is special because of its services. It gives better services than other kayaks existing on the market. Let’s break down all the feature this fishing kayak comes with:

Feature Analysis

1. Carrying handle

This inflatable kayak has carrying handle to carry it from one place to another place. It is an urgent feature because the fishermen sometimes need to travel with the kayak.

2. Paddle attachment

The BIC Yakkair fishing kayak has paddle attachment to sail in the water. This paddle helps the sailor to sail without much labor.

3. Safety grabs line

This sophisticated kayak also somes with a line of safety grab that protects it from being damaged diving in the water.

Mesh storage

Our today’s inflatable kayak has mesh storage for fish. This storage is an essential element for the fishermen.


  • Length 13 feet, 5 inches
  • Width 37 feet, 8 inches
  • Weight 33 pounds
  • Maximum Weight Holding Ability 550 pounds
  • Item model number Y1004
  • Total weight 42 pounds


  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to sail
  • Helpful to catching fish
  • Two people can use it at a time


  • Higher Price

Final Verdict

This is the last stage of our review. Also, this stage will suggest what to decide about the product.

In comparison to the other alternatives available, you may think of the BIC Yakkair fishing-2hp inflatable kaya as more safe and comfortable. It also features easy carrying system with better services that most other kayaks.

The only downfall for this amazing kayak is it’s price. Compared to other fishing kayaks available today, this one is pretty expensive. However, it’s worth every penny as the service you’ll get from this kayak will be extraordinary. If you are looking for a high-quality fishing kayak, look no further.

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