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12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Ocean Kayak Review

12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Ocean Kayak Review

With the first few days ride, definitely, you will fall in love with this Malibu Ocean kayak. With the solid and heavy look, you will be confident that this kayak is ready to save your family and pets in any crucial moment on the rough water. It’s wide enough to make balance even you can stand up easily on it to fight your fish. It’s capable of 3 persons positioning.

The kayak is made of single layer high-density solid polyethylene with the toughness to resist impact and flexible enough to ride on flat water, swift water, rough water, and surf. We mounted two adjustable adult seats; those can be moved round back to contact to the rear paddler or to keep an eye to the child, who is trying his hand at fishing or enjoying the paddlers. There is a center seat positioning with patented overlapped foot wells for comfortable foot brace. We completed the kayak with adjustable backrest, four carrying handle, three gear straps, four self-draining water scupper and metal reflector for easy identification.

Whom is this product for?

The Ocean Kayak is a family tour friendly kayak with heavy built single layer solid polyethylene hull. So, if you are planning for a family trip to distance parts, this kayak will prove itself as the best. The kayak has enough room to sit children or pets; so you can feel that the kayak is the whole family compatible. It’s good enough for fishing because the 34inch width provides maximum balance to fight your fish. It’s perfect for rough water kayaking with impact resistance and flexibility on crucial curving. If you are passionate to go for days long paddling, it has three straps for loading your gears.

Ocean kayak Explained

The Ocean kayak is popular for its versatility and performance among the passionate paddlers and kayakers. The kayak has two forward seats that can be rotated round behind to see the rear paddler or great to keep an eye on a child trying their hands at fishing or enjoying the paddlers. It has can seat position for solo paddling with patented overlapping foot wells to have maximum comfort and foot bracing. There is enough room for two adjust and a child at the center or a four-legged family member. The smaller child also can sit on the laps of the adults.

The Ocean kayak hull is made of a single layer, high-density polyethylene which is virtually indestructible under general use and with origin care. The kayak is flexible enough to absorb impact and stiff enough for compound curves. It’s an abrasion resistant and easily reparable in case of any scratch or gouge.

The kayak has molded-in seat wells with adjustable padded seats and backrests. The seat backrests are developed by UV-resistant Nylon pack cloth with reinforced stays. The ocean fishing kayak backrest straps have a solid brass clip with stainless steel spring to hock them at the hull. It has two Toggles carry handles at the deck, and stern and side mounted handles at the center balance point of both sides. Plus it’s enhanced with four self-draining scupper holes for easy draining and three straps for your safe and secure gear storage.


  • Product Dimensions 144 x 34 x 20inch
  • Item Weight 57lbs
  • Color Envy
  • Item Model Number 07.6010.1073
  • Material High-Density Polyethylene
  • Carrying capacity 375-425 lbs
  • Seating 3 seating positions
  • Scupper 4 self-draining scuppers


  • Two forwards seat and center positioning
  • Single layer and high-density polyethylene
  • Virtually indestructible under normal use
  • Abrasion-resistant asn rekparable
  • Adjustable padded seat and backrests
  • UV-resistant Nylon pack cloth
  • Toggle carry handles asn three straps
  • Four self-draining scupper holes


  • No paddles included
  • No storage but gear straps

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Is it easy to handle to the ocean?
    Answer : It very easy to carry because it’s added by four handlebar two at both end and other two are mounted at the center point on either side.
  • Question : Are there storage compartments and self-draining?
    Answer : There is no storage but three straps added to store a great amount of gear for days long adventures. We added four self-draining scuppers for easy and quick drainage of water.

Our Remarks

The Ocean kayak is exceptional for its making material and special design. It’s developed as impact resistant and flexible for curving at the same time. It’s advanced by two adult seat and UV protective backrests. It added with four self-draining scuppers and four carrying handlebar with three gear straps for enough gear on long trips.

If you like to compare you can compare this to B076PR8Q1K on the internet. The Ocean kayak has three straps for maximum storage and patented overlapping foot wells. It seems more heavy and tough than any other kayak. It has four self-draining scuppers and metal reflection against sunshine. For more versions, components and curies please search online by; ocean kayak prowler 13, ocean kayak frenzy, ocean kayak malibu two, ocean kayak scrambler, ocean kayak trident 13, ocean kayak caper, ocean kayak prowler keywords.

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