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Old Town Saranac 146 Canoes & Kayaks Review

Old Town Saranac 146 Canoes & Kayaks Review

Old town Saranac 146 is the brand that the consumers feel appreciative and interesting to purchase. The item incorporates all the modern and advanced equipment that all the fish lovers want to secure in their fishing trip. The product is available in the market at the lowest price range that is also the reason for loving the product.

The item is 168 x 36 x 13.2 inches in dimensions, and the weight is 79 lbs. The kayak includes a thermoplastic hull, three seating arrangements, and 700-750 lbs load capacity. This magnificent kayak provides all the modern facilities you might need. The boat is made with a contoured relaxed bow, stern chairs with molded-in cup containers, and an important center bench seat with storage inside.

Whom is this product for?

This handy item is designed for the anglers and the sea hunters who love to make a fishing trip. This boat is engineered with the multiple and colorful enterprise that all people especially anglers can find it interesting and pleasant.

The anglers require the top-quality tools and canoes in their fishing and sea sighting. But, to enjoy the facilities and amenities, one needs to have a secured and quality canoe. And the Old town Saranac 146 is made and designed with the demand of the explorers of sea or rivers. The Saranac 146 canoe comes with the durable and strong designs that make the product appreciative and alluring. The old town kayak packs in a ton of features at a great value.

You can easily purchase them with a lower price range, and it is able to keep a check to your pocket. The Saranac 146 offers the anglers a stable but narrow form and slightly dropping the seats. We have advanced a model that sweeps better than most frivolous canoes on the market. The Saranac 146 features rod holders, storing options and storage trays as well as two contoured seats with relaxed seat backs and a center bench seat system that are loved by all. The old town Saranac includes greater designs at the low value indeed. So, you can enjoy the features of the strong and durable Saranac canoe as it is the true combination of solidity and amenity.


  • Dimensions of product 168″ x 36″ x 13.2″
  • Weight of item 79 pounds
  • Hull design Thermoplastic hull
  • Seats 03
  • Load range 700 to 750 pounds


  • The canoe is made with excellence and elegantly
  • It is made with the strong and durable tools and enterprises
  • The boat is built with the attractive and fascinating designs
  • It is much spacious and airy to keep loads
  • The canoe is made to load stuffs and men
  • The seating arrangement is good and comfortable enough
  • The boat is strong and solid in construction
  • The thermoplastic provides high scratch and rust resistance system


  • It had damage on the forward-facing, and sometimes there is a broken seat. But the canoe is best to purchase

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question: Is it made for one person?
    Answer: No, one can ride on it.
  • Question: What is the measurement of the paddle?
    Answer: The paddle length depends on the stature of the peoples paddling.
  • Question: Do the seatbacks used for upside down transporting?
    Answer: There is a cord by which you can adjust the seat back.

Our Remarks

The Old town Saranac 146 is made and designed for the true lovers of fishing and angling. The kayak incorporate a number of comfortable and pleasant features that all the users love and appreciate. This kayak also allows the anglers a spacious and flexible fish trip.

The boat is designed with the advanced enterprises that it attracts all kinds of kayakers. If you’re looking for a specious and feature-rich fishing kayak, our today’s pick can satisfy your needs.

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