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Pelican Athena 100X Kayak Review

Pelican Athena 100X Kayak Review

Pelican kayak is really the name that you can rely on. The features come with the excellent tools that the kayakers find attractive enough for the perfect trips. This offers the top-quality tools and instrument also. The pelican odyssey 100x kayak is available at the lowest rates and gorgeous structure system. The Pelican kayak comes with the dimensions of 9 feet 8 inches in length and 27.5 inches in width. The product offers 225 in weight capacity. The pelican unison 136t kayak comes with 2 years warranty system.

The hull of the model is  made of premium quality multi-layered polyethylene which has more rigidity than standard polyethylene. The kayak withstands frequent water adventures.  The ultimate blend comes with all the comfort, toughness, presentation facility and lightweight feature, the Athena 100X is shaped and just made for you.

This greater tool is recommended for the devotees of the kayaking and perfect water riders indeed. The pelican trailblazer 100 kayak is built on a twin-arched multi-chine hull feature and structure system that the users find durable and amazing.

Features of Pelican Athena 100X Kayaks

If you are the true devotees and want to make the difference in kayaking, then we are here to redirect you to the perfect angling. The Pelican Athena is the trustworthy brand that you can enjoy and demand the accurate trips. The recent Pelican Premium Athena 100X is a trendy, constant and trivial kayak system that is specially designed and made for women. The pelican trailblazer 100 kayak is equipped with twin hull system that the users find durable and amazing. This pelican maverick 100x kayak is a sit-in kayak construction that is quite stable and effortless to row for the beginner kayaker and the advanced kayaker also.

The pelican fishing kayak comes with double cockpit storage hammocks to securely store your personal belongings, modifiable footrests and so on. The kayak includes  kneepads and convenient seating system to make peddling a breeze  This product also features smartphone holder where you can keep your smartphone. The model has elastic bungee on its bow and stern.


  • Item Length 9 feet 8 inches
  • Product width 27.5 inches
  • Passenger capacity 01
  • Weight capability (lb.) 225
  • Warranty comes with 2 years warranty
  • Item weight 35
  • Seating system Ergofit seating arrangement


  • The kayak comes with the nice and spacy seating arrangement
  • It offers the durable and reliable tools
  • The product offers the top-quality equipment and design
  • It delivers the lightweight and rigid features
  • The Pelican offers the smartphone holder that is useful
  • It includes the carrying handles that are ergonomic
  • The product comes with the multihull attractive design
  • It offers the superspace services


  • The consumers don’t like the passenger capacity as it takes 1 person in it

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Does this kayak include any dry storing system?
    Answer : The product comes with two mesh slings one in the front, and one in the back and they are used for drying.
  • Question : What’s about its weight capacity?
    Answer : The weight capacity is 220lb.

Our Remarks

In conclusion, the Pelican kayak is the trustworthy name or brand that the users may enjoy or relish. The product is available at the lower rates that are also liked by all along with the tool comes with all the necessary equipment. The pelican kayak is really the product of perfect and excellent kayaking that the anglers find amazing and interesting. The item always provides the user more in terms of services. You can have the greater tool with the lowest ranges indeed. So, equip the handy and technologically modern tool for the harder and faster advancing system and facilities indeed.

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