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Swimbuds 100% Waterproof Headphones Review


Many of us love music. But some people love music as equally as they love swimming. The Waterproof headphones manufacturers make it possible to enjoy music while they are swimming. They used the latest mechanism of high-grade rubber to make the headphone waterproof without sacrificing the sweetness of the music. It has two parts; the main part is with the buds and the stereo, and the other part is an extended cable to have optimal length if you need. While you are swimming its manufacturer’s recommendation to use without the extension cable; as you need only head to ear length. If you set it to the goggle straps with the short length, you will face less drag to swim smooth.

This is available with different sizes of buds to fit your ear well. The extra buds do not create any waterproof seal and perfect for paddle boats, kayaks, and other sports. They are providing you FitGoo earbud lubricant to make sure the best ear fit.

Whom is this product for?

It’s really very obvious that whom this product for. For everyone who loves swimming, and listening to music everywhere. Actually, it’s perfect for those are associated with water works and like to be on bit all the time. It makes your swimming and water sports much more enjoying than ever before. It really doesn’t matter at what age you are. If your kids are learning how to swim and unwilling to jump on pools; it’s the time to buy this for them. It soothes your mind when you are tired of swimming, and your heart beats on its highest.

Waterproof Headphone Explained

Swimbuds waterproof earbuds delivers clear sound, ease of use and comfortable to wear. The trademark short cord headphones includes an extra short code that is specially designed to wear during intense aquatic workout. In other words, the purpose of the inclusion of this extra short cord is uninterrupted swimming practice. This is the reason, for which the headphone is popular among swimmers triathletes, and water sports loving people. Swimmers no need to wrap long cords around Velcro pieces or google straps. Swimmers also experience less dragging in water and tangling the loose cord loop with gear or body parts is also minimal.

Swimbuds earbuds make a waterproof seals to facilitate sound wave passing and keeps the water out. The headphone set includes three additional different sizes of earbuds for custom fit. The set is also included an extra set of round earbuds for use in kayaking, paddle boarding and other water sports.

The 100 percent waterproof gold-plated stereo jack to protect from corrosion. It has flange shape ear buds for tight sealing and constructed to stay in a while taking quick flip-turns. It makes you free under water from stuffing the lengthy headphone cords with swim cap or goggle straps. It is extended with a waterproof audio extended cable for longer fir while you need.


  • Dimension 1 x 4.8 x 8.2inch
  • Item model number 0628586849662
  • Weight 0.48 ounces
  • Color White
  • Plating Gold plated


  • Perfect source of the beautiful sound, comfort, and ease of use
  • Waterproof seals to enable sound in and water out
  • Ensures fewer interruptions and more swimming
  • Less drag or effort in the water and no loose cord loops
  • A tube of fitgoo earbud lubricant
  • Additional seal of round buds


  • No exact length though long enough
  • No replacement note but the buds are replaceable

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Question: Is there any warranty?
    Answer : I got my ear bud tips eaten up by my dog. I named up the manufacturer, and they sent me a bunch at no charge. So, I think they always take care of their customers.
  • Question : Where to put the iPod while swimming?
    Answer : ou should clip this to your google strap at the back. It has a short cable to operate this easily and with less drag.

Our Remarks

Waterproof headphones are a great gadget of high-quality sound, comfort, and ease. It provides less drag and more swimming. The headphoners come with short cables for easy management and a tube of earbud lubricant.

For additional satisfaction, you can compare this to SG8-BK-SHO on our site. This one is featured with the latest technology. It also has 3 extra buds for a custom fit. If you’re looking for great quality headphones that will make your swimming more enjoyable, try this one out.

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