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BIC Trinidad Fishing Kayak Review

Fishing with a kayak has become a rapidly grown sport around the world. You can go for fishing to a beach or a riverside easily with it and do not even face the difficulties to bring a big size boat. You can now go for fishing with your family and friends with this BIC Trinidad Fishing Kayak.

The green fishing kayak has a green and beige, camouflaged coloring; which makes the kayak disappeared when it comes to the contact of a green background. Its wider dimension enables you to take all you fishing gears without carrying any extra bags.

Go through the rest of the review, to know about its features in details.

Feature Analysis

1. Comfortable sitting

This sit on top kayak gives you a comfortable sitting as it has EVA foam constructed seats. Plus its integrated footrest and insert backrest feature make you more ease. It also has a front and rear abrasion protector along with safety grab lines, which ensures your safety.

2. A family tool

BIC Trinidad Fishing Kayak is wider than any other regular kayaks. It has two separate rooms for adults and a small compartment for the child. This makes the kayak be called as a family one.

3. Integrated storage

It’s integrated gear storage compartments, and rear storage straps help you to carry all your fishing tools at a time. The front and back hatch helps you store your fishes easily. You can take handles, fishing rods, fishing bags, or any other extra tools with you. You can even take your favorite drink with you to make the time more enjoyable.

4. THD Design

The kayak has been designed in a THD-Tri Hull Design feature. This makes the kayak stable and fast. You will experience an optimum level of speed along with the greatest level of comfort.

5. Twin Sheet Technology

The kayak also has TST- Twin Sheet Technology. This makes the kayak lighter in weight so that you can port it anywhere easily. It also enhances the durability of the kayakto give it have a long-lasting usability.


  • Length 11 feet, 9 inches
  • Width 33.1 inches
  • Weight 65 pounds
  • Max load 440 pounds
  • Item model number Y0902


  • Self-draining capability
  • Wider area
  • Long lasting usage
  • Graceful design


  • Noise making

Final Verdict

You may sometimes find this fishing kayak noisy. This happens only when you ride with someone. With one person, the kayak is not unstable. When you have a partner with you, both of you and your partner need to be careful.

We could not find any other downside of it, much horrifying, so we did not mention. In the end, we have come to the point that the kayak is best for those who love to go on a family fishing trip. Moreover, its durability and comfortability are a bonus for you.

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