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Arbor 100 Sit In Recreational Kayak Review

If fishing is the sport you love the most, then you should have in-depth knowledge about the tips and tricks of finding more fish. With Arbor 100 kayak, you will have several fishing advantages, which will give you a relaxing fishing experience.

This Arbor 100 Sit In Recreational Kayak is a sit-in type. This feature enables you to place your knees inside the wall of the kayak and also helps you to have more efficient and robust paddle strokes.

You will also be pleased with the design and color of the kayak. It will not only catch your glace but also give you a comfortable and flexible fishing experience.

If the kayak is sounding interesting to you, then read our entire review to know more about this kayak.

Feature Analysis

1. Efficient construction

The kayak has been constructed with rot molded polyethylene, which is made by a process called rotational molding. This material has made the kayak both impact and corrosion resistant. You can even be free of the worries of being damaged by oxidation or any other chemical reactions. Moreover, you will find the cleaning of this kayak easy.

2. A comfortable kayak

This sit-in kayak will also give you complete relaxation. It has a deluxe seat for giving your back a better comfort. The position of the seat can also be adjusted as it has pull straps. Along with that, the adjustable foot brace has been designed with tight pads so that you can have a strong grip.

3. An organizer

The kayak is considered to be a useful organizer as it can hold all your fishing equipment in a single place. The onboard shock cord deck rigging and yak attack mounts are an addition to this feature as these are a good enough to carry all your electronics and valuables.

4. A portable kayak

The kayak is lighter in weight. You can carry it by yourself without any hassle. Additionally, it has two side handles and two cushioned carrying handles, which gives you a better grip.

5. Perfect storage

You will find two clamshell style hatches, which measures 20 inches oval and 9 inches round respectively. So, you can store all your fishing tools or fishes in it.


  • Product Dimensions 120 x 30 x 13 inches
  • Material Rot Molded Polyethylene
  • Weight 50 pounds
  • Hatches Type Clamshell
  • Item model number 58154


  • Lighter in eight
  • Easy to carry
  • Stores all equipment
  • Gives comfortable sitting
  • Provides easy paddling
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricier than many of its competitors

Final Verdict

We have been searching for a downside of this Arbor 100 kayak. But have failed to find any noticeable one. One thing that took our glance is its price.

The kayak is a little bit expensive than any other regular kayaks. But if you ask us for any recommendation then we will say, sometimes adding great features increases the price. So, if the features are more attractive to you than its worth, this particular kayak can be one of the best fishing kayaks you have ever experienced.

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