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Essential Marine Products Kayak Scupper Plugs Review


Kayak scupper plugs – what are they for? If you take scupper plugs out, then water comes in, and if you put them in, then water builds up anyway. They are not just a bit of decoration; they do have a function. Scupper plugs are usually a drain hole that allows rainwater, for instance, to drain off having a comparatively broad surface in relation to depth or thickness through holes (scuppers) at the base of the walls or other construction. The Universal Scupper Plug Tools for paddleboards and kayaks takes the convenient way of draining that water out of your kayak. This Universal Kayak prevents all water from forwarding into the kayak and will position or keep you dry out on the water. But you need to be sure if you can really count on it in the water. Keep reading the details to find out more!

The Essential Marine or the Shoreline Marine is a comprehensive, all-new line of equipment that makes it ideal to maintain, customize and improve your kayak, canoe, and SUP board to your particular unique style. Whether you are an avid weekender, experienced paddler or fisherman then kayak scupper plugs have what you need to paddle out and gear up.

Whom Is This Product Ideal For?

The kayak scupper plugs are important for every paddleboard and well-equipped kayak. If you are kayaking on a choppy water or if your kayak is overloaded, the water can seep through the scupper holes and enter into the kayak. The function of scupper plugs is to preventing the water coming into the Kayak.

Key Features of Universal Kayak Scupper Plugs

1. Durable Rubber Design

The Universal Kayak Scupper Plug gear is intended to fit with Ocean Kayak, Hobie, Old Town, Native, and kayaks of different manufacturers . The shape of the plug is cone shape that allows the plug to fit into the scupper holes of varying diameters ranging from 1.5 inches to 3/4 inches.

2. Fit for All Holes

The Universal Scupper plug kit manufactured by essential marine products are designed to plug the holes anything between 1.5 inches to 3/4 inches.  The plugs impede water from advancing or encroaching into the floating vessel and keep passenger dry for a long time.

3. Self-Draining Scupper Plugs

The universal scupper holes in sit-in kayaks are designed to make the boat self-draining. There are times, even though, when the holes can make things much less secure or less comfortable. Bumpy or rough water can flip or turn a scupper hole into a mini geyser. A closely or heavily loaded boat might sit so low that a hole allows entering the water. If you have a perfect set of scupper plugs with you, then you can strategically dam-up any bother holes.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Product Dimensions 0.8 X 1.5 X 1.5inch
  • Item Weight 6.4ounces
  • Model number SCUPPER
  • Material Durable Rubber
  • Fits Holes From 3/4inch to 1.5 inch
  • Brand Essential Marine
  • Fits Holes From 3/4inch to 1.5 Inch


  • Fits on all kayak scupper holes
  • Contains 4 scupper plugs
  • Durable Rubber design, tested product
  • Fit: Old Town, Native Hobie, Ocean Kayak, and other reputable brands
  • Fit: ¾ inches-1.5″ scupper holes
  • Universal scupper plug set
  • Prevents all water from intruding
  • Keep you dry all the time on the water


  • Only good for larger holes.
  • Hard rubber cannot be pushed down properly

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Do we need to glue these plugs in
    Answer : We recommend no glue; you just push it down tight, and you will get the job done effectively. For your own satisfaction, you can use glue, but actually, it’s not needed.
  • Question : Are they round or oval?
    Answer : We found them round and tapered. They are evenly tapered to the bottom to fit its range holes smoothly. These plug tools are high-quality rubber made and durable.

Our Findings

1. Ease of Use

We bought kayak scupper plugs as a replacement a few years back, and we need to recommend these are better quality plugs! The solid rubber design will last for a long time so that you will get a good tapering effect. The front Scupper plugs that are a simple process to adjust, and it will not cut your fingers as well as they fit perfectly.

2. Small, but Vital

Scupper plugs are an important part of a kayak which you typically don’t notice until they are gone. At which factor, your kayak may start filling up with water. The best information is they are easy to change or replace. Just ensure you’ve got your measurements right and plugging your leaks will not be a hassle!

3. Deck Level Scuppers

While on the contrary, on a larger boat, the scuppers are at deck level, that’s usually above the water-level. The universal scuppers on a kayak are in the base of the cockpit where the sea is.

How to Use and Why Are They Important?

1. How to use universal kayak scupper holes?

Put into service your scupper holes to drain extra water from your kayak is a quite easy technique. Move right into a position where you could effectively place down your paddle, cast off the scupper plugs, and make possible the water to drain out. If water begins to backfill into your kayak, then you will need to apply an alternate technique of drainage, such a bailing sponge or bilge pump.

2. Why are kayak scupper plugs important?

Scupper plugs are significant because they stop or prevent water from moving back up through the scupper holes. If the water is bumpy, or if your kayak is weighed down enough, then water can take the first step to come up through the supper holes.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Many customers went on saying that these scupper plugs are of excellent quality. They are simple to install and prevent by way of the use of the small rope that comes attached to each one. The only trouble for some customers is that sometimes the shape and size doesn’t match well to the hole to perform. But, if that place of the kayak is under the waterline for any amount of time water will sweep up through the hole where that rope is and will keep your area completely dry.

Our Final Thoughts

Kayak scupper plugs are actually little rubber plugs which are designed to plug the scupper holes in the lower side of sit-on kayaks. All kayaks are often used in combination to end up with water in their internal especially surface spaces. It can arise from water splashing over the side, rain, or even splashboard or backsplash from your individual paddle.

Scupper holes are a large and roomy process of draining that can water out smoothly from your kayak formerly the weight of it makes you more potential to capsize. Scupper plugs are designed to be the right size or shape for certain widths of scupper hole. So, before buying make sure which size your kayak needs to such a good start.

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