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Big Agnes Helinox Chair One Review for Avid Campers

Big Agnes Helinox Chair One Review for Avid Campers

After a lot of hiking, when your muscles are sore, and your legs are burning; all you need is to sit down comfortably. Modern technology has come up with the relaxing backpacking chairs for occasions just like this. Today we’re talking about the Big Agnes Helinox Chair One.

Whether you’ve been hiking or camping, this chair is best suited for its lightweight and easy assembly. They are indeed a wonderful choice for outdoor seating. If you are interested to know more about this chair, Read our complete review to find out whether it will suit you or not!

Whom is this product ideal for?

The comfort and the portability make this chair best suited for outdoor enthusiasts. With all its classic and innovative features it can certainly make a place in your lawn or backyard. And last but not the least, this helinox chair one can be a great companion in your next fishing adventure.

Key Features Of Helinox Chair One

1. Anodized DAC Aluminum Poles

When you buy any gear for camping, you want it to last for a longer period of time. And durability is not possible if the construction material itself is weak. Though this chair features thin poles, the aluminum construction makes it sturdy and secures the chair from rust.  For advanced construction, being 2.64lb, this chair can carry up to 320lbs. So, no matter how heavy you are; Helinox chair one is manufactured to support you.

2. Breathable Mesh

Helinox focuses more on comfort than any other features of the chair one.  For utilizing the claim, the manufacturer has used Cordura at the back of the chair for ensuring adequate comfort level. The mesh is soft and synthetic to assure your dry back even after sitting for a longer time.

3. Plastic Joints

Are the poles and Cordura enough? Not really! For supporting the weight, some joints are required which will make the structure to carry the mesh. Helinox uses plastic joints which are less heavy but durable. So, without adding much weight, it supports the chair structure.

4. Flexible Structure

The structure of the chair is designed in such way a that it can accommodate any body shape. So, whether you have small or large physique you can sit on the chair comfortably.

5. Carrying Case

Probably you won’t carry a big camping chair in the pocket, right? Just kidding! However, for the better carrying opportunity, Helinox presents a wonderful case for this portable chair that is easy to carry on hand or in your backpack.

Specifications at a glance

  • Product Dimensions 21.7 x 28.3 x 22.8 inches
  • Weight 2.64 pounds
  • Color Black And Blue
  • Item model number Helinox
  • Material Aluminum Pole, Cordura Back, And DAC Plastic Fixtures


  • Foldability
  • Easy packing Opportunity
  • Compact And Stylish Design
  • Lightweight For Carrying
  • High-weight capacity


  • Rough Use Might Make It Unstable

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Which materials does Helinox use for the Cordura?
    Answer : For making the seat comfortable and durable, Helinox has used breathable mesh with nylon support to ensure that the mesh suits as well as supports without thinking of the weight you have. The high-quality fabrics keep you dry during use, and no sweat can affect you.
  • Question : Is this chair good for the beach?
    Answer : Yes, it is. To clarify the incident, no matter whether it is sea beach, concert or any other place, this chair is portable and easy to set. So, you can carry it anywhere you go.

Our Findings

Now, it’s time to say the truth. During writing this whole review, we have tried to be as much honest as possible; for this section, we have given extra care because we know it helps you to decide. Let us share what we have found.

1. Performance

During our observation, our whole team has worked to notice the performance of the chair accurately. It includes the comfort of using and durability. Being manufactured with soft fabrics, the mesh has given us unexpected comfort. Most of our researchers have mentioned that the addition of breathable mesh reveals the care of the manufacturers. This Cordura ensures that you don’t sweat after sitting for a long time. The poles are aluminum made, and we haven’t found any major issue with that.

2. Usability

As you buy this chair for outdoor use, portability is important, and during our team adventure to the mountainside, we take it with us. Its portability surprised us; but, one of our teammates lost his bag on the eve of our journey, he revealed his anger after carrying it. However, having the case makes it easier to carry for you. The simple assembly and the lightweight has added some extra points to its usability.

3. Price

The price may be slightly on the higher side than other chairs in the market. However, if you compare the features of the chair with its price, then it seems pretty reasonable.

How to Set Up and store Helinox Chair One?

1. How to Set Up Helinox Chair One?

Helinox chair is easy to set up, and it doesn’t require any previous training for the setting. Join the poles with plastic joints to make the structure. Then, set up the mesh. The whole action doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. Experts or regular users can do it in less time.

2. How to Store the chair?

When you get back to your busy life, most of the time, you won’t use the chair. But, for future use, you need to store it in a careful manner. Before doing this, clean the poles and dry the mesh. Poles are prone to be rusted. So, use a bag to ensure that dirt or dust can’t enter into and then keep it in the safest place. Storing mesh indifferently is also a good idea.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Based on all of its features, this big Agnes chair has achieved 4.5 stars out of the five on Amazon rating; and, the score is sufficient to declare it as one of the best camping chairs in the market. Customers have mainly focused on the portability, and they rated this chair best suited for car camping, hiking, and backpacking. Meanwhile, they didn’t raise any question with comfort. However, the pricing has been a problem

Our Final Thoughts

So, you are waiting to read what we want to say in conclusion, right? After reading our in-depth review, you have already known all the important information. However, if you’re longing to hear our opinion on this chair, here it goes:

We have compared this chair with other similar ones, and most of them showed issues with the poles and joints. For this chair, the aluminum poles and plastic joints are quite fine. Meanwhile, the mesh quality and breathability have attracted us. Whether you want to go for a camping, hiking or any other outing, this Big Agnes Helinox Chair One can be your right choice.

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